Translation of social media in Spanish:

social media

medios de comunicación social, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsəʊʃəl ˈmiːdɪə/


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    medios de comunicación social masculine
    medios de comunicación interactiva masculine
    • The solution automatically drives retail location traffic by turning excellent customer experiences into a powerful marketing tool through social media.
    • The YouTube questions were the latest effort by NASA to embrace social media.
    • Their cooption is predicated on the viral communication of peer trends facilitated by social media.
    • In a February 2009 article for Businessweek Online, social media expert, BL Ochman debunked six media myths surrounding social media.
    • Anyone who is comfortable answering phones or sending email in a professional manner should have no problem using social media.
    • No rational business man would invest in social media.
    • The first involves helping government bodies use digital techniques, including social media, to engage with the public.
    • You can create all the features you'd expect from a forum or social media site, in just a few clicks.
    • Facebook, the most powerful of the social media magnets, attracted 92.2 million U. S. visitors in August.
    • Running a banner ad just to have social media in your products marketing mix seems a lot easier than really participating.
    • Additionally, the number of users who consume no social media has fallen from 44 % in 2007 to 18 % this year.
    • New, creative political uses of social media will continue to emerge, yet the fundamental need for citizens to discuss issues will remain.
    • Social networking sites, also called social software and social media, provide the means to create and maintain ties online.
    • They don't really understand the social dynamics and psychology of social media because in most part they don't understand how media can be social.
    • But a social media presence is no alternative to swift, helpful customer service.
    • Earlier this week we told you that the museum in Washington included Rick Sanchez in a permanent exhibit for his pioneering use of social media in journalism.
    • Social media should not be a last-minute add-on to a website it should be one of the primary structural components.
    • Besides managing social media for Britney Spears, a billion-dollar brand, Lauren Kozak has advised businesses on the most effective use of social media for years.
    • Today, 90 % of departments either ban browsing entirely or require staff wanting to get on to social media or webmail to sit at separate, cordoned-off PCs.
    • 85 % of women made decisions based on information they read in social media.