Translation of social security in Spanish:

social security

seguridad social, n.


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    seguridad social feminine
    (contributions) (before noun) a la seguridad social
    to live on social security vivir de la seguridad social
    • social security benefit subsidio de la seguridad social
    • Let me be very clear in reference to any proposal to cut Social Security payments or benefits.
    • One way out of the fiscal trap is to slow the rate of growth of Social Security benefits.
    • The future of the federally funded Social Security pension system is itself in doubt.
    • That may be why we have Social Security but do not have national health insurance.
    • On top of all this, Social Security is a complicated and costly system to administer.
    • One reason for that big split is that some public retirees do not get Social Security.
    • They want Social Security to be there with a guaranteed benefit as an insurance policy.
    • The vast majority of retired people today depend on Social Security to make ends meet.
    • He says that he will make the overhaul of Social Security a top priority in his administration.
    • We are going to embrace a candidate who brings a positive agenda on an issue like Social Security.
    • I believe the president should focus on putting Social Security on a sound footing.
    • I still do far better saving for myself than I could ever do through Social Security.
    • Based on simple demographics, Social Security cannot continue as it has in the past.
    • There will be costs, but the cost of doing nothing is more than the cost of fixing Social Security.
    • The Social Security system is strained and there is no telling what its ultimate fate will be.
    • Who do they think will do a better job of making sure this Social Security is protected for years to come?
    • We don't want to tap into Social Security and Medicare in ways that we shouldn't be.
    • The subject of the discussion was to be a compromise on Social Security reform measures.
    • Our society has changed in ways the founders of Social Security could not have foreseen.
    • In the US people are already only able to take out the full social security if they retire at 65.