Translation of soft-spoken in Spanish:


de voz suave, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɔft ˈˌspoʊkən/ /sɒftˈspəʊk(ə)n/


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    de voz suave
    • I quickly settled in with my gentle, smiling, soft-spoken family.
    • On second thought, Allison and Heuer are gentle, soft-spoken people, not given to such language.
    • Ganguli comes across as a gentle, soft-spoken person with a brilliant smile.
    • He is soft-spoken, has a gentle sense of humour, speaks well and clearly and thoughtfully.
    • His soft-spoken voice is in harmony with his words, which are as much about feeling as reasoning.
    • He has created a soft-spoken and gentle Barrie who is the boy who never grew up, yet never seems grotesque.
    • A soft-spoken voice echoed behind me while I was still trying to figure out why Joe was giving me that glare.
    • He is a large man with a thick black beard and the quiet, soft-spoken manner of someone who has spent much of his life reading.
    • As Katrina, she is soft-spoken and gentle, a romantic young woman waiting for a suitable suitor.
    • A soft-spoken voice is heard on the overhead speakers, reciting some poetic text.
    • She was quite shy with strange people, quiet and soft-spoken.
    • He was an incredibly soft-spoken person who radiated power in a gentle way.
    • However, he markedly improves in his soft-spoken soliloquies, as he brings a genuine depth of feeling in conveying his domestic torpor.
    • Physically tiny, soft-spoken and apparently modest, the priest displayed an extraordinary physical and moral courage.
    • Always sporting a white shirt and jeans, with gray hair, he is soft-spoken, rather shy and very well-mannered.
    • A first look reveals a shy, soft-spoken personality who can only speak Tamil and a little bit broken Hindi and English.
    • People who know the soft-spoken 24-year-old say his modesty stems from his childhood.
    • The soft-spoken musician said he was also practising hard with his musician friends in Kabwe just to keep in shape musically.
    • Calgarians have embraced the soft-spoken Ronnie as their own by tracking him down to hear him play his rootsy tunes around town.
    • He stands apart in today's world of high competition and conflict, with his soft-spoken and unassuming nature.