Translation of soft shoulder in Spanish:

soft shoulder

arcén blando, n.


  • 1

    arcén blando masculine
    arcén de tierra masculine
    berma de tierra feminine Andes
    banquina de tierra feminine River Plate
    acotación de tierra feminine Mexico
    hombrillo de tierra masculine Venezuela
    • The soft shoulder of the road gave out as they made their way across difficult terrain.
    • They were State Troopers, not Fed radio cops, and they pulled their cruiser onto the soft shoulder of the freeway, braking a few feet short of the soles of his boots.
    • Another had 700 pounds on an ill-advised roof rack when he ran off onto the soft shoulder - probably falling asleep.
    • If you get the wheels of your vehicle on the soft shoulder, slow down, and gradually and slowly pull the vehicle back onto the road.
    • Needless to say, there was an entourage of Police Cars in front leading the procession and they just took over the middle of the road, forcing vehicles travelling in the same direction as me, onto the soft shoulder.