Translation of solar energy in Spanish:

solar energy

energía solar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsoʊlər ˈɛnərdʒi/


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    energía solar feminine
    • Now, solar energy is actually nuclear energy; it is radiation.
    • During combustion, the fuel alcohol releases the embodied solar energy of photosynthesis and emits water and carbon dioxide.
    • We are harvesting what the plant produced using photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy stored in the form of oils, carbohydrates and protein.
    • In plants, algae, and cyanobacteria, oxygenic photosynthesis converts solar energy into chemical energy.
    • Additionally, a number of other fully-feathered extant birds can readily absorb and use incident radiant solar energy.
    • Like Earth, space is filled with diffused energy: solar energy.
    • Such changes could be useful, for example, for converting solar energy directly into mechanical energy.
    • The ecosystem can be seen as an energy cycle that assimilates solar energy through photosynthesis.
    • The sun is one big nuclear reactor - radiation is what solar energy is.
    • Modular power station for the production primarily of hydrogen from solar energy and a method of generating electric energy
    • Photosynthesis is the process where solar energy is transferred into useful chemical energy.
    • Aside from radiating heat into a building, dark roofing also radiates solar energy into the atmosphere.
    • These solar fuels ultimately store solar energy within their chemical bonds.
    • The first step in utilization of solar energy is photon capture by a lightharvesting system (antenna).
    • These materials readily absorb solar energy, including the infrared portion of sunlight.
    • They say the device, using tiny carbon nanotubes, might serve as the basis for an optical television or for converting solar energy into electricity once properly developed.
    • Less solar energy means less heat to the land and air.
    • Now, deserts are windy places, windy because they abound in solar energy, the driving force of the world's supply of moving air.
    • The ocean's like a living, breathing, super-organism, using solar energy to drive the atmosphere with heat.
    • Scientists in Japan have made the first device that can convert solar energy into electricity and then store the resulting electric charge.