Traducción de some en Español:


unos, adj.

Pronunciación /səm/ /sʌm/ /s(ə)m/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(unstated number or type)

      some tourists asked me the way to the station unos turistas me preguntaron cómo se llegaba a la estación
      • there were some boys/girls in the park había unos / algunos niños/unas / algunas niñas en el parque
      • she obtained some interesting results obtuvo (algunos / unos) resultados interesantes
      • we met some Italians conocimos a unos italianos
      • I need some new shoes/scissors necesito (unos) zapatos nuevos/una tijera nueva
      • would you like some cherries? ¿quieres (unas) cerezas?
      • there are some good restaurants around here por aquí hay buenos restaurantes

    • 1.2(unstated quantity or type)

      some paint fell on my head me cayó (un poco de) pintura en la cabeza
      • I found some money in the street me encontré dinero en la calle
      • you'll need some Canadian currency vas a necesitar algo de dinero canadiense
      • I can give you some information te puedo dar (alguna) información
      • let's go home and have some dinner vayamos a casa a cenar
      • I played some tennis while I was at college cuando estaba en la universidad jugué un poco al tenis
      • they played some Debussy/jazz tocaron algo de Debussy/un poco de jazz
      • I will require some further proof voy a necesitar más pruebas
      • would you like some coffee? ¿quieres café?
      • could you do some typing for me? ¿podrías pasarme algo/algunas cosas a máquina?

  • 2

    (a, one)
    they owe us some sort of explanation nos deben algún tipo de explicación
    • some compromise may still be found todavía puede llegarse a un acuerdo
    • there must be some way to reach him alguna manera tiene que haber de ponerse en contacto con él
    • some day I'll get my revenge ya me vengaré algún día
    • some day soon un día de estos
    • some guy came up to me se me acercó un tipo
    • some idiot left the window open algún / un idiota dejó la ventana abierta
  • 3

    • 3.1(particular, not all)

      I like some modern artists algunos artistas modernos me gustan
      • unlike some other beaches along the coast a diferencia de algunas otras playas de la costa
      • I work hard, unlike some people I could mention yo trabajo mucho, no como algunos / como ciertas personas que yo conozco
      • some people never learn hay gente que no aprende nunca

    • 3.2(part of, not whole)

      some German wine is red, but most is white Alemania produce algunos vinos tintos pero la mayoría son blancos
      • some Shakespeare is very rarely performed algunas obras de Shakespeare no se representan casi nunca
      • I enjoy some of her music, but not all me gustan algunas de sus composiciones, pero no todas

  • 4

    • 4.1(not many, a few)

      buy some apples, but not too many compra algunas manzanas, pero no demasiadas

    • 4.2(not much, a little)

      un poco de
      I'd like some meat, but not too much quisiera un poco de carne, pero no demasiada
      • you could show some consideration! ¡podrías tener un poco de consideración!

  • 5

    • 5.1(several, many)

      she's been bed-ridden for some years now hace años que está postrada en cama
      • some few problems remain to be discussed quedan bastantes problemas por tratar

    • 5.2(large amount of)

      we've known each other for quite some time now ya hace mucho (tiempo) que nos conocemos
      • it's some distance from here queda a un buen trecho / a bastante distancia de aquí
      • there'll be some celebrating in Wales tonight esta noche sí que habrá fiesta en Gales

  • 6coloquial

    • 6.1(expressing appreciation)

      that's some car you've got! ¡vaya coche que tienes!
      • that was some party! ¡ésa sí que fue una fiesta!

    • 6.2(stressing remarkable, ridiculous nature)

      that was some exam! ¡vaya examen!
      • the journey was quite some experience el viaje fue toda una experiencia
      • you do ask some questions! ¡haces cada pregunta!

    • 6.3(expressing irony)

      some present! I had to pay for it! ¡qué regalo ni qué regalo! ¡lo tuve que pagar yo!
      • some friend you are! ¡qué buen amigo eres!


  • 1

    • 1.1(a number of things or people)

      have you seen any taxis? — yes, I saw some near the station ¿has visto algún taxi? — sí, vi algunos cerca de la estación
      • there are no carrots left; we'll have to buy some no quedan zanahorias; vamos a tener que comprar (algunas)
      • Some of these changes have had a positive effect on rural Carlow while some have not.
      • Some of the groups are very radical indeed - and some want to provoke the countries into war.
      • There was a time when some of the shopkeepers made a living, and some bought the premises they traded in.
      • Some of the coins were made into boxes with one or two coins, and some were put in to plaques.
      • Some of the tales are clearly Buddhist in origin, some are taken from earlier folklore.
      • Some of the things which are done by a man like us are intellectual, and some are sensible and bodily.
      • Some of the songs are about me, some are not but I don't want people to know which ones!
      • Some of what we call horns and antlers are made of keratin, and some are made of calcium.
      • While some have migrated, there are scores who have decided to stay put and fight on.
      • Instead it is a rejection of the view of some on the left that socialism consists of a defeat of liberal democracy.
      • I think some have not been as strong in denouncing these acts as they should have been.
      • Indeed, some have turned out to be British citizens who were living here perfectly legally.
      • There were some that were signed by both of us, and there were others that were unsigned, and he now has them all.
      • Moreover, there has never been anything on the web that some people have liked and some haven't.
      • Some parts were scary, and some were confusing at first but it all makes sense in the end.
      • Many of these people are pensioners and young families, some on low incomes and often without a car.
      • A large number of protesters were drinking beer and wine, and some were obviously drunk.
      • He might be able to take some of them to a different level of performance.
      • This will a great free day out watching some of the finest trials riders doing something different.
      • It seems to consist of three flavours and, after every bite, the boy then smears some on his chest.

    • 1.2(an amount)

      there's no salt left; we'll have to buy some no queda sal; vamos a tener que comprar
      • if you need money, I can lend you some si necesitas dinero, yo te puedo prestar (un poco)

  • 2

    • 2.1(a number of a group)

      some are mine and the others belong to Peter algunos son míos y los otros son de Peter
      • I've washed the cherries: would you like some? he lavado las cerezas: ¿quieres (algunas)?
      • some of the cups are chipped algunas de las tazas están cascadas

    • 2.2(part of an amount)

      some of what I've written algo / parte de lo que he escrito
      • the coffee's ready: would you like some? el café está listo: ¿quieres?
      • some of my equipment is still in Tulsa parte de mi equipo está todavía en Tulsa
      • some of it reminds me of Shakespeare en partes me recuerda a Shakespeare

  • 3

    (certain people)
    some say that … algunos dicen que …
    • for some, money is all-important para algunos, el dinero es lo más importante
    • At least some in the industry still recognise its importance as the railway capital of the North.
    • However, we also know that some are in or near centres of population.
    • It appeared that at least some had been rendered unconscious by the gas before being shot.
    • It was an issue of substance at a time when military action to some at least had become inevitable.
    • In fact every tree and shrub in the garden is in bud at least, and some are coming into leaf.
    • And yet it seems that at least some on the list had not consented to things being handed over.
    • For some at least, greater opportunity and reward may seem to be offered by a criminal career.
    • I was not in the best position to cast to the fish but at least some were in front of me.
    • I've been more or less absent from these pages for a couple of months now, as some have noticed.
    • Was noticing how excited some on the right seem to be about the riots in Paris suburbs.
    • In the morning when it has dropped its flowers, some feel the tree appears to look sad.
    • The young leaves of my magnolia look tattered and some have pale spots on the surface.
    • The pupils said at least half the school had left but some had drifted back.
    • Those who took part in the silence kept quiet for at least one hour - and some for as long as three hours.
    • It's true, some were old and out of date - but at least they were there to be borrowed.
    • I went over to the fountain in the center of the chamber and splashed some on my face and neck.
    • The rot at the top overshadows what some see as a bright spot in the banking sector.
    • Let us hope when it is illuminated that at least some of the philistines might see what the fuss is about.
    • Respect is a big word amongst the young, but at least some of them show remarkably little of it for anyone else.


  • 1coloquial

    • 1.1(a little, a certain amount)

      un poco

    • 1.2(a lot)

      that car can certainly go some ese coche sí que corre
      • she's certainly grown some in the last few months ha crecido muchísimo en los últimos meses
      • The second time the rules change some.

  • 2

    alrededor de
    there were some fifty people there había unas cincuenta personas