Traducción de somehow en Español:


de algún modo, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈsəmˌhaʊ/ /ˈsʌmhaʊ/


  • 1

    (by some means)
    de algún modo
    de alguna manera
    de alguna forma
    somehow they managed to persuade her de algún modo / de alguna manera / forma lograron convencerla
    • we'll manage somehow, don't worry about us ya nos las arreglaremos / de alguna manera nos las arreglaremos, no te preocupes por nosotros
    • He hasn't done a full days' work since the 70s but still somehow manages to live like a king.
    • As ever, he managed somehow to talk her round, the mark of a charming man who led a charmed existence.
    • I followed her words and despite the pain, I managed to somehow overcome a lot of the pain.
    • However, from inside the box he somehow managed to slide the ball past the post.
    • He has orange all round his lips and somehow he managed to get a dollop of sauce on his cheek.
    • I've managed to pull my hip out of joint somehow and have stabbing pains when I stand up.
    • If you can get your hands on those somehow for free, then all you really need to pay for is tape.
    • You find it very hard to follow my letter, yet you somehow found the time to write me back.
    • Well somehow we were able to finagle our way out of it and I won the game with double three.
    • That little man inside my heart or inside my gut feels that somehow it should work out.
    • At the end of the round, he somehow he got hold of our answer sheet and quibbled Every.
    • I think a couple of extra women had appeared with the band, and somehow everyone got paired up.
    • Sorry for this rather short post, but somehow I lost time in which I could complete it.
    • Probably a bad parenting move on our part, but the chores have to get done somehow, right?!
    • This is irritating, and it'd be great if the software could override that somehow.
    • He gets it in the bag and throws it out in this huge crowd and somehow, the bag got thrown back.
    • Huge crowds are going to be driving into the city - they have got to get in somehow.
    • No one knows, unless you are somehow involved in the construction of the product.
    • You wonder if not being an international company will somehow count in our favour, or what.
    • It has somehow gone right up the beach and into the garden, and unbelievably even into the hotel.
  • 2

    (in some way, for some reason)
    it isn't the same, somehow no sé por qué, pero no es lo mismo
    • somehow it just didn't add up había algo que no cuajaba