Traducción de someplace en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsəmˌpleɪs/ /ˈsʌmpleɪs/


  • 1

    • It's difficult to find someplace to start when you're offered this type of inanity.
    • They thought this kind of behavior could be cured if they sent them to Arizona or someplace.
    • What you don't want to do is go swimming at night or someplace where there are alligators.
    • It is quite possible that he is someplace else and just hasn't been able to reach someone.
    • Never, ever, make an appointment when you need to be someplace else later on in the day.
    • We could have kept shooting in the cold, but we decided to leave for someplace warmer.
    • The expert put down the bottle gingerly and looked for someplace to wipe his fingers.
    • You just start down this road and hope you end up someplace better than where you started.
    • I pull out the other directions in the stack and they lead to someplace else on the beach.
    • He always felt that there was someplace else he could have gone and more he could have done.
    • If people want to get rid of their pet, I need to try and find someplace for it to go.
    • They know that to be poor in America is a lot better than being poor someplace else.
    • It's a great place for me to perform and I wanted to do it in someplace other than San Francisco.
    • He said that he could pick me up, but of course, I suggested that I go meet him someplace.
    • I guess I knew someplace in the back of my head that this was just a stop, and not the destination.
    • People live in a community for decades because they have to hire moving vans to go someplace else.
    • I don't know if Smith was able to get the information and hide it someplace or not.
    • You'd be reading it someplace where your office colleagues couldn't see you.
    • Maybe there are one or two more in the woodwork someplace, threatening to come forward.
    • In essence, he wanted to take the application someplace the board didn't want it to go.