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canción, n.

Pronunciación /sɔŋ/ /sɒŋ/

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    canción femenino
    sing/give us a song! ¡cántanos una canción!
    • the Song of Songs, the Song of Solomon el Cantar de los Cantares, el Cantar de Salomón
    • Many households bought parlour pianos and needed music and songs to play and sing.
    • You will be required to sing a short song of your choice and demonstrate your acting skills on the day.
    • She would mention a word and I would have to sing an Elvis song with that word in it.
    • A song's words, music tabulation and guitar chords are all as well-protected by copyright law as the sound recording they're heard in.
    • In fact, it is one of the most memorable pop songs in recent Australian music history.
    • What she actually offers is a load of manufactured pop songs, sung in a slightly affected posh voice.
    • He'd love to form a band, impress the girls and sing pop songs in broken English.
    • The sheet music of the song leaves no doubt that Reg Bolton wrote the words, the music being composed by Jimmy Sutton.
    • Anyone wishing to sing a song or recite a poem are welcome to do so.
    • A Swedish pop group sang a song about a battle that the English won.
    • The idea for the book first came about when Mildred wrote a short song with the title words in it.
    • Do a bit of exercising, sing a song, read a poem, watch a sunrise or water your garden.
    • Music was dear to her heart and Delia had a fondness for Irish music and the old songs and ballads.
    • He was always splendid with children and he would amuse them by singing songs from the opera and the music hall.
    • The answer is probably that they have shunned the idea of writing short and sweet pop songs.
    • It's shorter than a pop song on the radio and barely the length of a commercial TV break.
    • It used to be, even in pop music, that you sang a song of heartache to get it off your mind, to share with others so maybe you wouldn't hurt so much.
    • Some slaves even joined in her song by singing the words they knew.
    • The choir will be performing a range of different musical styles from show tunes and pop songs to church music.
    • They could all get up and sing a song or 10, and they all knew the songs and sang along!
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    (of bird)
    canto masculino
    the song of the nightingale el canto del ruiseñor
    • Males attract mates using song, iridescent plumage and dramatic display flights.
    • Learn how to use field marks, habitat, behavior, and song to identify birds.
    • The Winter Wren is a tiny woodland bird whose song is as elaborate as its plumage is drab.
    • Each species has its own distinct patterns of electric discharges that it uses to communicate, much like birds use song.
    • In dunnocks, females may use song to compete for males, and in the alpine accentor, females attract males by song.
    • Why females should pay attention to male song when choosing mates is less well understood, however.
    • Chaffinches and cowbirds are not the only birds that teach song to their young.
    • Geographic variation in song among suboscine birds has been taken to indicate genetic divergence.
    • And birds have a great advantage over all other animals: song.
    • Few studies have investigated any aspect of song in suboscine passerines.
    • Barn swallow song consists of sequences of various song types organized in bouts.
    • In Bolivia, in two square kilometers, in one week, he recognized 243 bird species just by song.
    • Males and females differ in plumage and song, produced in duets or separately.
    • The song can sound like hoots and whistles, in a repeating pattern similar to that of a mockingbird or thrasher.
    • He whistles, inexpertly trying to mimic the bird's song, then stops and grins.
    • Hooligans are not reformed by Mozart, so much as driven away by a noise that is as alien and hostile to their world as whale song to a camel herd.
    • We only took up birding in April and lack a great deal of fundamental knowledge of bird habitat, habits, and song.
    • Science journalist David Baron reports on new research using information theory to codify the patterns of whale song.
    • This bird has a beautiful trilling song, but it is not delivered in the fall.
    • Usually early migrants, the first ouzel's song echoes round the hills and the first birds fall prey to merlins and peregrines.
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