Translation of sophisticate in Spanish:


sofisticado, n.

Pronunciation /səˈfɪstəˌkeɪt/ /səˈfɪstəkət/ /səˈfɪstɪkət/


  • 1

    sofisticado masculine
    sofisticada feminine
    • That won him the derision of Western sophisticates, intellectuals and defeatists of all kinds.
    • There are two cultures in Australia: the jaded, would-be sophisticates of the cities versus the home-grown patriots of the small towns and the bush.
    • They provide a perfect context for the aestheticized sophisticate, validating his expansive personality and style.
    • He makes films not about intellectuals or sophisticates, but about simple people, ordinary people - and he adores them.
    • But the illusion that British silky sophisticates can talk the new Romans out of doing something stupid, dies hard in British foreign policy.
    • The aim of the ‘culture change’ is perhaps to breed a nation of restrained sophisticates, who enjoy a glass of wine with a meal but don't ever lose their heads.
    • What sweet vindication for urban sophisticates!
    • They are the cosmopolitan sophisticates who recoil in horror from the beery racism of the ignorant underclass.
    • It's for sophisticates who want to get away from it all.
    • Over the generations, men who saw themselves as metropolitan sophisticates traveled to America and were suddenly confronted with their own provinciality.
    • When sophisticates lost interest, he-ever resourceful-traded his evening suit for a Western hat and chaps and took his Indians to Vaudeville.
    • I loved this vision - defined by urban sophisticates.
    • And when I heard him speak in Los Angeles last month, it was clear that his authenticity touched just as deep a chord with urban sophisticates.
    • Her characters are sophisticates, in fact or in aspiration.
    • In truth, he was a card cheat of remarkable dexterity who routinely cleaned out the sophisticates in games of three-card monte.
    • As so many urbane sophisticates did before him, Lévy comes to the New World and completely misunderstands the Natives.
    • Inexpensive areas to live are not, as some sophisticates on the coast suppose, attractive only to dullards and menial workers.
    • All of the sophisticates and cynics insisted that having elections would be a bloody fool's errand.
    • The dapper sophisticate, Fred Astaire, once noted: ‘The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.’
    • If that's the case, then I accept being a faux sophisticate.