Translation of sorcery in Spanish:


hechicería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɔrs(ə)ri/ /ˈsɔːs(ə)ri/

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    hechicería feminine
    brujería feminine
    • I don't know whether you believe in witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, and all that kind of thing.
    • Another legacy of the nobility to filter down to the streets is a fondness for witchcraft and sorcery.
    • For younger children it is a trainee wizard, Harry Potter, who is exciting their enthusiasm for spells and sorcery.
    • Therefore, a miraculous act proves nothing, for it can be done through enchantment and sorcery.
    • All magic systems have warnings about what happens when sorcery is used against others.
    • These elaborate carved objects commemorate the deaths of those killed in battle or by sorcery.
    • It strikes me that a lot of people don't seem to even think about sorcery in these terms, or relate their practice directly to the world around them.
    • At Bangui police station, a number of detectives specialize in rooting out sorcery.
    • The time of swords and sorcery has been the setting for many a motion picture.
    • A practising witch, she wound up under guard after she plotted to kill her stepson Henry V by sorcery.
    • The conspirators were tried for sorcery and condemned to death.
    • His treatment of demonism is written as an antidote to the outbreak of sorcery.
    • They had many powers, but their strongest mastery was in sorcery.
    • Cathena protests that there must be some reason that the Prophets condemn sorcery.
    • Big men often purport to be powerful spirit mediums and to possess both healing powers and deadly war sorcery.
    • In the film that crashed to shore this summer, none of this soft-headed nonsense about fate and sorcery is permitted.
    • I don't think that she will use sorcery often because it would make her easier to track.
    • The new villages were built over the sea some two hundred metres from shore as a guard against warfare and sorcery.
    • He did on one occasion but this was actually the product of sorcery and not some innate ability.