Translation of sort in Spanish:


tipo, n.

Pronunciation /sɔrt/ /sɔːt/

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  • 1

    (type of things)
    tipo masculine
    clase feminine
    what sort of car is it? ¿qué tipo / clase de coche es?
    • it's definitely my sort of film/book decididamente, este es el tipo / la clase de película/libro que a mí me gusta
    • it's a nice enough place, if you like that sort of thing es un sitio bastante agradable, si te gusta ese tipo de cosa
    • and all that sort of thing y todo eso
    • you know the sort of thing I mean ya sabes a lo que me refiero
    • what sort of time do you call this to be coming home? ¿qué horas son estas de llegar a casa?
    • behavior of that sort will not be tolerated no se tolerará ese tipo de comportamiento
    • All sorts of different kinds of property are treated differently by the law, not just intellectual property.
    • All sorts of implications go racing through your mind at this time and I wanted to share these with you.
    • All sorts of cries started to ring out from the animals - starting first with the large black birds flying overhead.
    • How does race fit into those sorts of categories?
    • All sorts of institutions could be opened up to greater balance: lawyers, bankers, football coaches, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    • All sorts of people receive Honorary Doctorates for their respective contributions to the region's development but so far, I have not heard your name.
    • All sorts of theories were being bandied about.
    • All sorts of weather records were smashed by devastating storms, but there's a reason behind all of this meteorological madness.
    • All sorts of new technologies are now being built into buildings and into computer systems in a way that hadn't been done before, because of this.
    • All sorts of people and groups will be making their way to the South Australian arid north, and ‘Earthdream’ will be one of those.
    • All sorts of interesting testable hypotheses open up here.
    • All sorts of treasures have been found in the pile of waste, which is why the council receives income from the salvage contractor to help provide funding for a recycling advisor at the site.
    • All sorts of plants grow in rock gardens, thriving in sunny warm spots, dry ravines, damp gullies, and many other variations of temperature and soil conditions.
    • All sorts of casseroles, stews and braised dishes work well cooked in just one pot, but you can also consider soup for starters and steamed or baked sponge pudding afterwards.
    • All sorts of once-dominant communication media have fallen by the wayside, just as soon as something better has come along.
    • All sorts of vacation camps have been springing up all over the place during the holidays, offering programmes ranging from yoga to karaoke classes.
    • All sorts of stories about his past are doing the rounds ahead of what is called a major profile on the Sunday this weekend.
    • All sorts of rumors had been circulating over the weeks prior, and me being the secretive type, derived a perverse pleasure in being privy to the real story.
    • All sorts of fascinating information is bubbling up from the depths and flooding in from the ethers this week.
    • All sorts of fringe players set up on the pavement.
  • 2

    (type of people)
    she's not the sort to let you down no es de las que te fallan
    • I'm not that sort of girl yo no soy de esas
    • they're not our sort (of people) at all no son gente como uno
    • that's the sort of person he is él es así
    • I know your sort ya sé de qué pie cojeas
  • 3

    (type approximating to)
    a sort of orsort of a una especie de
    • he's a sort of painter / he's sort of a painter es una especie de pintor
    • it's sort of a bluish-green color es una especie de verde azulado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (papers/stamps/letters/parcels) clasificar
    we were sorted into groups according to our level nos pusieron en grupos de acuerdo a / según nuestro nivel
    • sort the ones with job experience from the ones without divídelos en dos grupos según tengan o no experiencia laboral
    • The study sorted out the data according to the competitiveness of the race.
    • The children sorted the materials and organized the area.
    • Playing with different sizes of sticks or stones and making designs or sorting pieces of fabric represent pre-mathematics.
    • I spent about four hours rearranging my diaryring layout below, as well as sorting them into alphabetical order.
    • We attempt to order the world by sorting its features under pairs of opposites, but opposites in the real world never match up neatly with our conceptual opposites.
    • The software itself is quick to load and provides plenty of further options for organising and sorting your mail.
    • All this activity can move rocks the way frost does when it shatters, heaves, and sorts the pieces into patterns.
    • Well, the standard creationist answer is that they were sorted into that order by the flood.
    • The new services, however, will not include travelling post offices to sort mail and are a fraction of the 60 nightly trains that ran two years ago.
    • I'd like you to place all these badges into badge holders, check them off against this spreadsheet and then sort them into alphabetical order.
    • Given data on planetary orbits, conventional GA could only perform mundane tasks like sorting them into ascending order of diameter.
    • The markers are sorted by their position on the genome starting with chromosome 1 through chromosome 20.
    • While I wait for them to cook, I clean out the cupboards, sorting the cans in order of size and preference to what's in them.
    • These slips were then sorted into alphabetical order.
    • Then, the cells were sorted in order of decreasing probability.
    • The filters are sorted in ascending order, based on their priorities.
    • He can sort the results geographically by office to catch patches of entropy quickly.
    • Questions were running through my mind faster than what I could sort them in to order and ask them.
    • Today she was sorting the spices cabinet in alphabetical order, having run out of labels and tags to cut off things.
    • As I sorted the mail, I made little organized piles on the dining room table.
    • The important thing is to get the music to them so they can sort through a selection and make their choices.
    • Once a good number of pics has been received we will sort through them and select the top ten to vote for.
    • The storm of comments has forced the provincial government to delay releasing the study's final guidelines while it sorts through and incorporates the comments into the document.
    • Clarke sorts through the mail and opens two envelopes containing cheques: one for $50, one for $250.
    • I sit on a stiff leather backed chair flicking through an impenetrable legal periodical as the receptionist sorts through the post.
    • Most days, the child is deposited on the pavement across the road as the mother sorts through the garbage.
    • And the team is sorting through some 2,000 different samples, some dating back to the early 1900s.
    • Workers went through state warehouses, sorting through thousands of items.
    • I was sorting through a shocking pile of spam just now.
    • I spent the better part of yesterday sorting through boxes of photographs.
    • I found this photo while I was sorting through some boxes of stuff, and realised it must have been taken five years ago this week.
    • The other picture shows women sorting through the waste.
    • Robert, who lives near Bromley in Kent, had the unhappy task of sorting through the contents of his parents' neat red brick bungalow.
    • While sorting through old photographs at my mother's house one Christmas, I came across a photograph that was to haunt me for years.
    • Policies vary radically, and a good travel agent can be a huge asset in sorting through the maze of options.
    • We're currently sorting through the bash of pictures, so stay tuned for photos!
    • While he is putting the drying up away, I am sitting on the sofa in the living room, sorting through papers.
    • Just the sort of information you need when sorting through a tottering pile of CDs.
    • That was what Ben and Lisa were here to tell me after sorting through our rubbish.
    • Imagine… they sorted through these little letters and must have discussed which family they could have come from.
  • 2

    • However, some expect the group to emerge form bankruptcy sometime next year, once it has sorted its problems.
    • But the bulk of the problem is that social work departments are not incentivised to sort this problem.
    • Either way we need to sort out poverty and sustainability together or neither will be sorted.
    • The meeting was adjourned with promises from the councillors that they would meet with senior engineers in the council and the matter would be sorted as soon as possible.
    • Two years ago they told us if they were in power Social Services would soon be sorted.
    • I am just having a bit of difficulty sorting out which bit is of concern to the House.
    • He had to anchor in Weymouth Bay with steering problems, but soon sorted that out and headed on past Portland Bill with his two escort trawlers, Fort Albert and Horatio.
    • That was given both financially and in the amount of time spent sorting out difficulties within the sector and it really has to put its hand up and admit a pretty poor performance in terms of what might have been.
    • Families can get in real financial trouble if this is not sorted soon!
    • At long last, the work has now been completed, problems with the water system have been sorted out, and the only thing left to do is mark out the pitch, which has finally dried out.
    • ‘There might be certain issues that will be sorted out,’ he says sanguinely.
    • Policy differences, the Left had maintained when the UPA government was being formed with their support, can be sorted out over a cup of tea.
    • Innocent believes that the existing differences should be sorted out especially when the industry was recuperating after a poor season last year.
    • The judge then emerged and said, because of legal issues that had to be sorted out, there was going to be a one-week delay in the proceedings.
    • If China is going to become the world's No 1 economy, this needs to be sorted out.
    • The whole question of the Scottish parliament is a constitutional muddle and it needs to be sorted out.
    • She is not going back to school until this is sorted out, because these bullies have threatened to do it again.
    • I think there's a feeling that there's a great weight off his shoulders and at long last that whole issue of whether to marry her and so on has been sorted out.
    • The situation has been sorted out, according to Dell, which did not reveal how many shoppers were affected.
    • However as when any new system is introduced there are wrinkles to be sorted out.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to sort ill/well with sth no concordar/concordar con algo