Translation of soup in Spanish:


sopa, n.

Pronunciation /sup/ /suːp/

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    sopa feminine
    soup of the day sopa del día
    • soup tureen sopera
    • Meat and fish stock soups, grilled jumbo prawns, barbecued chicken, lamb drumsticks and pork spare-ribs are winter specials served on rooftops.
    • The use of fish sauce produces a lighter accent in simmered dishes and soups than the soy sauce of China.
    • It will add a brilliant colour, flavour and aroma to salads, soups, vegetables, grilled fish, roast chicken and, in particular, this dish of roasted double lamb chops with white bean purée.
    • Most sodium in a person's diet comes from eating processed and prepared foods, such as canned vegetables, soups, luncheon meats, frozen foods and commercial baked goods.
    • Their menu offers a host of wholesome dishes, delicious homemade soups, open sandwiches on fresh home-baked bread, ciabattas, wraps and tempting salads.
    • A diet of salad, soups, fish and pasta, with plenty of spring water, juices and herbal teas will leave them detoxed from the inside out.
    • For starters there are forty-two different kinds of mezes, cold dishes, soups and salads all for a modest £2.95 each.
    • I do a lot of the food preparation - I make him home-made soups and pasta dishes and stuff.
    • White meat, which holds its shape and has a bright color and smooth texture, is wonderful for salads, clear soups and pasta dishes.
    • What you don't use of the leaves can be dried and used in vegetable soups or making stocks.
    • Truffles, sauces, soups, meat dishes, desserts all are easy to learn and easy to cook.
    • Some families have pantries that are well-stocked and plentiful; refrigerators bursting with Tupperware containers of homemade sauces and soups and salads.
    • The menu features $4 to $6 appetizers, with soups and salads costing as little as $3 to $8.
    • My mom makes wonderful lentil soup; it's full of protein and extremely healthy.
    • Repeat a few times before adding the cream mixture the hot soup.
    • This substantial soup is almost like dhal in its consistency and flavour.
    • Refreshments including soup, brown bread, tea or coffee will be served.
    • Nick's soup was a rich brown colour and had a full-bodied mushroom flavour.
    • I had crispy chicken with thick noodle soup and mum had seafood with noodles.
    • The soups were equally good; the potato soup was thick and creamy and was served in a deep bowl with a generous helping of croutons.