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fuente, n.

Pronunciación /sɔrs/ /sɔːs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(origin, supply)

      fuente femenino
      my only source of income mi única fuente de ingresos
      • the source of infection el foco de la infección
      • to trace a problem to its source encontrar el origen / la raíz de un problema
      • the source materials/documents las fuentes
      • source language lengua de origen
      • Fish is a key source of omega 3 oils which have health benefits particularly for the heart.
      • These products are obtained from fairly traded sources, where producers are paid a fair price that covers production costs and a basic living wage.
      • Best results will be obtained when two protein sources are used in combination.
      • Seeds were obtained from various sources and greenhouse grown.
      • Stem cells can be obtained from alternative sources, such as adult bone marrow.
      • These swimmers could form a trust or charity making it easier to obtain money from other sources and to receive a grant from the council.
      • Mercury concentrates in large fish at the top of the food chain, but these fish are not used as the source of most fish oil.
      • Each of the millions of cars in the United States is potentially a source of air pollution.
      • Extracting water from its sources originally required considerable effort.
      • The chief sources of phosphorus in river water are the weathering of rocks and the leaching out of fertilizers from agricultural land.
      • The villagers were not consulted, even though the river was their only source of water and they depended on the sago trees for food.
      • There was a time long ago when books provided the main source of entertainment.
      • It is not right for a physician to turn a research patient into a source of personal profit.
      • Church and civil records are also a great source for those researching the family tree.
      • Glucose is the principal circulating sugar in the blood and the major energy source of the body.
      • We will be more prosperous and more secure when we are less dependent on foreign sources of energy.
      • Advances in physics and engineering are making energy from renewable sources increasingly affordable.
      • Well, many of the foods you eat contain carbohydrates, which are used by your body as a source of energy.
      • The cleanest energy sources of electricity are solar panels and wind turbines, which are only starting to be used in Canada.
      • The sun is a powerful source of electromagnetic energy.

    • 1.2(of river)

      nacimiento masculino
      • We could follow the entire sweep of the river, from the lower meanders upwards to the source of the tiny stream high in the glaciated peaks of the cordillera.
      • They have issued a five-point plan for managing rivers from source to estuary in an integrated and sustainable way.
      • The terrace is watered by one of the sources of the River Jordan, a spring from a cool cave.
      • Lying at the head of the beautiful Eden Valley, the source of the River Eden can be found in the Mallerstang Valley to the south east of the town.
      • Johannesburg may not be built on a river or harbour, but its streams are the source of two of southern Africa's mightiest rivers.
      • He was also convinced that this lake contained the source of the River Nile, for which explorers had been searching for years.
      • The trip back to the main highway follows the Buller River from its source at Lake Rotoiti to Kawatiri Junction.
      • Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the main source of the Nile River, with Tanzania and Uganda.
      • Four days up the Amazon from the ocean, and more than another four days from the Andes where that river has its sources, lies the town of Manaus.
      • The pond is one of the sources of Shakujii River and used to be a place of annual pilgrimage for the rice-farmers living along its banks.
      • The quest for the source of the Niger river and the location of the fabled central African city of Timbuctoo were among their central preoccupations.
      • Neither the source of the Missouri River nor the Shoshones had been found.
      • The source of the river is a small dam in the Willem Conradie Park in Florida Hills.
      • The source of the river was over 8km away as the crow flies, and we had come prepared for a long trip.
      • The track follows the river to its source, traverses the Southern Alps and ends on the West Coast, south of Karamea.
      • We proceeded down a windy country road, following the River Chew towards its source.
      • They come from places far and wide to worship their ancestors at the source of the Ethiope River in Southern Nigeria.
      • This spring is situated at the foot of the Banibal pass in the Pir Panjal range in Kashmir, and is said to be the source of the Jhelum River.
      • He added that he had not been aware that so many rivers had their source on Drehid bog.
      • It led him to give up his business and embark on a series of perilous journeys into the heart of equatorial Africa to find the true source of that mighty river.

  • 2

    (providing information)
    • 2.1(person)

      fuente femenino
      police/government/reliable sources fuentes policiales/gubernamentales/fidedignas
      • Beaver, who says he was passed the information by reliable military sources, says the equipment simply did not arrive in time.
      • It was also alleged that he had been asked to provide information from police sources by senior activists.
      • I had no reason to doubt the accuracy of the story or the information provided by my sources.
      • He also sent collaborators to the South in an attempt to obtain military information, the sources said.
      • After his death, the BBC announced that he was the sole source of information in the report.
      • Clinic staff may be seen as authoritative sources of prevention information.
      • A retired FBI agent was one of the authors' best sources of information.
      • Informed sources said the financier has been sounded out to provide financial backing for a new bid.
      • He insists we were given no information by a Crown source other than its press officer, who did not provide the quotes in our article.
      • The anonymous sources provided information as opposed to opinion.
      • A major housing and retail development complex is in the pipeline for the north of Carlow Town, informed sources told the paper this week.
      • Informed sources, however, say it appears clear that the Commonwealth does have the power to subsume the state industrial relation systems.
      • It's also new territory for me to call up my former colleagues/friends as a reporter to interview them as sources with information about the lay-offs.
      • Any information from our sources on that possibility and the fears U.S. officials obviously have about that possibility?
      • He also revealed sources had informed him two small attack jets had been flying together rather than the lone fighter indicated by earlier reports.
      • Anonymous Egyptian police sources released information that they were seeking nine Pakistani suspects but this lead proved spurious.
      • He rejected the proposal on the ground that such an important decision should not be governed by personal ambitions but by economic factors, informed sources say.
      • However, informed sources point out that any such individual arrangement with a firm would be regarded as a serious breach of the rules and could not be ignored.
      • Youth identified parents, friends and school as their most important sources of information on post-secondary education.

    • 2.2(text, document)

      fuente femenino
      • A new emphasis will be placed on using primary documents as the source for research and discussion.
      • While researching a book, Barker goes straight to primary sources, favouring public records, diaries, letters.
      • These estimates are based on a massive and meticulous use of primary and secondary sources that are well documented in the volume.
      • Though Benton has done research in Spanish primary sources, most of the book is based on secondary material.
      • This well-referenced book cites many quality sources and meaningful research.
      • My friends always turned to me for help in figuring out how to document their sources for high school research papers.
      • History is based on evidence, sources and research.
      • The research is solidly based in published primary sources: books, pamphlets, and trial records.
      • Written sources provide evidence of wall paintings in synagogues from medieval times, and the wooden synagogues of eastern Europe were richly decorated.
      • Talbot has researched his subject masterfully, combining primary and secondary sources with great skill.
      • It is based on sound research in archival and secondary sources.
      • One of the books was a primary source on early Christian literature.
      • I used the book as my primary source and then I spent a lot of time observing women.
      • The acute dearth of primary sources or written documents left by the servants themselves in the colonial period acts as a stumbling block.
      • There are no citations, and the bibliography lists but 14 secondary and four primary sources.
      • Finally, the book lists 3,000 other sources if you need further information.
      • His work draws upon archival documents, published sources, and legal cases.
      • Very occasionally there are links between documentary sources and the archaeological record.
      • Entirely secondary, Topsell's research relies on sources like Aristotle, Pliny, Plutarch, and Strabo to build its account.
      • The book relies both on original research based on primary sources and on an impressive list of secondary sources.