Translation of Spaniard in Spanish:


español, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspænjərd/ /ˈspanjəd/


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    español masculine
    española feminine
    • Ecuador's 11 million people are descended from Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and other Europeans.
    • In the 1560s England was jealous of Spain, because the Spaniards were taking gold and silver from the Americas and the English wanted some of that wealth.
    • Recognizing the power of the English fleet, the Spaniards headed back to Spain.
    • Not until the early 17th century were native Spaniards in command of major commissions and new trends.
    • Caucasians, mainly descendants of Spaniards, constitute about 20 percent of the population.
    • He prevented the Danish fleet from falling into French hands and supported the Spaniards and Portuguese in their struggle against Napoleon.
    • Castilian, the language of the majority of Spaniards, is the official language of Spain.
    • Until recently, 1 December was a national holiday commemorating the overthrow of the Spaniards in 1640.
    • The streets of Spain were crowded Friday with millions of Spaniards protesting.
    • In the king's eyes no nation is superior to the Spaniards.
    • After Spaniards under Magellan visited the islands, Spanish seamen discovered how to return eastbound across the Pacific to Mexico.
    • While he disagreed with Franco, he was concerned to reconcile Spaniards still divided by the Spanish Civil War.
    • I was married to a Spaniard before and I've always spoken Spanish.
    • This intense competition for water created conflicts, particularly between Indians and Spaniards, but also within Indian and Spanish communities.
    • In Arizona, Spanish priests founded modest missions, but few other Spaniards came north to deal with the Indians.
    • At that time, much of their territory was seized by Spaniards, Gascons, and Catalans.
    • Since 1830 the Uruguayans have been ethnically European, descended mainly from Italians or Spaniards.
    • But even though you're the best cyclist in the nation, there are still two dozen Spaniards better than you.
    • The most notable difference between the Spaniards and the rest was that the Spaniards worked with the cool precision of laboratory scientists, or heart surgeons.
    • According to one story, it was Nicarao, an indigenous chief at the time of the Spanish invasion, for whom the Spaniards named their conquest.