Translation of sparkling in Spanish:


centelleante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈspɑrkəlɪŋ/ /ˈspɑːk(ə)lɪŋ/ /ˈspɑːklɪŋ/

Definition of centelleante in Spanish


  • 1

    (gems/stars) centelleante
    (gems/stars) brillante
    (eyes) chispeante
    (eyes) brillante
    • There are many beautiful shots of a night sky with billions of brilliant stars sparkling.
    • Great granite cliffs reared up majestically all around us, the foreboding grey offset by sparkling ribbons of water showering diamante spray.
    • Just above the southeast horizon is the sparkling bright blue giant star Canopus.
    • My spectacles picked up a few drops of water and turned the street lamps into sparkling sodium stars.
    • The camp greeted us with the surreal vision of a linen-covered dining table set on the bank, aglow in candlelight and sparkling crystal.
    • There are dozens of beaches from which to choose and they are long, sandy and sheltered, with clear, sparkling water.
    • Lace ruffles fell from every lamp, and the chandeliers were adorned with sparkling crystals.
    • Materials and finishes include pewter, silk steel, sparkling chrome and brushed stainless steel.
    • Young guys and gals in sparkling evening wear added a dash of charm.
    • He sat down beside the sparkling gem.
    • He goes to the window and there it is, a sparkling, shuddering locomotive, with writing on the side: POLAR EXPRESS.
    • Keep the bodywork of the car as sparkling as possible and get rid of all the debris that tends to settle on the carpets.
    • I was then only seven or eight, and can only remember a kindly man with sparkling eyes who stooped low to talk to me.
    • The splendid design was meant to suggest the sparkling lights and shadows of a night flight over Manhattan.
    • His sparkling blue eyes and happy smile showed a genial personality.
    • Colourful and sparkling images mesmerize the onlooker.
    • Jackson briefly answered a reporter's questions about a chain of sparkling ornaments draped over a gold vest he wore under his black coat.
    • Guests cheered as a quintet of Nordic beauties emerged on a sparkling white circular stage littered with disco glitter balls.
    • The frame was on its side, and what was once the glass tabletop lay all around the room in sparkling little flakes and jagged shards.
    • It was beautiful sunshine, birds singing, dew on everything and it was sparkling and wonderful, a new day.
  • 2

    (wit/conversation) chispeante
    • I read over my recent entries with a curl to my lip; I'm not at my sparkling best in winter.
    • Sadly, Mutu ends a sparkling counter-attack with a limp shot.
    • Sinead Lyons continued to show her sparkling form by continually attacking from midfield.
    • She was also a sparkling personality with a joyful sense of fun.
    • I don't imagine the conversation at the Guardian can be all that sparkling.
    • The incidents spoiled a contest that provided sparkling entertainment.
    • The programme ended with the sparkling guru arati dance, which won a round of applause from all those present.
    • The weekend edition of the Financial Times is a must-read at the moment, chiefly because of its sparkling interviews.
    • I talked most animatedly with him, and was impressed by his learning and sparkling intelligence.
    • BBC Wales News online, edited by Amanda Powell, won the title for its " accessibility, variety and sparkling writing ".
    • However, the shadow is firmly dispelled in a crisp and sparkling second act where all is resolved triumphantly.
    • The writing style isn't particularly sparkling.
    • Porter died in 1964, leaving behind more than a quarter-century of sparkling wit and satiny romance in his lyrics and music.
    • You are sparkling with fresh ideas and must experiment boldly.
    • Clutch hitters don't necessarily post a sparkling overall average.
    • As early as last November city centre traders were predicting a cracker of a Christmas after a sparkling start to the festive season.
    • Followers of Hunter, though, will be more pleased with what is an eclectic and occasionally sparkling effort.
    • The melodies sometimes get chewed up and spat out, or equally are full of sparkling charm and quivering intent.
    • The writing is racy and sparkling, the wit very dry and quite a few chapters end on a note of whimsical rhetoric.
    • In these works of tragic grandeur and flamboyant Romanticism, some sparkling scherzo movements and brilliant finales bring sharp contrasts of mood.
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    (wine) espumoso
    (wine) espumante Southern Cone
    • Elbling, Germany's oldest grape, mostly goes into sparkling wine.
    • The taste of the fermented tea is very pleasant, being reminiscent of light, sparkling wine or sweet Most (pear juice).
    • Also, stock up on some regular or sparkling apple cider.
    • The main method used to make lighter, fresher sparkling wines for immediate consumption or for mass-produced cheap sparkling wines is the Charmat method.
    • Satisfy your thirst with flavored, sparkling, carbonated or bottled water.
    • Perhaps a Virgin Mary, or some sparkling grape juice would be in order.
    • The best sparkling wines of Luxembourg are also called Crémant.
    • Sparkling wine sales represent an opportunity for every on-premise retailer.
    • The sparkling wine is made by Ferrari - not the car manufacturer.
    • Sparkling wines tend to be tasted slightly cooler to retain the carbon dioxide.
    • I decided it would be a good idea to compare inexpensive sparkling wines from around the world to popular local coolers.
    • That sparkling wine might be made exclusively from white grapes, all from red, or a mixture.
    • Thus the term is often used in many champagne and sparkling wine names.
    • The most famous sparkling wine of all is champagne, the archetypal sparkling wine made in north eastern France, which represents about eight per cent of global sparkling wine production.
    • Restaurants differ on how many brands to offer, but most serve at least one still and one sparkling water.
    • I once partnered an Australian sparkling ale with chocolate brownies for a laugh and the result was delicious.
    • It makes a really refreshing summer drink topped up with chilled sparkling water and loads of ice and lemon.
    • Vineyards that had once produced strong, semi-fortified reds were uprooted in favour of white grapes for sparkling wine.
    • The region is especially well-known for its sparkling wines, called "cava."
    • It would also double as an aperitif if you don't like sparkling wines.