Translation of specialist in Spanish:


especialista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspɛʃ(ə)ləst/ /ˈspɛʃ(ə)lɪst/

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    especialista masculine, feminine
    (knowledge/dictionary/shop) (before noun) especializado
    • The law firm was a leading specialist in the new field of information technology.
    • Andrew is a specialist in the field who.
    • A prerequisite to serving as an expert witness is being qualified and credentialed as a specialist in the field being examined.
    • Dr. Julian was a specialist in the field.
    • I cannot see the point of being simply a specialist in one field.
    • In the two years he has been in business, he has established a reputation as the specialist in this field.
    • He is an M.D. and a specialist in many fields of medicine.
    • I found that from his Curriculum Vitae and the agreement of counsel that he was a specialist in those fields.
    • The tutor, who is a specialist in that subject, contacts the student to check that all is well.
    • In secondary schools, all core subjects would be taught by a specialist in that subject.
    • Being a paediatric specialist in the field, he preferred to base his own opinion on his personal experience.
    • I am hardly a specialist in NATO affairs; my field of expertise is Russia, both present and past.
    • The History Department recently hired a second specialist in economic and business history.
    • He became a specialist in the pre-Islamic history of southern Arabia.
    • A specialist in European and early American history, he received a Distinguished Academic Achievement Award in 1978.
    • My name is Scott, I'm a specialist in bioenergetics.
    • A specialist in modernism and 19 th-century French painting, Champa earned a BA at Yale and an MA at Harvard.
    • He has been something of a specialist in impersonating a police officer.
    • Thus while never a specialist in monetary theory nor making any claim for original contributions to it, Brown's participation was noteworthy.
    • Okada is a specialist in contemporary Japanese music.
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    especialista masculine, feminine
    you should go and see a specialist tendrías que consultar a un especialista
    • heart specialist especialista de corazón
    • Now more than ever, there is substantial crossover among dentists and other medical specialists in diagnosing various health conditions.
    • The world's first formal program to train medical specialists, opened in 1915.
    • They are now seeking to appoint a medical specialist through Health Services Australia.
    • I trained as a psychiatric specialist at the Gugging hospital.
    • He might be better off approaching generalists, rather than nuclear-medicine or health-care specialists.
    • He is popular with staff and is extremely good at multidisciplinary medicine with enviable insight and respect for other specialists and healthcare workers.
    • Some curanderos are specialists trained in bone-setting or the treatment of tumors.
    • In this type of medicine a patient sees a medical specialist when a health complaint arises.
    • Dance medicine specialists tell me that it's common for people suffering from arthritis to get caught up in a vicious cycle of pain, weakness, and loss of motion.
    • A healthcare specialist should be consulted for specific dosages.
    • By the 1950s, specialists in traditional medicine began to decline in importance.
    • According to dance medicine specialists, overuse injuries often make their first appearance in adolescence.
    • Telemedicine technology makes it possible for medical specialists to examine and treat patients living in remote locations.
    • Heis a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
    • Her patients have improved far beyond the expectations of their medical specialists, and their need for surgeries has been markedly reduced.
    • He saw his family physician as well as respiratory and allergy specialists.
    • Mr. Mahler knew Dr. DeVilliers to be a specialist who regularly gave medical reports to lawyers.
    • Medical specialists on the optic nerves had already noticed the increased visual acuity of the sea people.
    • For a moment a brief moment he contemplated going to a therapist or a sleep specialist about it
    • A nationwide shortage of intensive-care specialists has left hospitals scrambling to provide timely care to the sickest of patients.