Translation of speck in Spanish:


manchita, n.

Pronunciation /spɛk/


  • 1

    (spot, stain)
    manchita feminine
    I watched them until they were specks in the sky me quedé mirándolos hasta que no eran más que unos puntos en el cielo
    • Floaters are tiny spots or specks that seem to float across your eyes.
    • They are tiny specks admittedly but of such a vivid blue you can spot them a mile off.
    • From here the panorama was different and the foreground had rolling hills dotted by tiny, shiny specks which were actually slate tiled roofs reflecting sunlight.
    • Aircraft do really travel through the skies, even if they are only seen as tiny specks from the ground.
    • One or two people, tiny specks, milled around on the dock.
    • Turning the glass snow-globe over and over in his hands, Ross Granger watches tiny white specks swirling around in the water.
    • Tiny white specks gleamed steel-hard in the blackness.
    • These tiny little brown specks will fly as high as eight feet into the air, and once they stick to your house or windows, they stick like glue.
    • I saw our little hill on which the palace is situated, and then Rowen showed me tiny specks in the distance.
    • But the sky was dark, the tiny specks in the sky sparkling dimly in the pitch blackness.
    • There were thousands and thousands of tiny specks moving all over the horizon.
    • The people below them turned into tiny specks as they took off high into the air.
    • Indeed air travellers will perceive the islands as tiny specks in endless expanses of blue nothingness.
    • You could see a tiny speck of red, like fire, in her eyes.
    • I'm on a camel, and there's a desert, and a tiny speck in the distance coming closer and closer.
    • The captain watched as the planet appeared first as a tiny speck, then as a steadily growing disk on the view-glass.
    • Soon a peek of light appeared on the flat horizon, a tiny speck no larger than the glare of a flashlight a mile away.
    • They eased the ponies forwards, and soon the village was a tiny speck in the distance.
    • The path was empty, save for a faint sobbing sound and a tiny speck of a figure in the distance.
    • A pixel is one of those many tiny colored specks that make up a digital image.
    • Hens herd their chicks from the shade of one log to the next, searching for specks of grain along the way.
    • Aside from the occasional specks of dirt and some light grain in dawn/dusk and night scenes, it is a soft transfer but respectable for a twenty-three year old film.
    • Riders were arriving with red dirt caked on thick to their faces, with specks of dirt attaching themselves to each singular pore and whisker.
    • With specks of gravy on his tie and the heavy smell of garlic, his dinner is a dead giveaway.
    • Taking slow, deep breaths, Roy recovered from the fit of coughing, and looked down at the handkerchief, frowning at the specks of blood that were on it.
    • Some birds flew by, leaving specks of pollen behind.
    • It looked like mud, with specks of hardened dirt in it.
    • The tonsils and back of the throat may be covered with a whitish coating, or appear red, swollen, and dotted with whitish or yellowish specks of pus.
    • When he wiped a few invisible specks of dust from the cantle, Isabella knew he was simply stalling for words, turning the situation over in his mind.
    • Caspian brushed invisible specks of dust off his clothes.
    • Aside from a few specks of dirt, the print looked flawless.
    • When it was tested the stone revealed 13 specks of gold.
    • The video quality is lacking: the picture is grainy, the colors bleed throughout, and I saw more than a few specks of dirt.
    • She could even see individual specks of dust floating in the air.
    • Margaret stood, brushing invisible specks of grass off of her skirt.
    • A tiny speck of blood landed on his newly polished red-leather shoes.
    • It surprised me the attention Stan paid to the tiniest of dust specks.
    • A tiny speck of glass fell to the ground at his feet.
    • The prophetess smoothed the front of her skirt, absent-mindedly removing a tiny speck of dust.
    • He brushed some almost undetectable specks off his apron as a sudden flood of customers entered the store.
  • 2

    (particle, tiny bit)
    mota feminine
    a speck of dust/soot una mota de polvo/hollín
    • the wool has specks of red and blue in it la lana tiene motitas / pintitas rojas y azules
  • 3

    pizca feminine
    add just a speck of sugar/milk agregue una pizca de azúcar/una gota de leche
    • there's not a speck of truth in the rumor no hay ni pizca de verdad en el rumor

transitive verb

  • 1

    the blanket was specked with blood la manta estaba salpicada de sangre
    • his beard is specked with gray tiene la barba entrecana
    • She played with the edges of the turquoise colored polka dots specking her pajama bottoms.
    • Blood spurted everywhere, some specked Wythene's face.
    • They both had the same color hair (although Eric's was specked with gray and white,) and the attitude had to run in their blood.
    • The mustache and short beard were orange specked with gray.
    • Carlton Beach on Saturday was specked with stars, champagne and fine food.
    • Her short hair was specked with gray and her face contained only a few wrinkles.
    • The ham was, by this stage, specked with fungus and small white things that might have been maggots.
    • My eyes were brown, specked with a different shade; my hair was mid-back length, dark brown, soft and slightly curly.
    • His short, brown hair was tousled, greasy, and specked with dirt.
    • The bear, weak from hibernation, was focused on procuring an easier meal, such as scavenged bison carcasses and the tiny white blossoms that speck the forest edges.