Traducción de specs en Español:


especificaciones, n.

Pronunciación /spɛks/

sustantivo plural

  • 1coloquial

    especificaciones femenino
    • Put on a pair of specs that put everything out of focus.
    • Then a tall middle-aged man with short blonde hair and ice blue eyes hidden behind a pair of specs came in.
    • Well, Kim had a pair of very groovy blue specs on.
    • It was difficult not to imagine that at any moment the famous grin, specs and laugh would emerge from a corner where he had been holding court.
    • Sick of being miserable, she signs up for computer courses downtown, loses the specs and gets a whole new wardrobe.
    • You have now turned 40, and even reading this article will probably require that you wear your specs.
    • Of course, many patients lost or broke their new specs, leaving them worse off than before.
    • The specs gave her that cool, sophisticated look many girls strive for.
    • And so the splenetic young rebel became a middle-aged man with studious specs and a shock of silver hair.
    • But since this event is the moon's doing, we are all going to have to stand outside with plastic specs on looking at it.
    • I've tried letting the mirror steam up, or leaving off my specs, to shave.
    • I am using the specs but when I close the left eye, I still cannot see clearly with the right.
    • Perhaps it's better to leave the memories untouched, keep wearing the rose-tinted specs.
    • He wears no shoes, has designer specs, and when he speaks it's a shock to hear the accent of the west coast of America.
    • So why don't you root out those unwanted specs and let some less fortunate benefit from them.
    • A slip of a girl in studious tortoiseshell specs, she doesn't strike one as an obvious sadist.
    • If they stay with the specs they may not like them but they come to terms with this addition to the facial furniture.
    • The room was almost completely dark, and the criminal hadn't worn his infrared specs.
    • As if reading her mind, the young woman opened an eye and peered over her sky-colored specs.
    • He gestures with his thumb towards the biker with the specs.
  • 2coloquial, anticuado