Translation of spectator sport in Spanish:

spectator sport

deporte espectáculo, n.


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    deporte espectáculo masculine
    • Football is both a spectator sport and a participation sport.
    • As a spectator sport it beats all-in wrestling hands down!
    • By the end of the decade, stock-car racing had passed baseball and basketball as an American spectator sport.
    • There are soccer and basketball teams, and camel racing is a popular spectator sport.
    • In addition to its popularity as a spectator sport, soccer is played by most Italians.
    • The hope is the tournament will again make bridge a spectator sport, and the games are to be shown live on the internet.
    • The phenomenon has single-handedly turned golf into an international spectator sport.
    • And skating is a great spectator sport, which draws in crowds.
    • In almost every country around the world, some code of football is the major spectator sport.
    • ‘Horse riding is a splendid spectator sport,’ Chang said.
    • Bullfights, a traditional spectator sport, came to the forefront.
    • When he is not involved with his school, there is a little time for tennis and swimming, but for football, it is only a spectator sport.
    • Cycling was popular as a spectator sport in France, as football was in England.
    • It is a spectator sport and is also played in the streets and open fields.
    • Mixed martial arts is the fastest-growing spectator sport in North America, and even though it's only in its infancy in Alberta, the local promoters are seeing tremendous increases in interest.
    • He continues to manage the National Football League spectacularly, expanding globally and continuing to develop the top spectator sport in America.
    • It worked once, but by the 10th time, you wished that tennis had never evolved as a spectator sport.
    • Clearly this is the spectator sport in the United States.
    • Soccer, which is played at every school, is also the biggest spectator sport.
    • Curling is probably the greatest spectator sport in the world!