Translation of spider in Spanish:


araña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspaɪdər/ /ˈspʌɪdə/


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    araña feminine
    spider web telaraña
    • spider's web telaraña
    • When they reduce pesticide use, they see a lot more beneficial predatory insects: spiders and parasitic wasps and flies.
    • They are predators on spiders, mites, millipedes, and other insects.
    • In addition to honey, their diet included scorpions, spiders, insects, mice, lizards, frogs, snakes and fruit, she said.
    • The book includes information about more than 100 insects, spiders, mites, slugs and earthworms found in the Prairies, and encourages people to live with them in harmony.
    • They are habitat to countless amphipods, insects, spiders and other organisms.
    • All kinds of small creepy crawlies are eaten including insects, spiders and centipedes.
    • We record plants and invertebrates (including weeds, insects, spiders, slugs and snails) in and around the fields, before, during and after the crops are in the ground.
    • Four other people in the area have been poisoned by funnel web spiders since 1992.
    • Some people may be terrified of spiders, dogs or insects.
    • The full moon shone onto the filthy prison floor revealing spiders, insects, and rats.
    • It was possible that an insect or a spider had bitten her during that time.
    • In fact, the typical residents of these boxes are other insects and spiders.
    • To survive the winter, they depend on food sources such as berries, spiders, and insects.
    • They feed on other insects and spiders, so they are not really that bad to have around.
    • This tiny spider is related to the more commonly known, and much larger, tarantulas of the southwestern United States.
    • The name is misleading, as this spider is native to the Waterloo region.
    • This occurs in, among other animals, butterflies, spiders, birds, and small mammals.
    • Long legged spiders crawled up and down the walls, unafraid of the trespassers.
    • ‘There's a spider in the kitchen,’ Mum told Dad blandly.
    • She hesitated, but slowly walked out of the cell, afraid that rats or spiders would brush her feet.
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    araña feminine
    • This way, your site map will be a valuable resource for anyone who accesses your site, and a useful tool for spiders to find everything that's within.
    • The search engine spiders take those words and display the best sites that relate to that information.
    • The spider captures summaries, which is all the engine searches, which gives you easy breadth, but not depth.
    • The same thing applies to forms; spiders can't fill out forms and click ‘submit.’
    • They usually target comments to old posts, so they won't show up to people reading the latest ones, though search engine spiders will spot them and index them.
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    diablo masculine