Traducción de spiel en Español:


perorata, n.

Pronunciación /spil/ /ʃpil/ /ʃpiːl/ /spiːl/

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    perorata femenino coloquial
    rollo masculino coloquial
    • For the course of the game he pretty much serves no purpose greater than giving you a basic spiel on your next mission.
    • That didn't surprise me, because he definitely hadn't had time to breathe while delivering his spiel.
    • She wasn't finished yet as she continued her spiel without taking a breath.
    • The team got in to a straight line, recognizing the beginning of her spiel.
    • Direct questions on financial issues are answered with opaque spiels on their version of moral principle.
    • She was always glad to show potential clients how to apply cream and powders, and did free-of-charge makeovers for anyone with the patience to hear her spiel.
    • But others who heard the spiel weren't as convinced.
    • My spiel is, if you're fair-skinned, watch for discolorations.
    • Patricia and Pierre offer to help him practice his spiel.
    • In my volunteering for political campaigns, federal and provincial, I've become fairly ruthless in my spiel.
    • And then within minutes, I was actually doing my advocacy spiel on a street corner.
    • I bought his spiel, and the pager served me well for many years.
    • He got the hard sell from the men, who gave a spiel about the warehouse accidentally giving them twice the number of speakers ordered.
    • With the building full to standing room only as he delivers his spiel, there is a definite air of sanctity and reverence.
    • This spiel proved the final straw for the judge, who lashed out at the mother like an avenging angel.
    • That is provided no-one had the audacity to doubt the spiel by asking questions, to which the lad had no answers.
    • A candidate in my electoral area, accompanied by his daughter, knocked on my door and gave me the spiel.
    • The brother met us and gave us the spiel about the dangers of the city.
    • As I stopped to check it out I was swooped upon by the salesman and was given the big spiel.
    • After a bit she told me that the previous time we had met I had launched into an identical spiel.