Traducción de spire en Español:


aguja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspaɪ(ə)r/ /spʌɪə/

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    aguja femenino
    chapitel masculino
    • He enjoyed a reputation for building tall elegant masonry structures such as church towers and spires.
    • It runs along something of a ridge so we could see for miles to villages betrayed by church towers and spires.
    • The architecture attested to its ancient heritage, with massive castle-like structures adorned with spires and turrets on nearly every building.
    • Towers, turrets, soaring church spires - the graceful architecture in Moscow and St. Petersburg is filmed in minute detail.
    • St Peter's church is prominently situated in the town of Drogheda, Co Louth and has a distinctive clock tower and spire.
    • New light has been shed on the cathedral spire and tower which, at 404 ft is the tallest masonry structure in Britain, by tree ring dating.
    • I was a massive stone structure with many great spires and turrets.
    • The tall buildings stretched high into the night sky, the top spires of the churches and court houses surrounded in a wreath of smoke from the fires that burned in pot bellied stoves far below.
    • A palace had spires and towers; this was one solid structure, a gigantic rectangle imposed on the landscape.
    • It's a striking building with turrets and spires.
    • Conical spires on top support pinnacles that enabled the towers to obtain the coveted height record.
    • Former as well as current places of worship with towers, spires, minarets or domes are also helpful navigational aids.
    • Initially in Norman style, it developed into a great Gothic cathedral with a towering spire, the largest church in England and third largest in Europe.
    • Much of the repair work centres on the spire of the church where water has been leaking into tower and rotting the foundations.
    • We could see a proliferation of white towers, minaret answering church spire.
    • Most of the infrastructure is completed, including the framework for the spire on the abbey tower.
    • The slender minaret of a mosque and the spires of churches rise in sharp relief over the flat roofs of the homes.
    • One of the best shots in the film is of a church spire which pans up to reveal the minaret of the mosque just behind.
    • Gothic cathedrals are characterised by large towers and spires.
    • Ornate buildings, gracious parks, spires and steeples which jab like fingers into the sky - all these vie with each other in the downtown area.