Translation of split in Spanish:


descosido, n.

Pronunciation /splɪt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(in garment, cloth)

      (in seam) descosido masculine
      (part of design) abertura feminine
      (part of design) raja feminine
      (part of design) tajo masculine Southern Cone
      • A small split has appeared along the chest area as well.
      • I accept the evidence of Mr. Pearson and Mr. Glendon with respect to their observations of the crack or split or fissure in the tubing.
      • Make sure windscreen wipers are in good condition without any splits or tears
      • These cracks were narrow splits, predominantly perpendicular to the seed's long axis.
      • Repair splits or tears with nail glue or clear polish.
      • There are also types of adhesive caulking that will mend split or loose roofing shingles as well as splits or cracks in siding.
      • Finger splits, or fissures, are one of the more frequent winter skin complaints Kunin addresses.
      • You were not able to check whether there were any splits or tears in the lead in the parapet gutter?
      • As Mr. Kendall explained, the split or tear observed in the photographs in Mr. Johnston's report, Folio 2 page 15, is at the top of the cant.
      • Cracks and splits can be detrimental to good accuracy, and could possibly cause injury to the shooter should the rifle decide to come apart when fired.
      • Cracks, splits and holes are by definition one of the biggest problems in sealing technology.
      • The axe can then be removed an sometimes hammered in further along the split.
      • Equally uncomfortable as cold sores are cracks and splits that can sometimes occur in the corners of the mouth or on the lips.
      • It allows you to visually inspect your cases for cracks and splits much more easily.
      • In contrast, frost cracks are vertical splits that penetrate deep into the wood.
      • The rock runs north-south, with a split through the middle and the lighthouse on the larger, southern part of the rock.

    • 1.2(in wood, glass)

      rajadura feminine
      grieta feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1

      Politics escisión feminine
      Religion cisma masculine
      Religion escisión feminine
      there is a three-way split in the party on this issue en el partido hay tres corrientes de opinión al respecto
      • Meanwhile, the splits within his party, he claims, have been devastating.
      • The split within the party has led to tactical shifts in which conservatives and Democrats often team up to embarrass the ruling moderate Republicans.
      • There are a lot of reasons for this failure, including the long-time split within the party between hawks and doves.
      • A split along national lines, whereby England's vote comprises a mirror image of that north of the Border, looks set to trigger a political row which could test the mettle of the new parliament.
      • One piece decries the stark split tearing the country, and another seems to pine for a sort of folksy patriotism.
      • One member who attended a special general meeting on the plan earlier this month, said the split had developed along classic generational lines.
      • Nevertheless, splits occurred along class lines, on the issue of temperance, and on account of differences in personality among the leaders.
      • It is doubtless unfortunate for the split to appear at this stage, with an election on the horizon.
      • ‘There appears to be a split between the chairman and the non executives at Gresham,’ a Red Sea source said.
      • In the early 1940s, however, splits appeared in the Fianna Fail government over how beneficial land distribution was.
      • But now, suddenly, we can't tell whether a split is a real division or just an honest difference of opinion.
      • Despite the many splits and divisions which have plagued the Gaels through the years, there have always been a few things which brought us together.
      • Divisions and splits in the Callaghan government had ‘led to 18 years of Thatcherism’.
      • The split reflects a division of opinion among courts generally on the issue of affirmative action.
      • Despite divisions in Afrikanerdom and splits in the government over strategy, the security forces, including the black police, had remained loyal.
      • The conference's family orientation also helped to prevent a split, because a division would undoubtedly have separated relatives.
      • The long and short of it is that the splits and divisions on the far side of the House are irreconcilable and deep.
      • And its message of peace is still needed in world conflicts, neighbourhood rows, family splits - and, yes, in church divisions.
      • The voluntary organisation has been riven by internal conflict, with a split over its future direction.
      • Society is in chaos, tainted with conflict and splits between the haves and have-nots, conservatives and progressives, and management and labor.

    • 2.2(breakup)

      ruptura feminine
      separación feminine
      escisión feminine
      • The radio star and DJ have blamed hectic work schedules for causing their marriage split.
      • Richard Cooper, defending, told the court of the marriage split which drove Franklyn to the drugs.
      • Is this evidence of one of the first Hollywood relationships with a friendly split?
      • A study has found that more than 70 per cent of new marriages ends in a split and the child is a main reason for the break-up.
      • Duffy's sudden desire to conceive a child no longer fits into Meg's schedule, and the strain on their relationship causes a split.
      • I thought it was a pretty useful word that allowed New Zealanders to talk about how they would look after their kids in the event of a relationship split.
      • O'Byrne had an acrimonious split from his wife who formed a relationship with another man.
      • Fortunately, the split was relatively free of rancour, and her father remained a consistent presence and guiding spirit in her life.
      • The split was acrimonious and relations are still strained.
      • A website offering cheap divorces online has processed its 15,000th marriage split.
      • It is believed his split from his second wife last month sent him back into the binge-drinking spiral which has plagued his adult life.
      • His acrimonious split from his wife has contributed to his blithely acknowledged misogyny, hence there are no women working in his restaurant.
      • The inquest heard how Mr Palmer had been coping well following his split with his wife of 14 years.
      • Mrs Moffat told the inquest that Mrs Seaton had been devastated over the temporary split but did not think the relationship was going to work out.
      • This is possible, I suppose, although my admittedly sketchy review of the relationship didn't reveal any hints of a split.
      • Pitt says there was a certain beauty in his marriage to Aniston, and surprisingly, also in their split.
      • The singer has also insisted that his split from Kerry will not affect his relationship with his two children.
      • News of their engagement, marriage, and split made the papers on a regular basis.
      • It has since transpired that this ‘other’ woman only became Zurawski's girlfriend after a marriage split that occurred long before he arrived in Scotland.
      • Along with the split came a new licensing agreement.

    • 2.3(share-out, distribution)

      a six-way split would give everyone $1,500 si se dividiera la suma en seis partes, cada uno se llevaría $1.500
      • a good/bad split una buena/mala mano

  • 3splits plural

    to do the splits abrirse completamente de piernas
  • 4US

    botella individual de vino o champán (bottle)
    • We drank a split of Taittinger Brut champagne during the appetizers, and our patience was rewarded.
    • You see, back then, it was cool to drink a split.
  • 5US

    empate masculine
    • SFU's women's basketball squad pulled off a split in two tight matches against the Dinos on Jan.13 and 14.
    • At Miami, Carlos Delgado hit a pinch-hit grand slam to cap a six-run fifth inning for Florida to salvage a split in the four-game series.
    • As the Series headed north after a split at Edison Field, the styles had been established but not an advantage.
    • And yesterday, in a rusty performance by both teams after a month layoff, even their exhibition game ended in a split with a 5-5 draw.
    • Only 5 of the Yankees’ 14 runs were earned as the four-game series ended in a split.


  • 1

    • 1.1(damaged)

      (wood) rajado
      (wood) partido
      (lip) partido
      her trousers were split at the seams tenía las costuras de los pantalones descosidas

    • 1.2(cleft)


  • 2

    • 2.1(divided)

      the problem of having a split site el problema de trabajar con dos locales (or centros etc.) separados

    • 2.2(in factions)

      to be split three ways estar dividido en tres

transitive verb splitting, split, split

  • 1

    • 1.1(break)

      (wood/stone) partir
      to split the atom fisionar / desintegrar el átomo
      • to split sth in two/in half partir algo en dos/por la mitad
      • Warping, splitting along the grain, the breaking apart of joins, the flaking of paint and ground from the wooden substrate, and insect damage are all commonly encountered.
      • The wooden barrel guard was split along half its length and the barrel itself was badly corroded.
      • A mineral that has cleavage will break or split along planes.
      • I opened up my packet of cookies and split one in half.
      • After the appropriate treatment period, the pods were removed from the plant, placed onto ice, and split along the suture.
      • First, be sure that the plant will respond to being split; not everything does, herbaceous peonies being a prime example.
      • The smaller berries are also usually less liable to congestion and compression within the bunch, and are therefore less likely to split or suffer spoilage as a result of fungal diseases or bacteria.
      • Some barley heads have split already, the beaded kernels fallen at the urging of the sun's heat.
      • The statue began to split apart down the middle.
      • Alternatively, if you are cooking for two it is simply split in half.
      • The kernels split lengthwise so the white inside of the kernel is visible.
      • Then Gondwanaland itself split to form what we now know as South America, Africa and Madagascar.
      • The intensity caused him to rip at the fabric which tore, splitting at the seam.
      • It turned its lights back on, suddenly splitting in two.
      • The greatest danger is death from a sudden split in the aorta.
      • The berries then swell suddenly and often split, resulting in fungal and bacterial infection of the bunches.
      • Thermal expansion and contraction of rock occurs between day and night time as temperatures fluctuate, generating sheeting of the outer layers of blocks and the sudden splitting of boulders.
      • This really made me laugh reading this, and now my cold sore's split on my lip and it's bleeding again.
      • One tossed the stuff I'd just split on the woodpile while the other set another piece up on the block.
      • Then, when the sun goes down, the outer bark may freeze too quickly and split on the side last facing the sun.

    • 1.2(burst)

      she borrowed my skirt and split the seams se puso mi falda y le abrió las costuras
      • he bent down and split his pants se agachó y reventó los pantalones
      • she split her head open se partió / se abrió la cabeza

    • 1.3(divide into factions)

      (nation/church) dividir
      (nation/church) escindir
      this issue has split public opinion este asunto ha dividido a la opinión pública
      • The European Union, in fact, is deeply split over such issues as its budget and constitution.
      • The survey, conducted between mid-April and mid-June, found most ethnic groups were evenly split on the issue of national identity.
      • By 1972 the Democratic Party in North Carolina was deeply split over the issue of race.
      • The lough-side village has been split over the issue with one side arguing that the football pitch was required to meet the sporting needs of the young.
      • However, the scientific community is split over the issue.
      • The Government is split over the issue of drugs in prison.
      • In the past members have been split over the issue, with some wanting to move and others forming a preservation society because they wanted to stay.
      • The party which has for over 100 years been the main focus of working class politics is now split over an issue of life and death.
      • Later, it was learned that the largest faction in the House was split over the issue.
      • Nationalist activists were thus split over constitutional issues as well as partisan versus non-partisan political strategies.
      • He talks candidly about his feelings over these turbulent months and discusses his views on the issues splitting the modern Church.
      • Views are split over whether to apply for shares.
      • Conservation groups are also split, the Ramblers Association calling on the park authority to reject the plans.
      • When the group almost split over the issue of whether to focus on confrontational action or voter registration, she healed the breach by saying it should work on both.
      • The party, which was deeply split on the issue, could very well break apart.
      • Cultural issues have split libertarians from social conservatives.
      • The nation appears to be split over the question of whether abortion should be available on demand or only under certain conditions.
      • The road has proved to be a contentious issue, splitting the village of Hilperton into two camps, one supporting the application, the other campaigning against it.
      • Workers leaving Longbridge yesterday were split on who was responsible for the crisis.
      • The prime minister's Social Democratic party is itself notoriously split on the issue of European integration.

  • 2

    (divide, share)
    (money/cost/food) dividir
    we'll split the cost three ways dividimos el gasto en tres
    • do you want to split a bottle? ¿nos tomamos una botella a medias?
    • they split them into three groups los dividieron / separaron en tres grupos
    • to split one's ticket/ballot
    • It left me absolutely dumbfounded to see the 25-foot high walls, to see how towns have been split into two.
    • Under the new scheme, the town centre will be split into 12 different zones which council bosses claim could be cleared in minutes.
    • The cotton country on this farm is split into two separate developments of about 1250 acres each.
    • The development will be split into five separate blocks.
    • Classes, which last for 45 minutes, are split into separate sessions for babies, one- to two-year-olds, and two- to four-year-olds.
    • He welcomed another measure now set to be adopted by the agency, under which the westbound carriageway will be split into two separate lanes.
    • The exam is split into 10 separate tests, which last from two minutes to 18 minutes.
    • Sozopol is split into two main parts: the old town and new town - known as Harmanite.
    • The program is split into three separate phases.
    • This resulted in two items being added, no items being dropped, one item being split into two separate items, and one item having minor wording changes.
    • Her hair was pulled back into a large ponytail which was split into five separate braids.
    • But when did the Olympics split into separate Summer and Winter Games, and where were the first Winter Olympics held?
    • The flow of coolant when entering our heatsink base is split into six separate channels and two separate directions.
    • After much debate, it was split into two separate and distinct countries.
    • The playing field is split into three separate areas: surface, air, and underground.
    • The water molecule is split into hydrogen ions (positively charged atoms) and oxygen.
    • It takes energy to split the water molecule and release hydrogen, but that energy is later recovered during oxidation to produce water.
    • This electricity splits the water molecules in an electrolyte, producing hydrogen.
    • The retail business of both his Florida and New Mexico stores was split evenly between new and pre-owned vehicles.
    • The response was split evenly - 44 percent didn't work; 44 percent did work.
    • But splitting his responsibilities with another MP would at least save him the indignity of being sacked.
    • Stalin urged that the invasion should be launched as early as possible so that the Germans would be forced to split their resources between the Eastern and Western fronts.
    • We then split the responsibility in terms of who does what.
    • Currently, the federal and state governments split the responsibility for hospitals, community care and doctors.
    • Songwriting duties are split between the foursome with Liam weighing in with three decent enough efforts.
    • The couple now split the childcare duties, although Hough insists that her husband is the better parent.
    • She wouldn't have to live in Dulles full time; she could split her duties between New York and Virginia.
    • Are the two of you planning to split incomes/job responsibilities in the future?
    • Balloons cost between 3 and 4 million and pilots often form syndicates to split the cost and share balloons.
    • For their first date, he invited her to split a bottle of whiskey under a highway overpass.
    • Friday night I had a massage, then a boy came over and we split a bottle of red wine on my back step.
    • Next, inform them it is traditional in your country to split a bottle of liquor when strangers meet.
    • Arrangements had been made for splitting the booty, and discussions had been held on future joint operations.
    • Why didn't you work together with the other pirates and just split the booty?
    • We all drink litres of iced water and then we split the bill - usually about £1 each.
    • By splitting your investment between the stocks of two different companies, you reduce the potential risk to your portfolio.
    • The result is that D's share is split between B and C, so that each gets €180,000.
    • After only 5 hours one of the porters felt he did not want to carry on, so we split the load between the five of us and entered the bush walking along narrow tracks with deer jumping around ahead of us.
    • Suppose a couple agrees to split their assets, with one taking cash and the other taking mutual funds and stocks.
    • We paid for the fish, and Gwen grabbed a soda for herself and me to split before we headed out to her car.

intransitive verb splitting, split, split

  • 1

    (crack, burst)
    (wood/rock) partirse
    (wood/rock) rajarse
    (leather/seam) abrirse
    (leather/seam) romperse
    his bag split (open) se le rompió / rajó la bolsa
    • my head is splitting la cabeza me va a estallar
    • I've got a splitting headache tengo un dolor de cabeza espantoso
  • 2

    (political party/church) dividirse
    (political party/church) escindirse
    to split into sth dividirse / escindirse en algo
  • 3 slang

    abrirse slang
    largarse informal
    tomarse las de Villadiego informal
    • It was a wonderful venue - pity about the DJ - but not quite up to par so we split early and headed for another club to dance what was left of the night away.
  • 4British informal

    to split on sb acusar a algn
    informal rajar a algn
    informal chivarse de algn