Translation of sport in Spanish:


deporte, n.

Pronunciation /spɔrt/ /spɔːt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      deporte masculine
      he enjoys sports le gustan los deportes
      • he enjoys sport le gustan los deportes
      • tennis is a popular sport el tenis es un deporte con muchos adeptos
      • It is a sport that combines the best aspects of one-on-one competition but is also very much a team sport.
      • To use a sports metaphor for a moment, the history of sports is littered with teams that had lots of individual stars on them, but never made it to the championship game.
      • It's always great to watch your favourite team play their sport, it's even better when they win.
      • Of the three most popular team sports in America, baseball evokes the traditional agricultural life of a century ago.
      • But I was always made fun of and I was never considered cool because I wasn't a jock and I didn't play sports on any school team.
      • I didn't play team sports but I played with kids in my neighborhood.
      • You can find out new info on your favorite sports team.
      • My dad thought team sports were fascist organizations.
      • I didn't really like to be touched much, so team sports never appealed to me.
      • Others partner with local charities or sports teams for exposure.
      • Do you get online to find out the latest scores of your favorite sports teams?
      • Included in the school's excellent facilities are a new library, sports centre, swimming pool, theatre and superb accommodation.
      • I think this is comparable to what happens in any other sports team.
      • As a result, major sports (football, basketball and baseball) have attracted a tremendous share of television revenue.
      • In any sort of team sport, I'd stand at the back and hope no one would pick me.
      • Now think about other physical tasks, such as playing a sport or a musical instrument, or a game involving perfecting neuromuscular skills.
      • Kelley was once the captain of Princeton's hockey team, and his love of the sport and his own personal knowledge come through in the screenplay.
      • Rowing is the largest sport at the games with around 900 competitors.
      • That's the situation with live sports: you get one chance and one chance only.
      • He loathed small talk, particularly that involving weather, or worse, sports, anything that did not really matter.

    • 1.2sports pluralBritish (athletics meeting)

      competencia deportiva feminine
      competición deportiva feminine Spain

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    • 2.1Australian informal

      amigo masculine
      amiga feminine

  • 3 dated

    solaz masculine literary
    diversión feminine
    it was all done in sport fue todo en broma
    • The physical challenges reminded me too much of gym class, but the mind games were great sport.
    • Hunting in Shakespeare is normally for exercise or sport.
    • Over centuries of practice a whole elaborate system of rules and customs evolved to ensure this, not primarily for the sake of the quarry itself but with the aim of providing a good day's sport.
    • Here our noble hero sits out on the moors, accompanied by his dogs, surrounded by the spoils of a good day's sport and communing with this great, noble landscape.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (clothes/diamonds/hairstyle) lucir
    he came in sporting a black eye apareció luciendo un ojo morado humorous
    • Here, the initial H is formed by two performers sporting long tunics and distinctive pointed shoes.
    • The identically shaped sculptures each sport distinctive coloration, as well as striped or polka-dotted underpants.
    • The smiling father sports a rifle nestled at his hip and wears a hat emblazoned with a coat of arms.
    • A magazine editor and writer with a literary background, Fry wore impeccably tailored suits, always sporting a carnation in the lapel.
    • She extended the action to posters picturing her seated, wearing the same pants, but also sporting a machine gun.
    • She sported a glamorous wardrobe, wearing a new gown every time she stepped on stage.
    • She sports an excess of eye shadow and towers over 20 tiny infants scattered around on the floor and furniture in the room.
    • In my first years as head writer, I sported a mustache.
    • After a lull in the late 90s, it's now cool again to sport the odd label here and there.
    • The young man's black hair is parted in the middle, he sports a moustache and sideburns, and wears a large black cravat under a wide wing collar.
    • Ben sports a film of cold sweat that never leaves his upper lip, matching the one glistening on my forehead.
    • While every one else was letting it all hang out, they sported suits, ties and short haircuts.
    • Rather oddly, the fireman sporting a handlebar moustache about to sip a saucer of hot cocoa is ignoring the fire ragtag behind him and turns his back on two colleagues who are tackling it.
    • The streak of white hair that he sports provides a bizarre touch that reflects the two-sided nature of the character's personality.
    • As my arms flew about in space, my hands sported enlarged puffy boxing mitts which had been sewn from muslin.
    • In three of four drawings in gouache and ink, the subject - her daughter - sports round-toed, strappy Mary Janes like an emblem of innocence.
    • The performer appears on the cover sporting what looks like a nostril piercing but not much else.
    • Finally, he winds up sporting just a cowboy hat and a smile in a seedy, drug-infested strip club.
    • Simon's search leads him to a strip club, where all the dancers sport astonishingly fake breasts.
    • You instantly think about the patterns and designs we sport, what our outer markings are, and how we use them for both defense and allure.

intransitive verb

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    (animals/people) retozar literary
    • He spent the day sporting with the lady of the castle and the old woman, while the lord of the castle was out hunting the enormous boar.


  • 1

    (equipment) de deportes
  • 2

    (clothes) (invariable adjective) sport
    (clothes) de sport