Translation of spot in Spanish:


lunar, n.

Pronunciation /spɑt/ /spɒt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(dot)

      (on material) lunar masculine
      (on material) mota feminine
      (on material) pepa feminine Colombia, Venezuela informal
      (on animal's skin) mancha feminine
      a blue tie with white spots una corbata azul a / con lunares blancos (or con motas blancas etc.)
      • I keep seeing spots before my eyes veo como manchas
      • Their fur, feathers and skins, wonderfully textured and coloured, the symmetry of the patterns they make and the exquisite arrays of stripes and spots are there to be emulated.
      • These spots have raised centers that may develop on either surface of the leaf but are more common on the lower surface.
      • Affected stems often have reddish-brown spots or streaks.
      • Septoria appears as small brown spots or blotches on the leaves.
      • A few spots and specks pop up now and again, but this is acceptable considering the age of the film.
      • The first symptoms of infection are yellowish-green spots or blotches near the tips of older leaves.
      • C. camptozonale is bright white, with some spots and stripes on its wings.
      • I was seeing spots, and my face was all wet and dripping.
      • A fertile egg has a small spot with ‘spider’ veins radiating out from it.
      • Though the transfer is acceptable at first glance, print damage and white spots are noticeable repeatedly throughout the film, far more than can be reasonably expected.
      • The Impressionists painted things as though they saw them without understanding - only as spots of color.
      • If enough plant cells die, the sugar beet's leaves will exhibit the disease's characteristic spots, which are actually colonies of fungi feeding on degraded plant material.
      • Plants infected early in the growing season are characterized by brown spots on the margins of the cotyledons.
      • The light yellow spindle shaped spots on the leaves are characteristic of this soilborne virus disease.
      • Small brown spots surrounded by a yellow halo is the characteristic symptom of the disease.
      • Leaf symptoms start as bright yellow, small spots which grow to necrotic areas.

    • 1.2(blemish, stain)

      mancha feminine
      spots of ink manchas de tinta
      • a reputation without spot or stain una reputación impecable
      • An infestation can sometimes be recognized by blood stains and dark spots of excreta.
      • Here ink spots clearly are ink spots, and Kalina employs them in a carefree punctuation that sets up a joyful rhythm across the sheet.
      • In his nervousness, he cut himself, standing back and watching the blood trickle down his cheek; a small spot settling on the collar of his shirt.

    • 1.3British (pimple)

      grano masculine
      espinilla feminine Latin America
      pepa feminine Venezuela informal
      she broke out / came out in spots le salieron granos

    • 1.4beauty spot

      lunar masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(location, place)

      lugar masculine
      sitio masculine
      a delightful spot by the river un lugar / un sitio precioso a orillas del río
      • extra police were rushed to the spot refuerzos policiales fueron enviados con urgencia al lugar de los disturbios (or del siniestro etc.)
      • don't move from that spot until I get back no te muevas de ahí hasta que vuelva
      • He crawled, looking for a secluded spot like the Tall Soldier had.
      • It's a wonder how all of this art, architecture and creativity ended up in such a secluded spot.
      • Garbled details would be passed on by word of mouth and soon convoys of hatchbacks would head out for sunrise sessions in motorway service stations and picnic spots.
      • The gentle slope of the mound also provides informal spots for people to picnic and watch the races.
      • Located in the center of Brooklyn, next to the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the city.
      • The Museum of New York is one of the most elegant spots in the city, and has everything you ever wanted to know about New York City.
      • The individuals, well known in their various disciplines, hail from spots all over the globe.
      • They come near a town that seems to be a good spot to land, and they ashore.
      • One day before Paul D showed up at 124, Denver was playing in her emerald closet, her special spot enclosed by boxwood trees where she went to be alone.
      • Only a vase of red flowers on a slanting side table and the back of a yellow chair create the sense of what makes the dog think this spot is special.
      • They arrive at the spot where the hole is and the seminarist steps out of the Range Rover and has a look at it (the viewer still only sees, in a long shot, the side of the cliff).
      • The action is comprised entirely of characters walking from one spot to another to finish their speeches.
      • Walk toward this spot while watching this square-foot area and count the number of grasshoppers that you see in or jumping out of this area.
      • The laity frequently had to compete for this space with bishops and abbots, who surprisingly often requested burial in the same spot instead of within the choir.
      • You'll find this column in its usual spot, the last editorial page in the magazine.
      • Another drainage problem under study is water that ponds in low spots and drains by surface pipe inlets.
      • I like to walk around and hear the mix in different spots.
      • A plaque marks the spot where the wager was made.
      • When he started losing calves, he switched to a different spot.
      • Weapons or ammunition were found later at all three spots.

  • 3

    (of character, personality)
    punto masculine
    science is my weak spot las ciencias son mi punto débil / no son mi fuerte
    • you've touched a rather sore spot there has puesto el dedo en la llaga
  • 4

    • 4.1(drop)

      gota feminine
      • Davis brings a beautifully written character to life without a spot of bother, and she makes a wonderful addition to the Spaced cast.
      • Treating me to a spot of food and a fresh coffee in the garden, he started to explain why you should choose to use your art to make political statements.
      • It is not simply schoolchildren who benefit from a spot of Mozart.
      • So, the increasingly relaxed attitude of the police has meant that more musicians are now able to do a spot of casual busking in order to make some quick cash.
      • Time for a spot of wig flipping while getting down and very dirty.
      • A couple of teenagers leave a beach party for a spot of skinnydipping.
      • All looks up for Fitz until he and Nellie - doing a spot of unofficial undertaking - find a gold nugget in the dead hand of one of their clients.
      • She has hired Robert, the hit man, to do a spot of work.
      • Five college friends head for the woods for a spot of rest and relaxation.
      • She is making her weekly trip into Wellington for a spot of shopping.
      • With hardly a chance to take a spot of sea air, the season sails off again with a series of September art and antiques fairs.
      • I think this may require a spot of further thought.
      • He tells Harding that the session reminded him of a pecking party, where a group of hens, seeing a spot of blood on one of their number, will peck that hen to death.
      • What this trio from Cardiff does, however, is add a spot of piano, organ and a variety of other influences to the pot.
      • To add to the fun, he chucks in tapes sourced from recordings of street fairs, demonstrations, his own kids singing and even a spot of bagpipes.
      • Taking a break from the Scorpio case, Callahan tries to eat a spot of lunch only to be rudely interrupted by a bank robbery down the street.
      • To make matters worse, his casino in Manchester runs into a spot of trouble with a high-roller and a corrupt croupier.
      • His neurosis isn't helped when she notices a spot of discoloration on his lip, leading him to believe he'll soon be dead of cancer.
      • In an inspired, hilarious nod to the past, though, she does get to do a nice spot of funky dancing when her date takes her to the icon of '70s hipness, Soul Train.
      • Pit stops on the road are not so much for going to the bathroom as it is to covertly scarf down another spot of drink.

    • 4.2British informal (small amount)

      do you fancy a spot of supper? ¿quieres cenar algo?
      • we had a spot of trouble with the car tuvimos un problemita / un pequeño contratiempo con el coche
      • the garden could do with a spot of rain al jardín le vendría bien que lloviera un poco

  • 5

    Radio Television
    • 5.1(time)

      espacio masculine
      a weekly spot on TV un espacio semanal en televisión
      • a commercial spot un spot publicitario

    • 5.2(part)

      papel masculine
      he had a guest spot in the program apareció como invitado en el programa
      • Finally, the one bright spot amongst the added features is a five-minute excerpt from the boys' appearance at the 1997 Cable Ace Awards.
      • About the only bright spot is the colorful feature starring Lewis Van Dercar.
      • One bright spot is simply that hard-core rap has knocked out such unmusical predecessors as heavy metal and punk.
      • The only real bright spot of the evening was Navarro, who despite his band mates, still managed to wow many in attendance with his awesome guitar abilities.
      • The Panhandle has been the one bright spot during this ongoing drought.
      • At any rate, she's The Sweetest Thing's lone bright spot.
      • The only bright spot in his existence is his son Derek.
      • The third act does have one bright spot, though - it's hilarious.
      • Although Chick won an Emmy, he's not the only bright spot in this cast.
      • He's on the cusp of middle age - bald spot, cardigan, tummy - and is most precise in the way he speaks.
      • The only true bright spot comes in the form of Morgan Freeman as a local bar owner.
      • The acting from the leads is another bright spot.
      • The only bright spot is provided by Cedric the Entertainer, as a crooked preacher.
      • Swinton's acting is the one bright spot in the whole movie, except for two scenes that almost sink her entire performance.
      • Even had she been the sole bright spot in this film, it would be worth watching.
      • Fortunately, there were bright spots along the way.
      • The biggest surprise is that there is, in fact, a bright spot in the film.
      • The production has some bright spots, but ultimately breaks no new ground.
      • The bright spot in Bob's life is the fact that he has many friends.
      • We spend time before any paint is applied sanding rough spots, scraping off dust particles and wiping the walls down with rags.

  • 6US

    (position, job)
    puesto masculine
    • The audio archives section contains radio spots and full songs related to the film.
    • On the other side are the easily deluded, the ones who believe that a hit single or a television spot circumvents money to actually purchase happiness.
    • Aardman has subsequently worked on a number of advertisements, the most distinctive of which are probably the Lurpak spots featuring a character made of butter named Douglas.
    • Several trailers, TV spots and radio spots round out the basics of the extras, but the crowning achievement in this area is clearly the commentary track.
    • A theatrical trailer, a TV spot and numerous radio spots round out the listed content.
    • Thorough cast and crew information, production notes, the theatrical trailer, and two TV spots round out the package.
    • The theatrical trailer and two TV spots round out the official supplements.
    • A selection of promo spots rounds out the supplemental material.
    • A still gallery with 34 production photos, the film's theatrical trailer, and a TV spot round out the extras.
    • When promo spots for this film started to surface, the cast line-up made this seem like it was THE action-comedy film to see.
    • Finally, there are two radio spots and a TV spot.
    • Some radio spots and a TV spot are also included.
    • Include the standard selection of trailers and TV spots, and you've just barely scratched the surface of what this disc has to offer.
    • It's interesting to see the different spins the TV spots give the movie, but they basically retread the same footage.
    • Rounding the extras are two TV spots and a handful of trailers for other recent MGM films.
    • In promotional spots for the show, the contestants' initial undertaking involved designing a billboard on Times Square in New York.
    • Print ads began running this past spring, followed by television and radio spots in key markets.
    • The song's already made its way into promo spots for teen-TV dramas, so it's hitting on a cultural moment.
    • Two 30-second radio spots shed some more light on how this film was marketed.
    • There were also no television spots, elaborate promotional campaign, or music soundtrack to bring awareness to the film.
  • 7

    • 7.1(in billiards)

      punto masculine

    • 7.2penalty spot(in soccer)

      punto de penalty masculine
      punto de penal masculine Latin America

  • 8

  • 9US slang

    billete masculine
    a ten-/five-spot un billete de diez/cinco

transitive verb spotting, spotted, spotted

  • 1

    (error) descubrir
    (bargain) encontrar
    he finally spotted her in the crowd al final la vio / la divisó entre el gentío
    • he's good at spotting talent sabe reconocer talento donde lo hay
    • see if you can spot the difference a ver si te das cuenta de cuál es la diferencia
    • you didn't spot half the mistakes dejaste pasar / no descubriste más de la mitad de las faltas
    • he always spots the winner siempre adivina quién/cuál va a ganar
    • Late that day one of the search crews spotted Doug's body in such rugged terrain they were unable to get to it before dark.
    • I also spotted a fair amount of grain in the transfer.
    • I like spotting the eel, who is very shy and hides under rocks.
    • But when I finished reading the paper, I spotted a housefly on my refrigerator, so I rolled up the paper and tried to whack it.
    • We didn't even have to explain to him what happened, as he had already spotted our parked car and spoken to our friends.
    • The clipping was spotted by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, who treated it with more amusement than concern.
    • Rory's brother spotted the familiar face and sent the candidate over.
    • All was going well until we spotted a dinghy rowing towards us on the open waves.
    • At Rochester they spotted an ambassador and his escort, and fled over the fields to Canterbury.
    • Rosamund screams when she spots a large rat swimming toward her.
    • From the helicopter they attempted to spot Doug's body.
    • Sometimes, in the darkness, I'd spot the shining eyes of the stranger, so I'd try to cool things down.
    • But you can spot the artwork instantly, and you know whether you like the artwork, whether it grabs you or not.
    • But it had no discernible effect on his career, which is still sustained, say his peers, by an extraordinary ability to spot hits.
    • How else does he spot the killer before he has any evidence?
    • Mitch spots Blanche at that game and they spark a romance.
    • It was then that I spotted Mark, a friend from my preppy high school, who has spent the last three years at university reinventing himself as the anti-prep.
    • Later a little girl spotted one of our balloons, which were marked ‘Labour’, and demanded one from her mother.
    • The only true imperfections I spotted were a few nicks and scratches in the print.
    • The extreme cases are easy to spot but others require more time.

intransitive verb spotting, spotted, spotted

  • 1

    (material/surface) mancharse

impersonal verb spotting, spotted, spotted

  • 1

    it's spotting with rain está lloviznando


  • 1

    (market/price) del momento
    (market/price) (invariable adjective) spot
    spot cash paid for your car dinero al contado y en el acto por su coche