Translation of spot on in Spanish:

spot on

exacto, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒ/

See Spanish definition of exacto


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    his estimate was spot on su cálculo fue exacto
    • what Martha said was absolutely spot on Martha dio en el clavo con lo que dijo
    • Costner's delivery is spot on as the court case progresses.
    • I thought it was a little slow but the characterization was spot on.
    • But The Usual Suspects just seems too spot on for it to be anything else.
    • So I watched them shooting it for a few days, just checking that Paul was playing me right, and he seemed to be spot on.
    • I think the smug thing is spot on, I really can't stand the guy and I don't know why.
    • Starting on a positive note, the acting, action sequences and design work were all spot on.
    • I know some people though it was a bit slow to get started, but I thought the pace was spot on.
    • The casting for each of these characters was spot on perfect, especially in the case of Richards, who becomes something of a parody of her own image by the end of the film.
    • It's a short scene (of course) but it is so spot on perfect that it makes you wish Lucas had included more scenes like this one in the movie.
    • Colors appear accurate, while flesh tones look spot on.
    • The bow-tie, cockney accent and affected intimacy with the great are all spot on.
    • The word ‘classic’ doesn't mean that any of them are particularly well known, but as an indicator of quality it's spot on.
    • If people's musical tastes were a mirror of themselves, you'd be pretty spot on in feeling that everybody had gone just a little crazy.
    • That's just so spot on, it's not funny and hilarious at the same time.
    • The timing and placement of particular pieces is also spot on, and lead the audience through such a tragic event by softening it with humour.
    • The writing is spot on, with characters, situations and dialogue that are, unfortunately, all too believable.
    • The writers and directors have got it spot on in Series Three.
    • I have family from the area in which the film was shot and the way of speaking the characters adopted was spot on.
    • If you're a northern guy about our age, all the reference points are spot on - you can't not like him.
    • This is absolutely spot on and sadly remains as true today as it was then.


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    you got it spot on first time diste en el clavo de primera informal
    • we arrived spot on llegamos en el momento preciso