Translation of sprite in Spanish:


duendecillo, n.

Pronunciation /spraɪt/ /sprʌɪt/


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    duendecillo masculine
    • In England the hobgoblin was as helpful a sprite as the brownie and was also known as Robin Goodfellow or Puck.
    • At first, he thought he had finally lost his mind, and was seeing faeries and sprites.
    • They were once the ancient guardians of the forests, along with dryads and sprites.
    • Oberon tells Puck, a mischievous sprite, to fetch him a certain magic flower, the juice of which he will press on the eyes of Titania while she sleeps, so that she may fall in love with what she first sees when she wakes.
    • The idea came to him during a storm, as he swam in the moat of his Suffolk farmhouse and watched the raindrops dancing on the surface like tiny water sprites.