Translation of sprout in Spanish:


brote, n.

Pronunciation /spraʊt/ /sprəʊt/

Definition of brote in Spanish


  • 1

    (new growth)
    brote masculine
    retoño masculine
    • When buying garlic, look for firm heads with papery skins, and avoid any with green sprouts.
    • From the ground, green sprouts start to appear through the cracks in the brickwork.
    • It's as easy to grow as green onions - just push the cloves down into the soil and in a few weeks, you'll have sprouts poking through.
    • Top-dress lightly with sand, topsoil, and sifted compost, and keep the lawn well watered until the new sprouts emerge.
    • Then, late in spring, it started showing a few green sprouts.
  • 2also Brussels sprout

    • 2.1

      col de Bruselas feminine
      repollito de Bruselas masculine South America

    • 2.2(shoot)

      brote masculine
      alfalfa sprouts brotes de alfalfa

transitive verb

  • 1

    (leaves/shoots) echar
    the plant's sprouting new shoots la planta está echando retoños / está retoñando
    • it's sprouting horns le están saliendo cuernos
    • a part of town which is always sprouting new restaurants una parte de la ciudad en la que surgen restaurantes como hongos
    • The spokesman added that many sportsmen sprouted facial hair and wore their hair long in the 1970s.
    • She looked at me as if I'd sprouted purple hair.
    • Beech is usually quite amenable to hard cutting back, as long as it gets plenty of light it will quickly sprout new shoots from the older wood.
    • She had a mole on the left side of her chin which sprouted hairs as if it had a life of its own.
    • Keep in mind that shaving or otherwise removing a hair from a mole is considered safe, but keep track of which ones sprout hair and which ones don't.
    • I was surprised to find it had sprouted new branches 15 cm long, with flowers!
    • To look the part, I let my hair grow down to the middle of my back, sprouted a goatee, and put six diamond studs in my left ear.
    • Though drab from October to March, this bird, which is actually more closely related to puffins than auklets, sprouts a small white horn and feathery facial plumes during breeding season.
    • If the basement is too warm, the plants will sprout weak growth.
    • Twenty years later, still sprouting sideburns and a head of thick, oil-black hair, Wolfe still looks every bit the rock 'n' roll dude.
    • He has also sprouted an abundance of facial hair.
    • When I was twelve I began sprouting my first pubic hair, and I was aghast.
    • The bass player, an exceptionally tall, lean man with a bald head out of which sprouted a few knots of corkscrewed hair, looked a bit like Curtly Ambrose, the once-feared West Indies pace bowler.
    • The barley was first allowed to germinate, or sprout rootlets, in a moist environment.
    • She opens her eyes, and looks at me as though I've sprouted horns.
    • Next spring, these cloves will sprout their leaves and start to make new bulbs.
    • In an old-growth forest, rotting trees sprouting new saplings are a common sight.
    • It has already sprouted three new shoots around the cutting and shows no sign of slowing.
    • That morning our guide, Kundan, had led Derek and I through rhododendron trees sprouting pink and red flowers in the April Himalayas.
    • This perfume is made from the bulb of a plant with the same name, a plant that grows locally and sprouts tiny white flowers.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (plant) echar retoños
    (plant) retoñar
    (leaf) brotar
    (leaf) salir
    (seeds) germinar
    • With the first rains, leaves sprout on trees and bushes and the savannah grass grows to several yards within a few months.
    • The leafy stems sprout from the underground tuberous roots in early spring.
    • Wild plants and flowers sprouted all over the place, creeping up the trees.
    • Plants began sprouting up from the ground, and it got much, much hotter.
    • I stared at him as if he suddenly had sprouted horns.
    • Grass, trees, and flowers sprouted from the ground until the entire plain was full of life.
    • Imagine grass, wildflowers, shrubs, or even trees sprouting from your rooftop.
    • In some areas near the edge of the berm, new grass has sprouted up along with some small semisucculent plants.
    • The doorstep was barely visible through the undergrowth - and weeds were sprouting out of one section of the roof.
    • A thick layer of snow lies on the rooftops, lights flash and twinkle on every street and a dazzling forest of trees has sprouted up all over the city.
    • The area was first settled in the 1830s and buildings began sprouting up on the Station site not long after.
    • When I walked through the site earlier this year, lush vegetation was sprouting among the rusting iron columns in places.
    • Weeds sprouted through the cracks in the concrete.
    • But then the weeds start sprouting up, and for every one you pull, there are five more to replace it.
    • In the Mediterranean, I've seen large, robust fig trees sprouting from craggy slopes and fractured rock cliffs.
    • Banyan trees usually sprout at the most unlikely spots, like rooftops, cracks in concrete structures or over walls.
    • Weeds have sprouted up vigorously on the long stretch of land that leads to the water's edge.
    • Weeds start sprouting in the empty spaces in beds and borders and even in pots and containers.
    • My green onion plant, that had sprouted six inches, suddenly wilted and died.
    • Unchecked weeds sprouted wildly between the cracks in the pavements where overgrown and unruly front lawns had spilled over the remains of collapsed walls.
    • The two blueberry bushes are sprouting and I've watered them a little bit.
    • Some species will sprout right away; others could take a year or more to grow.
    • Only a small percentage from each weed species sprouts each year.
    • Corn is finally sprouting in the field that had the large pool of water standing in it much of the spring.
    • Some other plants had survived - a small convolvulus, golden lamium and creeping geranium were beginning to sprout so these were potted up.
    • After planting, the seeds sprout and plants emerge more or less normally.
    • I'm holding my breath, but it looks like my pepper seeds are sprouting!
    • A Forest Service staff geneticist planted them anyway, and the seeds sprouted.
    • I was amazed to find that the comfrey plants which were only just sprouting a couple of days ago, all now have proper leaves!
    • Chitting describes the process whereby seeds are placed between layers of damp kitchen towel and allowed to sprout prior to planting.
    • Basically those plants that can sprout the quickest and grow the fastest literally shade out their competitors and they're more likely to produce seeds.
    • The point is to wait until the soil is so chilled that seed cannot sprout, but stays dormant until warming soil and moisture trigger germination in spring.
    • They couldn't give them much water, but in a few days, the seeds had sprouted anyway.
    • They sprout in the spring, grow foliage, then produce flowers and finally seeds.
    • In the field, bulbs sprout after the first rains in the autumn, and plants may flower by the end of winter (March).
    • After planting, the seeds sprout and plants emerge more or less normally.
    • Meanwhile, bulbs and seeds sprout, trees bud, and insects emerge and start consuming the tender foliage.
    • It seeds madly and sprouts from the least little bit of root left in the ground.
    • During the spring new plants sprout but their fruits don't immediately ripen.
  • 2

    (appear, spring up)
    (buildings/hotels) surgir (como hongos)
    (buildings/hotels) aparecer (como hongos)
    • Across the country, smarter, better-planned, more walkable developments are sprouting up without sprawling out.
    • There is no way they can keep investment excitement from sprouting up all over the world.
    • Becoming an industry leader requires more than sprouting locations across the country.
    • A growing industry has sprouted to serve companies seeking to shake loose extra cash.
    • Nursing homes are sprouting like mushrooms even here in the countryside.
    • Nineteen film funds have sprouted in Korea this year alone, helping reinvigorate the local industry.
    • Denominations have sprouted over the history of the church for a number of reasons.
    • Meanwhile, many new houses are sprouting up around the reservoir which blocks the natural drainage from rain that previously helped fill the reservoir.
    • Mutoko is the starkest example of an African media revolution which has seen a growing number of independent radio stations sprout up across the continent.
    • A bar dominated the front of the room, and table and booths sprouted up all around the room.
    • The land rush for new information domains is exposing weaknesses in its registrar's infrastructure and already protest sites are sprouting up.
    • But, such is the demand, many firms have sprouted up offering birthday treats for children.
    • The Russian Revolution provoked immense fear in conservative Europe, especially as communist movements sprouted in Hungary, Finland, France, and Germany.
    • As proposals for hazardous waste incinerators sprouted up throughout the country, The Rush to Burn spread like wildfire.
    • But even as publishing houses are sprouting up all over India, there isn't enough coverage of books in the Indian media.
    • Dance on film is sprouting up everywhere.
    • Also, a new industry has sprouted to help manage relocation costs, which often includes helping an employee's spouse or partner find employment in their new area.
    • A bountiful crop of new nautical books sprouted up this year that should feed any boater's desire to remain connected, however vicariously, to the sea during the winter.
    • We were disconcerted by Northern Ireland's aggressive vegetation, all of it a deep dayglo green and sprouting in every available thimbleful of soil.
    • In the last few years, two cafés and a winery have sprouted up, and a fresh produce and fish market is to open any day.