Traducción de squander en Español:


despilfarrar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈskwɑndər/ /ˈskwɒndə/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (money) despilfarrar
    (money) derrochar
    (fortune) dilapidar
    (opportunity/time) desaprovechar
    (opportunity/time) desperdiciar
    • The British public is tired of billions of pounds of taxpayers' money being squandered on schemes that are scrapped after only a few years.
    • He should understand that hard-working British taxpayers do not want him squandering our tax money overseas when it could be used to help British people.
    • There's so much to do in Vegas that squandering your money at the tables seems like a waste.
    • Having so much money - and squandering it with such reckless stupidity - should have disqualified her from state aid for life.
    • The 34-year-old said she claimed the cash because her husband, who was taking home £20,000 a year, was squandering the money on drugs.
    • He squandered the money brought in by the sale of Emile Heskey and Neil Lennon on over-priced under-achievers.
    • The important thing now is to dump the tribunals before yet more taxpayers' money is squandered.
    • Schools, he insists, have squandered money that would have been better spent on teachers and books.
    • I have budgeted successfully since I was a student and have never squandered money.
    • The state of the health services and the plight of many of our old people are just two reasons why we cannot afford to squander money on another stadium.
    • He says too much tax revenue is being squandered on bureaucracy and inefficiency.
    • He got involved in various religious cults and squandered all his money.
    • Now, the police have caught him, and found that he had squandered almost all the money.
    • But that didn't work out because I squandered all the money I had, somehow.
    • Each successive generation, he claims, squanders away its inherited wealth.
    • Today's business environment makes it impossible for organizations to afford to squander any resources.
    • Trust and integrity are precious resources easily squandered, and hard to regain.
    • Continuing their protest tomorrow will only squander what dwindling public support they have left.
    • The former heavyweight champion has squandered nearly 300 million in ring earnings through lavish spending and bad advice.
    • The Appeal Court heard that the then 25-year-old Wilkinson had been a Sheffield University drop-out squandering his inheritance on drink and drugs.
    • During his time as governor, the enemies were student protesters who, Reagan argued, were squandering the opportunities hard-working taxpayers so kindly provided.
    • Mr Yeo warned the whole event was in danger of becoming bogged down in costly bureaucracy, and that the Government was in danger of squandering a valuable opportunity to promote Britain.
    • Last night, he said it had betrayed millions of people by squandering its opportunity to become a major political party.
    • Yet, they squandered these opportunities by not working hard enough.
    • I regret to say that I think the president has squandered some opportunities that we had.
    • It is sad that we have squandered the opportunity with the ending of the Cold War.
    • They squandered the opportunity and will surely rue that decision.
    • He squandered a real opportunity to do something about homelessness and hunger.
    • But what we must do, above all else, is not squander the opportunities we have.
    • Clearly, a failure of vision at this moment would squander that opportunity.
    • A washed-out match may present the Windies with their best chance of avoiding another defeat after squandering a terrific opportunity at St George's Park.
    • It's not an awful film, just a painfully average one that squanders its opportunity to make something great out of the justifiably heralded source material.
    • The errors are creeping into Ferrero's game now as he squanders an opportunity to earn a break point at 30-30.
    • Both sides then squandered chances with Motherwell especially culpable in passing up three golden opportunities in quick succession.
    • With the defeat in Barbados, the unpredictable Pakistan side squandered the opportunity of winning their first-ever Test series.
    • Bolton boss Sam Allardyce could not hide his frustration at seeing his side squander a lead yet again.
    • They always give away too many silly goals and squander too many easy chances.
    • Horlock then squandered three chances inside four minutes.
    • The second team, however, squandered every advantage or failed to maintain a steady pace when its time came.
    • It was hard not to feel some sympathy for his opponent, who must have been kicking himself afterwards having squandered a two-set lead.