Translation of staff in Spanish:


personal, n.

Pronunciation /stæf/ /stɑːf/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(as group)

      personal masculine
      our staff is / are at your service nuestro personal está a su servicio
      • the teaching staff el personal docente
      • the editorial staff los redactores
      • a member of staff un empleado
      • she has been on the staff for years hace años que forma parte del personal / de la planta
      • he joined the staff in May se incorporó al personal en mayo
      • staff meeting reunión de profesores
      • staff training formación del personal

    • 1.2British (as individuals)

      empleados masculine
      some staff are unhappy about the changes algunos (de los) empleados no están contentos con los cambios

    • 1.3Military

      Estado Mayor masculine
      (officer) (before noun) del Estado Mayor

  • (plural staffs, staves)
  • 2

    • 2.1(stick)

      bastón masculine
      (of bishop) báculo masculine
      (of bishop) cayado masculine
      staff of office bastón de mando

    • 2.2flag staff

      (with masculine article in the singular) asta feminine

  • 3


transitive verb

  • 1

    (department/school/shop) proveer de personal
    (department/school/shop) dotar de personal
    the restaurant is very well staffed el restaurante está muy bien provisto de personal
    • Dr Anthony made it clear that the unit was fully staffed by a team of highly competent specialists.
    • Our shops were mostly small family businesses, owned and staffed by Scots.
    • The Centre is staffed by trained volunteers who are available to meet all callers.
    • We have around 350 staff at the moment and we hope to be fully staffed by early 2005.
    • We outlined the events leading up to the accident and we were able to confirm that the ward was fully staffed.
    • The centre's healthcare unit is staffed by a manger and ten nurses.
    • As a student newspaper, staffed by volunteers, we cannot hope to catch everything.
    • Education, social services and county catering teams staffed the rest centre.
    • When the High Street store first opened it was staffed entirely by volunteers.
    • He said an indoor skate park would need to be staffed by volunteers or possibly the parents of skaters.
    • The centre will be staffed by a total of 300 people at full capacity by the middle of this year.
    • This unit will be staffed by experienced personnel with access to expert advice as required.
    • It was a fully staffed division but we wound up closing it since we couldn't find a way to make money at it.
    • The service is staffed by volunteers, who are specially trained in the area of domestic violence.
    • The units are staffed to treat people with injuries such as cuts, bruises, sprains and simple fractures.
    • More than 100 staff are now working there and all regional centres are staffed.
    • It will operate as a division of the High Court and be staffed by officials with expertise in company law.
    • For ten years the lighthouse was happily staffed by a three man crew, rotated every fortnight.
    • We are a very small organisation and we are not staffed up to handle big surges in communication.
    • The museum will be open five days a week and will be staffed by a group of volunteers.