Translation of stakeholder in Spanish:


depositario de una apuesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪkˌhoʊldər/ /ˈsteɪkhəʊldə/


  • 1

    (in gambling)
    depositario de una apuesta masculine
    depositaria de una apuesta feminine
  • 2

    (in purchases)
    depositario de una entrega inicial masculine
    depositaria de una entrega inicial feminine
    depositario de una cuota inicial masculine Latin America
    depositaria de una cuota inicial feminine Latin America
    depositario de una entrada masculine Spain
    depositaria de una entrada feminine Spain
    depositario de un pie masculine Chile
    depositaria de un pie feminine Chile
  • 3

    (interested party)
    interesado masculine
    interesada feminine
    • The body should also have regional networks in order to accommodate greater interests among stakeholders.
    • For those reasons the board concluded the interests of stakeholders would be best served by a sale of the Dutch business.
    • But with the voluntary sector, you also need people who can take account of the interests of stakeholders.
    • Now residents, businesses, and other stakeholders are being asked to take part in discussions on a way forward.
    • I urge all stakeholders to keep an interest in the detail because this is where the real impact will be felt.
    • We will continue to engage with all stakeholders on issues and concerns they may have.
    • The three other board members are set to travel to see stakeholders, business partners and banks across Europe and America.
    • External stakeholders were concerned about the ability of large trusts to oversee continued quality of services and patient care.
    • He appealed to the business community and other stakeholders to take up the responsibility of developing the area.
    • In many settings, community groups come to be recognized as legitimate stakeholders of businesses.
    • Online privacy is of interest to many different stakeholders in the Internet society.
    • In the case of modification, the innovation is changed to address concerns raised by stakeholders.
    • The agreement is aimed at safe-guarding the interest of all the stakeholders.
    • Different stakeholders have interests in ensuring dependable information is available to consumers.
    • As such it is in the interest of all stakeholders that the industry operates profitably.
    • A central feature of the agreement is the recognition that farmers are just as much in the food business as any other stakeholder.
    • These businesses are run principally for the benefit of their shareholders as the dominant stakeholders.
    • The event was attended by tourism stakeholders and members of the business communities of the three islands visited.
    • Part of this responsibility is to ensure the company is a good corporate citizen, and looks after all its stakeholders.
    • As the most important stakeholders in the organisation, workers have a vital interest in its welfare.