Translation of stalemate in Spanish:


tablas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪlˌmeɪt/ /ˈsteɪlmeɪt/


  • 1

    (in chess)
    (por ahogar al rey) tablas feminine
    to be at a stalemate estar en un punto muerto / en un impasse
    • negotiations reached stalemate las negociaciones llegaron a un punto muerto / a un impasse
    • The often-criticized rule that stalemate is a draw also increases Chess's drama, by giving a player hope of salvaging something even after he can no longer win.
    • Throwing in the proverbial towel is, however, not an option according to the rules of this particular contest, which state that the game can only end with checkmate or stalemate.
    • So don't tell me that this game will eventually come to a stalemate like chess, where the player turns over his king and quits.
    • And so the chess game has produced another stalemate.
    • It could take the scientist years to learn that a pawn on the eighth row can become a queen, rook, bishop, or knight, or exactly what checkmates and stalemates are.

transitive verb

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    the game was stalemated la partida quedó en tablas
    • the negotiations are stalemated las negociaciones están en un punto muerto / en un impasse
    • This article concludes by suggesting ways in which the currently stalemated debate might be revitalized by principled interventions from scholars and concerned citizens.
    • Nick managed to move his battered body quickly enough to launch his own counter-blast, successfully stalemating the battleship's beam.
    • Fitzsimmons notes that prior to 4 August, debates in the National Assembly were largely stalemated between those legislators who wanted reform and those who wanted to preserve the status quo.
    • The simplest assessment is that it means no changes in the status quo: the round is stalemated for now, though there will be attempts, however faint, to revive it in Geneva in the months to come.
    • His trademark was a rare combination of quickness and power, but last season the motor never shifted into overdrive and Russell too often was stalemated by what seemed to be inferior talent.
    • At the heart of the matter is the long drawn-out unresolved and stalemated civilizational struggle, which refuses to blow away, and in fact demands final resolution.
    • This issue is not stalemated somewhere; it is not in some sort of freeze-frame mode; it is moving ahead, and this bill provides the extra time required.
    • As a result, shareholder activism has been stalemated in this arena, and institutional shareholders want a new weapon.
    • By December 1943, the Allies had failed to break the Gustav Line and the Italian campaign was stalemated.
    • That strike ended with negotiations, which stalemated a week ago.
    • The two sides are stalemated over issues such as salaries and health insurance for both retirees and current teachers.
    • Both teams were then stalemated until the start of the second half.
    • Twice Rick has stalemated him, and once Matt managed to beat him, after a long and difficult battle lasting two and a half hours.
    • Gulliver's power was no longer neutralised and stalemated by another player of equivalent weight.
    • The match layout trying to show both as being equals in power was not the type of farewell that the fans were hoping for, as indicated by the ravenous boos every time they wound up stalemating.
    • Those strains on business have affected any number of stakeholders in the electricity sector; they are unable to plan, unwilling to invest, and stalemated in their attempts to devise a way out of the current dilemma.
    • The debate about whether genres can or should be taught explicitly has often stalemated between the poles of teaching rigid rules to students who then mimic them and not teaching genres because acquiring them is an implicit process.
    • Thus the major threat to society has been neutralized, but acts of resistance remain, the argument never finished, never answered, simply stalemated.
    • The teachers and district negotiators have stalemated on health care, early retirement incentives, salaries, duties and time.
    • The integrity-challenged King has been a courtroom star, fending off lawsuits and criminal indictments like a chess master who checkmates or at least stalemates all comers.