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tartamudeo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstæmər/ /ˈstamə/

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    tartamudeo masculino
    to speak with a stammer tartamudear
    • he has a bad stammer tartamudea mucho
    • Hard to believe, but the effort in Bird's voice stems from a childhood stammer.
    • There might be a slight stammer but otherwise the speech will seem normal.
    • They highlighted the fact that many famous people with a stammer, including Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, managed to overcome their speech defect.
    • My stammer would make me completely unable to say a sentence properly, but I didn't want this ever to get in the way of what I wanted to do.
    • ‘H-hello,’ she stammered, slipping back briefly into a childhood stammer.
    • She sensed the stammer in my voice and hugged me tightly.
    • Karim, whose excellent English labours under a debilitating stammer, says: ‘My neighbours are very good people.’
    • The courses were held in the town for four days, and Gareth, pictured right, who conquered a severe stammer and recently became a speech therapist, gave his first lessons teaching some of the 100 students who attended the course.
    • It could be construed as a brave choice because - though you'd never know it from watching him in character - Dimsdale has a noticeable stammer, something that could be seen as a big drawback in a profession where the voice is paramount.
    • The young schoolgirl with the stammer in Switzerland has become a very poised public speaker in Pattaya.
    • He would often practise his speeches for many hours and had a slight stammer and lisp.
    • John's constant unsuccessful attempts to gain his father's attention and approval, coupled with being forced to write with his right hand, are the reasons he gives for his developing a stammer and his subsequent lack of self-esteem.
    • Birkin, a Londoner who has survived the Great War but is left with a stammer, a nervous twitch, and vivid nightmares, is given the summer job of uncovering a mediaeval wall-painting in the church of a small Yorkshire village.
    • ‘When I was in my teens, I had a terrible stammer,’ he says.
    • By the way - who, today, would hire a lecturer with a stammer?
    • ‘I didn't think there was much good fiction that takes you inside what it's like to have a stammer,’ he says.
    • Carter first learned to trade with his fists when he was a 10-year-old who suffered from a severe stammer and refused to be ridiculed.
    • Jas Duke was the artist who turned the infliction of a stammer into some of the greatest performance poetry ever.
    • We, a young couple, novices in bringing up children, had gifted a stammer to our eldest-born.
    • Sitting towards the back of the hall was an inconspicuous, balding, bespectacled man with a slight stammer.

verbo intransitivo

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verbo transitivo

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    (reply/apology) balbucear
    (reply/apology) farfullar
    he stammered (out) his thanks dio las gracias con la voz entrecortada
    • ‘Yes we met at the Farquar ball a couple of months before,’ Bertie said shocked that he did not stammer one word in that sentence.
    • No strings, they'd assured me as I stammered my thanks.
    • He stammers excuses, she is in the background yelling and he is calling her names.
    • Rogozhin proposes that they give each other the crosses they wear round their necks, and stammers a renunciation of Nastasia.
    • Fearful, perplexed, he stammers incomprehensible excuses under the suspicious stare of the policeman, who does not believe that someone would refuse to accept that kind of change.
    • I flashed my badge at him and he stammered an apology, saying he would take me as far as the edge of the town I needed to get to.
    • A few of us passed Harold, patted him on the back and stammered ill-fitting words of sympathy.
    • He stammered a few syllables and shifted his feet.
    • I stopped him before he got into a bus, stammered some words of praise for his honesty, and wished him well for the elections.
    • She and I couldn't help stammering our gratitude to Jeffrey.
    • Gibil stepped back as he stammered his challenge.
    • Roxanne accepted the gifts, stammering her thanks.
    • Brae followed cautiously, and Chase stood behind him stammering his misgivings.
    • Suddenly sorry for lashing out, she stammered an apology.
    • Both of us blushed deep colors and stammered apologies.
    • When I started stammering something about plans I already had, Claire squashed all my hopes for getting out of it.
    • Yasir was nervous, and started stammering his words.
    • Crisp rose awkwardly, stammering a greeting and almost chewed off his tongue before falling silent and blushing, his pale features flushed, marred only by the slight bruising from where he had been struck by the man in the city.
    • Mike hadn't said a word as he stammered a list of worries, concerns and fears - but he had listened.
    • He clutched my upper sleeve tightly and writhed in his agony for a while before finally stammering a few words.