Translation of standard in Spanish:


nivel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstændərd/ /ˈstandəd/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (level) nivel masculine
      (quality) calidad feminine
      your typing is not of the required standard tu mecanografía no está al nivel de lo que se exige
      • the standard of acting was disappointing el nivel interpretativo fue decepcionante
      • the standard of education leaves much to be desired la calidad de la educación deja mucho que desear
      • her work is of a consistently high standard su trabajo es siempre de muy buen nivel
      • I was appalled at their standard(s) of behavior su comportamiento me horrorizó
      • standard of living nivel de vida

    • 1.2(norm)

      the association sets standards for the conduct of its members la asociación impone ciertas normas de conducta a sus miembros
      • the standard(s) set by her parents lo que sus padres le exigen / esperan de ella
      • she sets impossibly high standards exige un estándar / nivel imposible de alcanzar
      • her work is not up to the standard set by … su trabajo no está a la altura / al nivel de lo exigido por …
      • the product was below standard el producto no era de la calidad requerida
      • the work is up to standard el trabajo es del nivel requerido / de la calidad requerida
      • Another feature of this bill is the implicit incentive to maintain a required level of safety standards.
      • These goggles meet the applicable safety standards and requirements.
      • All areas of learning were marked good quality and met the standards required.
      • Modern safety standards require shatterproof glass, which won't smash into sharp shards - but older furniture may well have plain glass.
      • They are attempting to maintain a standard of safety by eliminating any potential dangers that cause people harm.
      • They choose to flout the safety and environmental standards required by the licensing system and observed by the great majority of the industry.
      • The new main entrance and shopping facilities will of course meet all the required fire safety standards.
      • It is likely that the sanitation system will not be maintained to required standards.
      • One thing we would ask is for funding to be provided to maintain the new facilities to the required standard.
      • The new FAA rules would ensure that any facility doing repairs on U.S. aircraft meets minimum safety standards.
      • The potatoes will also have to meet minimum quality standards such as appearance and freedom from defects and plant diseases.
      • All currently manufactured vented gas heaters are required by industry safety standards to have a safety shut-off device.
      • We expect hospitals to enforce strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
      • The Clean Sports Act establishes strict, uniform standards for the prohibition of performance-enhancing drugs including steroids and amphetamines.
      • But so far, efforts to impose more rigorous academic standards on voucher schools have failed.
      • A breach of duty defined by failure to exercise the required standard of care must have occurred.
      • These are consequences when directors fail to carry out required responsibilities with the required standards of conduct.
      • New national air-quality standards which require regional councils to reduce air pollution come into effect today.
      • "These vehicles have to be built to very sturdy and stringent standards.
      • What kind of environmental protection standards will raise the overall quality of life for the people?

    • 1.3(official measure)

      estándar masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(yardstick)

      they are applying 20th-century standards to the 16th century están aplicando criterios / parámetros del siglo XX al siglo XVI
      • the attacks have been brutal even by Mafia standards incluso para la mafia, los ataques han sido brutales
      • her performance was excellent by any / anybody's standards se mire por donde se mire / desde cualquier punto de vista su interpretación fue excelente
      • Compared to world standards, our Indian norms are quite strict.
      • If it was measured by today's standards, it would qualify as a great fight.
      • It manages to be both an industry standard, and a daring departure from the norm.
      • His Honour identifies a number of discrepancies between the United States model and the European standard.
      • It allows us to determine which of our present convictions may rightly serve as standards for the evaluation of the past.
      • Ours is a blessed country when measured by global standards.
      • It is the closest thing to a ubiquitous standard in the IT industry today.
      • Cultures of other lands cannot be the standard to measure our own progress.
      • The early offensive skills, compared to today's standards, were crude.
      • Two automobiles arrived, ancient models that by modern standards appeared quite inept.
      • He's disappointed in the president when he measures him by his standards.
      • Those who fail to measure up to his standards are not tolerated for long.
      • While Today was obviously the industry standard, the editors didn't slavishly follow its format or style.
      • He proclaimed Jack to be the greatest ever, and Jack immediately became the standard against which I measured myself.
      • Hollywood established an international standard of beauty with which women began to compare themselves for the first time.
      • Those yields, however, are still low by historical standards, and few investors have been scared off.
      • Ohio in particularly, has minimum wages set, but they are lower than the federal standard.
      • My grandmother paid for two thirds of my fee, so I was a very middle class kid by most standards.
      • She had gained four As and a B - good grades by anyone's standards - which would surely progress her path towards a career in the law.
      • Each technique has been validated against laboratory standards and has been tested throughout the tropics in a variety of ecological contexts.

    • 2.2standards plural(moral principles)

      principios masculine
      she talks of declining standards in society at large habla de decadencia moral en la sociedad en general
      • It has been a bad week for those of us who believe that people in positions of power and influence are governed by the same standards of decency and integrity with which we conduct our own lives.
      • Society is creating an underclass without standards, principles or decency, but nobody seems to recognise this, let alone be doing anything about it.
      • Victory implies doing what is right; doing what is right implies morality; morality implies standards of conduct.
      • He is in charge of maintaining Hutterite culture such as dress, behavior, and standards of conduct.
      • And this Government is going to set standards of integrity and conduct!
      • Scotland's largest local authority wants to introduce behavioural contracts setting out minimum standards of conduct for pupils.
      • It would be wrong to try to force people to adhere to ways to living preferred by the rest of us, but there is nothing wrong with insisting on them conforming to standards of decency and the laws of the land.
      • Objectively, his standards of conduct regarding financial matters are well below those of Margaret Thatcher and John Major.
      • Her belief that standards and decency were important brought her into conflict with some of the accepted norms of her day.
      • Please let us all strengthen the values of high moral standards, decency and caring before it is too late.
      • But he has steadfastly refused to lower his high standards of morality and decency.
      • Many religious doctrines or beliefs dictate standards of social conduct and responsibility, and require believers to act accordingly.
      • Voluntary standards of campaign conduct should be worked out through a flexible process of negotiation.
      • What constitutes an infringement of privacy or bad taste or a failure to conform to proper standards of decency is very much a matter of personal judgment.
      • MPs should be fined for breaching their code of conduct, Whitehall's standards watchdog said yesterday.
      • We provided the only significant support for the war and were in a position to insist on certain safeguards and standards of conduct.
      • He had, according to the City regulators, breached its principles and its high standards of integrity and fair dealing.
      • I guess we have different standards of decency over here.
      • Yet, for the sake of humanity, universal agreement and adoption of minimum standards in morality and justice must be striven towards.

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    (flag, emblem)
    estandarte masculine
    • Sir Marcus Worsley gave a tribute to the Queen Mother and members of the Malton and Norton branch of the Royal British Legion carried a standard.
    • A single-headed eagle, grasping a swastika, was carried on German flags and standards between 1933 and 1945.
    • Led by a military band and with standards flying, they march onto the town square.
    • Ancient military standards hung still overhead as a short silence was observed before the continuation of the special service.
    • The parade was led by British Legion branch secretary David Marshall, who carried its standard.
    • The highest honour a Royal Naval Association branch standard bearer can achieve is to be selected to carry the national standard of the RNA.
    • The veterans in the group marched behind the standard of the Wiltshire Regiment that was carried by Harold Dunn.
    • The incident also spoilt the occasion of seeing my son carrying the standard for a local Cub Scout group; an event I was justifiably proud of.
    • In a short while, he reached the front near the standards and flag bearers, and found the general standing between two of them.
    • As the military standards were lowered, heads bowed, a sea of poppies were held still in the hands of former soldiers.
    • The moment was marked with a bugler playing the last post, prayers and standards from the Royal British Legion.
    • In the absence of the Border clubs, it was left to two Edinburgh clubs to carry the standard for Scottish club rugby.
    • Georgia's new flag is a standard of which all of its citizens can be proud.
    • It was a bad day for Hawick and with Melrose losing too only Berwick are left carrying the Border standard.
    • And is that anything more than an extension of the use of the flag as a battle standard and rallying point?
    • Both carried a standard showing a square sailed white ship on a blue cloth.
    • Naval Privateers flew the Liberty Tree as their standard, while the Navy itself adopted the Gadsden flag, with its famous rattlesnake.
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    • 4.1Botany

      planta podada de manera tal que el tallo central crece erecto y desprovisto de ramas
      • She trains this fast-growing shrub as a standard, sending the blooms up rather than out.
      • Pineapple Beauty, which has yellow-green leaves that turn gold, is one of the taller varieties and can be trained as a standard.
      • On Talkback Gardening, local rose expert, Dean Stringer, explained the finer points of pruning a bush rose and a standard.
      • Bay is often trained into standards and pyramids and makes a good focal point in a herb garden.
      • They can be used as specimen plants and pruned to grow into standards either for pots or in the garden or grown as multi-stemmed shrubs with annual, hard pruning.
      • An alternative is to overwinter these standards in a greenhouse.
      • Of the soft fruits, gooseberries and redcurrants can be left as a bush or grown as a standard.

    • 4.2(upright support)

      poste masculine
      • This paradise, five miles from the standard at Cornhill.

  • 5

    clásico masculine
    a jazz standard un clásico del jazz
    • A lot of songs go country-western; others take on the form of jazz standards and bossa nova pop.
    • Naylor likes to sing a jazz standard over a rock instrumental, or vice versa.
    • Renditions of blues standards are played in a late '60s style of rock.
    • It's refreshing to see Martine McCutcheon tackling Broadway standards and songs from the shows.
    • The standards sound fresh and new, while Clare Teal's own songs already sound like standards.
    • Sunday sees jazz/ska outfit Knackers mixing jazz standards with ska rhythms.
    • He is also working on an album of jazz standards, tunes by Gershwin, Cole Porter and the like.
    • The material is a blend of standards and jazz classics, which allow Wallace to demonstrate his strengths.
    • Her four albums - including her recent Sony debut Don't Talk - all mix jazz standards with songs she has written herself.
    • She also performs jazz tunes and pop standards that she recorded in the early '60s before she became the Queen of Soul.
    • The core repertoire of show tunes and standards that most jazz groups rely on means little to most younger record buyers.
    • They start off with some straight ahead bluegrass numbers, mixing original tunes with old standards.
    • In the process, he presents a breezy but very informative picture of the songs and the people who made them, well, standards.
    • She was now looking forward to starting working on a new album of jazz standards and original songs which would be brought out in November, this year.
    • The dynamic Wiltshire Youth Jazz Orchestra will play an entertaining mix of styles, from swing, funk and Latin music to hip-hop and jazz standards.
    • It has made itself a laughing stock by including something as musically incompetent as the recording of show song standards by Rod Stewart.
    • It's another story when the song is used as the title track for a Cyndi Lauper album of pop standards.
    • Although now considered classics, blues and jazz standards were the popular music of their day.
    • From 1.30 pm Joan Whitehead sings jazz standards and your jazz Sunday winds up in jam session style at the Black Swan, Peasholme Green.
    • Tasteful, swinging, he never ventured much beyond the mainstream and preferred to interpret jazz standards, ballads and pop tunes.


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    (size) (invariable adjective) estándar
    (size) normal
    (model) (invariable adjective) Motor Vehicles estándar
    (model) Motor Vehicles de serie
    (procedure) habitual
    (reaction) típico
    (reaction) normal
    the food is pretty standard la comida es lo de siempre / no es nada del otro mundo
    • this is standard on all models esto viene de serie en todos los modelos
    • it's standard (practice) to ask for security pedir garantías es la norma
  • 2

    (officially established)
    (weight/measure) (invariable adjective) estándar
    (weight/measure) oficial
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (work/reference) clásico

    • 3.2

      (English/French/pronunciation) (invariable adjective) estándar

  • 4

    con tallo central largo y sin ramas