Translation of standard-bearer in Spanish:


portaestandarte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstændərd ˌbɛrər/


  • 1

    portaestandarte masculine, feminine
    (leader) adalid masculine, feminine
    abanderado masculine
    abanderada feminine
    (leader) abanderado masculine
    (leader) abanderada feminine
    • When Ali refused the draft, there was no genuinely mass anti-war movement in the country; not long after, he would become one of the standard-bearers of that movement.
    • The original standard-bearers of the U.S. gay rights movement get their due in a new documentary
    • He is, warts and all, our standard-bearer and founder of our Republic.
    • Prince Charles, who stays at Balmoral every summer, has always been the royal standard-bearer on green issues.
    • In many ways Dean is an unlikely standard-bearer for gay rights.
    • Perhaps unexpectedly, working-class and rural girls are the standard-bearers of the future campaign for genuine sharing of household responsibilities.
    • Even beer companies, long the standard-bearers of traditional male attitudes, have noticed something different in the brew.
    • It is the responsibility of judges to be moral standard-bearers.
    • It was clear that the cop saw him as a natural enemy and a standard-bearer of the drug culture.
    • Instead, time after time, people who had begun as standard-bearers of the left ended up as right wingers.