Translation of standardize in Spanish:


estandarizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstændərˌdaɪz/ /ˈstandədʌɪz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • The tendency to define and standardize product quality lay at the heart of the commodification process.
    • The last two decades have seen intense efforts to standardise treatment options for out-patient management of asthma.
    • As part of an effort to standardize personnel practices, a year or so ago they revised our department numbers.
    • Interviewers should receive training on the importance of standardizing the entire interview process across all candidates.
    • Centralization allows us to manage our global knowledge base efficiently, to identify and disseminate best practices, and to standardize our business processes.
    • A group of 20 golf courses in the eastern region feel they are paying too many other taxes as it is, and are discussing methods to standardize the taxes in a more equitable manner.
    • This approach would also standardize rules and equalize access.
    • Teachers were constantly under pressure to prepare their students for regular standardised examinations.
    • A major effort has been made to standardize the way in which the data are displayed for the user.
    • Newspapers have standardised language by producing style guides and manuals for reporters and sub-editors.
    • He said the bill will standardize the reporting procedures for hospitals across Ontario.
    • It is easier for people to do the right thing when a process is made more consistent by standardizing the steps.
    • As more standardized extracts become available, the accuracy of skin tests is expected to increase.
    • I used to teach 8th grade history and there was not a standardized test for that.
    • School records were used to obtain data on student grades and standardized test scores.
    • We believe this to be unlikely given the same protocols were standardized across all sites.
    • Although our procedures are standardized, a change in aircrew is always a challenge.
    • The language has been nationally standardized for more than a century, but regional variations in pronunciation persist.
    • Patients also reported quality of life using two standardized questionnaires.
    • As playground equipment became increasingly standardized, limited room remained for creativity by designers, manufacturers, and consumers.