Translation of stare in Spanish:


mirar, v.

Pronunciation /stɛr/ /stɛː/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fijamente) mirar
    to stare at sb/sth
    it's rude to stare es de mala educación quedarse mirando a la gente / clavarle los ojos a la gente
    • The rest of us sat staring into space, apparently waiting for an answer to arrive like a visitor from the spirit world.
    • I just couldn't muster the willpower to finish them off and was just sat staring into space.
    • This meant that I had low energy and I tended to sit and stare into space.
    • For the next two minutes he sat, staring at the clock and waiting to hear the door opening.
    • Lee stared at me vacantly like one of those boys in B and Q when you ask them where the matt emulsion is.
    • Pat stares fixedly at the fuzzy diagram on their worksheets.
    • Aiden stared at me vacantly for several seconds before realization dawned on him.
    • Adam rested his head on his hand and stared vacantly at the empty table across from them.
    • We sat there staring out at the ocean in silence for a few moments and then Becky spoke.
    • This morning I came in as early as I could to find Grace sitting at her desk staring at her blank screen.
    • Writer's block just disappears because you never have to sit there staring at a blank page.
    • After a few minutes, he went back and sat down but he was still staring out into space.
    • She made no demands, but just sat staring at me every time I went into the kitchen.
    • He just sits there all day staring at the computer screen, even when nothing is happening.
    • I position his little baby rocker beside the window, and he'll sit and stare quietly at the trees and sky.
    • I had to sit down and stare at the beach towel display in the window of House of Fraser for ten minutes until my composure was restored.
    • William Golding once wrote that you know you're a writer when you sit and stare at a page until your forehead bleeds.
    • I used to sit and stare at the sky for hours just imagining what was out there.
    • Daryl was also sitting at his desk staring at a drawing he had done of his little sister.
    • My wife is sitting in the recliner staring intensely at the television.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to stare sb into silence/submission hacer callar/obedecer a algn con la mirada


  • 1

    (fija) mirada feminine
    a vacant stare una mirada perdida / extraviada
    • to give sb a long stare quedarse mirando fijamente a algn
    • the boy gave him a defiant stare el chico lo miró desafiante / le lanzó una mirada desafiante
    • He gave me a cold stare and returned his attention to his girlfriend.
    • He returned his cold stare to the carefree couple below and fantasized about his victory.
    • She gazed at him in wonder, and he returned her stare with a look of friendly curiosity.
    • Jim returned an icy stare, then looked away, towards the judge who was just now coming in.
    • He returned many of the cold stares with quick nods and smiles as he walked by, but few people acknowledged them.
    • Jerry gave a cold stare to the examiner, one of the High Councilors of the Society.
    • Elizabeth shot him a cold stare and held it until he looked away in defeat.
    • ‘At that time, we were a little despised by the local people, and felt they gave us cold stares,’ she said.
    • To most of my friends and family, the announcement was greeted by cold confused stares and some tears.
    • We were met with cold stares from policemen and BSF officials who could be spotted everywhere.
    • He had adopted a vacant stare and purposely looked straight ahead as the woman spoke.
    • He had a piercing gaze, a direct contrast to the cold stares of the technicians.
    • With a slam of her hand on the desk, everyone glanced at her, their cold stares boring into her soul.
    • Her eyes looked deep into mine with a cold stare before she continued to speak.
    • She looked into his eyes and tried to meet his cold stare with one of her own.
    • You remember their cold stares with dark and glassy eyes.
    • The boys greeted each other with cold stares, sizing each other up.
    • His eyes were closed but he could still feel their cold stares.
    • He raised his head slightly, and continued to return my stare.
    • Grace just returned his stare, and Roger put a hand to his forehead in frustration.