Translation of state in Spanish:


estado, n.

Pronunciation /steɪt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(condition)

      estado masculine
      liquid/solid state estado líquido/sólido
      • state of readiness estado de alerta
      • State of the Union message mensaje presidencial sobre el estado de la Nación
      • it's in a poor state of repair está en bastante mal estado
      • state of health estado de salud
      • state of mind estado de ánimo
      • I was in no (fit) state to make a decision no estaba en condiciones de tomar una decisión
      • And final confirmation of my poor state of mind from lack of sleep came when Mark returned from going out.
      • At times she is combative, at times submissive, according to the situation and her state of mind.
      • A positive state of mind is also thought to be of great help in protecting against such problems.
      • The cowboy is the archetypal American hero, and the western fits America's current state of mind.
      • Hopefully, by moving to the north for a little while, my work will improve and so will my state of mind.
      • His state of mind becomes even more troubled when a copy of Rebecca's childhood diary arrives anonymously in the post.
      • He will under go a psychiatric examination to determine his state of mind at the time of the killings, he said.
      • After that initial catharsis had passed she asked me to fill in some questionnaires so that she could establish my state of mind.
      • Unfortunately, in her state of mind she'd forgotten that she had worn a black jacket that night.
      • Her research suggests that a little after-work light could lead to being in a better state of mind.
      • There is a parallel between his state of mind in the late 1960s and when he wrote the book in the early 1940s.
      • I think you've managed to capture my state of mind pretty much exactly.
      • Last week's ITV documentary raised serious questions about his state of mind.
      • They have also begun examining his computer for clues as to his state of mind and any friends who might not have been known to his parents.
      • Lately, I haven't really been in the right state of mind to make decisions.
      • I needed to hear words that only he could say, words that would shake me out of my unsettled state of mind.
      • Astaphan said a critical point was the state of mind of the defendant when he made the statements.
      • I love colour and use it to represent my state of mind - green is my favourite.
      • Hopefully I'll have surfaced by Sunday afternoon and will be in a fit state to drive over and pick up the family.
      • I have already seen it three times and each time I gain new insights into my own state of mind.

    • 1.2 informal (poor condition)

      just look at the state of your fingernails! ¡mira cómo tienes esas uñas!
      • my bedroom's in a state tengo el dormitorio hecho un caos
      • she always leaves the kitchen in a state siempre deja la cocina hecha un asco
      • One day one of his students came to see him in a state of some agitation.
      • Eric is hopping about in a state of excited agitation.
      • He became fearful and went back into the bedroom in a state of agitation, his heart beating loudly.
      • In normal circumstances I would have been happy, but I couldn't go through that again, I was in a state of panic.
      • On day one of the school year, I sat there in a state of panic and they babbled on to the teacher with rapid accuracy.
      • Mrs Jones described the defendant as being in a state of ‘panic’ when they returned.
      • Smith was in such a state of shock and panic he even left his daughter at the scene.
      • With the hotel guests in a state of panic it was left to the hotel staff to organise things.
      • A member of the public who was in the office fled as the man, who is said to have been in a highly agitated state, walked in.
      • The woman called the emergency services saying he was in a depressed and anxious state.
      • I shouted in a state of panic as my time left to get ready dwindled down to only 13 minutes.
      • He woke in a state of panic and was unable to sleep afterwards.
      • As soon it did so, the man inside started to move frantically, as if in a state of panic.
      • While there was a state of panic in the room, a few of us decided to call for the nurse.
      • If we approached him, he would yell loud and incoherently in a state of extreme panic.
      • I was still in an agitated state, so I spent the first few songs flapping about.
      • He left the room, leaving the four of us in a state of anxiety.
      • He said Miss Hegarty, who is in her late 20s, was in the road near the crashed car in an agitated state.
      • She phones de Caunes towards the end of the interview in something of an agitated state.
      • I didn't go, but Jane, Richard and David reported that the meeting began with everyone in a state of high anxiety.
      • Sometimes the pool areas and the cubicles were in a disgustingly dirty state.
      • The couple have paid the charges since they bought the flat but have been complaining to the council about the state of the communal area.
      • But now parish councillors have heard that he has written to complain about the state of the area's toilets.
      • I refer to the shameful state of the area behind Superdrug highlighted in your article on March 26.
      • And in small towns and rural areas, the state of the toilets can hit one like a ton of bricks.
      • If they are then this country is in an even sorrier state than I imagined it to be.
      • They must leave with a terrible impression after seeing the state of our streets.

    • 1.3 informal (anxious condition)

  • 2

    • 2.1(division of country)

      estado masculine
      (law/taxes/police) (before noun) (in US) del estado
      (law/taxes/police) (before noun) (in US) estatal
      the State of Texas el estado de Tejas
      • the States los Estados Unidos
      • state highway autopista del estado
      • state prison prisión estatal
      • State Representative Representante del Estado
      • Mexico is a federal republic, consisting of thirty one states and one federal district.
      • As you know, she and the president have been making their rounds throughout the various states and the areas that were hardest hit.
      • Your vote is still counted and since we have an electorial college it allows for people in smaller states and from rural areas to have a vote as well.
      • In north Borneo, indigenous groups in the interior areas of the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak are among the worst affected.
      • We are providing assistance to different relief camps in Ahmadabad and other areas of the state.
      • The reclamation of the old city neighbourhoods in the new, Eastern states of the German Federal Republic was a success story.
      • Congressional districts, states and counties should develop programs with Federal support.
      • Food, water, generators, tarpaulins, and fuel are already being rushed to the areas from other states.
      • The rest are from other states and from different areas of Texas.
      • Altogether, its total area is slightly less than the combined areas of the states of Utah and Nevada.
      • The two states were comparable in size and were the most powerful states in the area.
      • The undisputed best ride in the Miami area and possibly the state is Oleta River.
      • The setting for this study was an elementary school in an urban area of a southeastern state.
      • Explore wild Utah backcountry on the edge of the largest roadless area in the state.
      • Governor Jeb Bush declared the state a disaster area on Wednesday to speed aid after the storm hits.
      • While there is no guarantee the electoral college will choose the winner of the popular vote, it maintains the concept of America as a federal union of diverse states.
      • Most of the 50 states have areas that might be suitable for wind power.
      • President Bush declared major disasters in North Carolina and Virginia, ordering federal aid to both states.
      • There is no attempt being made to tamper with the federal character of our states.
      • Maryland has a reputation as being one of the most politically liberal states in the nation.

    • 2.2(nation)

      estado masculine
      independent state estado independiente
      • state apartments
      • state banquet banquete de gala

  • 3

    estado masculine
    (before noun) estatal mainly British
    affairs of state asuntos de estado
    • Church and State la Iglesia y el Estado
    • state education enseñanza pública
    • the state sector el sector estatal / público
    • state security seguridad nacional
    • Therefore reformists deduce that no direct challenge to the state is necessary and civil society can be reformed.
    • Thereafter, in bad health, he took little part in military or civil affairs of state.
    • Now, the attack on executives is at the forefront of the state's intrusion on civil liberties.
    • To drive his point home, Marx makes use of a distinction between the state and civil society.
    • The doctrine of reason of state allows for the penetration of civil society by the state.
    • The centralizing tendencies of the state, however, are ominously freed to do their worst.
    • His reign marked a significant advance from personal monarchy towards the bureaucratised state of the future.
    • It is not just the politicians who are calling for even more expansion of the state in this area.
    • The separation of church and state at an institutional level remains a core value in this country.
    • Now we have reached a stage where the state shows its inability in controlling rampant crime.
    • The United Kingdom is unusual in the extent to which the state employs hospital consultants in state owned hospitals.
    • It is at times the rudder that steadies and guides the ship of state captained by the Government.
    • In effect, if you are found to have access to the Internet but instead use the post to deal with the state, then state penalties will apply.
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    to dine in state cenar con mucha ceremonia
    • state occasion ocasión solemne

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) exponer
    (person/problem) plantear
    (person/problem) exponer
    (person/name/address) (in writing) escribir
    (person/name/address) (in writing) consignar formal
    (person/name/address) (orally) decir
    I'm merely stating the facts simplemente estoy exponiendo los hechos
    • you have half an hour to state your case tiene media hora para exponer su caso
    • he stated that he had seen her there earlier afirmó haberla visto antes allí
    • to state one's views dar su (or mi etc.) opinión
    • he clearly stated that he would not stand for election dijo / manifestó claramente que no se presentaría a las elecciones
    • As the newspaper's report clearly stated, the activity has been taking place since February this year.
    • The report clearly stated that the quality of the clergy had to be improved.
    • It states clearly that the aim of cannabis legislation should be to focus on preventing under-age use.
    • As the interim report stated more clearly, education and communication have a poor record.
    • I assume when he joined he read our policy statement which clearly states our aims and objectives.
    • The lessons learned in the Bristol inquiry were clearly stated in the report.
    • He states clearly that his work is not aimed at mathematicians, rather at statesmen who need to know about the customs of the people and the natural resources of the land.
    • The passage clearly states he should be put to death.
    • He clearly states he does not have that power and he's not going to do it.
    • However, this option is, as he states, clearly on the table and will be discussed in April.
    • He stated very clearly in it that in order to study and practice homoeopathy, one must be a medical doctor first.
    • I also clearly stated that if Arriva Trains wins the new Northern rail franchise, its head office would be in York.
    • We've stated very clearly that Lloyd's can manage its losses from September 11.
    • This has the great virtue of being very clearly stated and therefore very easy to refute.
    • The Corps has clearly stated that they do not think the lack of funding was the problem.
    • Most plants sold through garden centres have their heat factor stated clearly on the label.
    • The company's website stated very clearly that they had not been rented to schools.
    • Our member of Parliament clearly stated that he believed in the rehabilitation of offenders.
    • Their advertisements clearly stated that free car parking would be available.
    • It clearly stated at the office that you need both proof of address and a valid item of identification.
    • The fact is I have stated a case, and unless someone seeks to dissolve it, perhaps you should get on with it.
    • The applicant now applies with leave for judicial review of the Justices' refusal to state a case
    • Subsequently the Crown Court stated a Case - there is now an appeal by way of Case Stated against the ruling.
    • When you are sure of your facts, you can state your case with force and authority.
    • The Council requested the justices to state a case for the opinion of the High Court.
    • They were all there was; outside the writs, there was no common law, no way to state a case or get before a judge.
    • In any event, the matters can be litigated in the ordinary course rather than by stating a case.
    • Secondly, he should be given an opportunity to state his case, and finally the internal tribunal should act in good faith.
    • I am not sure whether a trial judge could state a case arising from an application to quash.
    • The magistrates, as requested, have stated a case for the purposes of this appeal.
    • From this draft I accepted Item 4 as being a point of law for which the justices would be asked to state a case.
    • Then I will indicate that I will state a case substantially in the form submitted to me.
    • In any event, the judge was also entitled to refuse to state a case because of your delay.
    • The main purpose of stating the case is this, that your Honour has indicated that a case will be stated in the next few days in the matter of Shaw.
    • It is not your doing, I understand, although you concurred in stating the case.
    • If that can be got in order, I will make that necessary order for stating the case.
    • Before I stated the case I would need to know in some final form what the Full Court was being visited with.
    • You may be right but that is the question to be decided and that is what we have stated the case about.
    • I am reluctant to state a case when the substratum was not the right substratum.
    • Then we have the stated case, if you give permission, and that, my Lords, would state the case.
  • 2

    (law/document) establecer
    (law/document) estipular
    the contract states that … el contrato establece / estipula que …
    • as stated in the minutes como figura / consta en las actas
    • as stated above como se indica más arriba