Translation of statement in Spanish:


declaración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsteɪtmənt/ /ˈsteɪtm(ə)nt/

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    • 1.1(declaration)

      declaración feminine
      afirmación feminine
      the poem was seen as a feminist/political statement se interpretó el poema como una proclama feminista/política
      • I think he's trying to make some sort of statement with that hairstyle creo que quiere expresar algo con ese peinado
      • The report and the accompanying media release and other statements are here.
      • The next day, she released a statement to the media that reaffirmed her testimony.
      • ‘It will therefore serve a better purpose to issue official statements for media consumption,’ Bernama quoted him as saying.
      • He said there was a groundswell of opinion among backbenchers, and said he had been involved with a statement released detailing the plans.
      • Defence Ministry officials said a joint statement could be issued at the conclusion of the discussions.
      • Earlier they released a statement saying they planned to spend Christmas with family and close friends.
      • This was the case in relation to the product recalls referred to above, when advertisements were placed in national newspapers and statements released to the media.
      • The official statement has been released, the CEO and Chairman have taken a couple of calls, spoken to one or two members of the press.
      • The company issued a statement following national media reports that the York factory was in danger of shutting down in the wake of falling exports of Kit Kats.
      • After the informal, but closed-door, meetings, the leaders will issue two joint statements, the official said.
      • The Commission then agreed with the Acting Head of Public Works to release a media statement to correct the situation.
      • When eventually the protesters were released, their initial statements to the media were about how this is a day to celebrate, but it is also a solemn day.
      • The PCT will call a special board meeting and release public statements outlining the plans.
      • He suggested the two sides release a joint statement announcing Beltran would be playing elsewhere next season.
      • Where weapons testing in the past was generally shrouded in secrecy, the explosion of the superbomb in Florida was accompanied by a press release, official statements and even video footage.
      • Because of ‘commercial sensitivities’ an official statement will only be released late next week.
      • After the verdict Alexander's parents, Stephen and Kirstie Graham, released a joint statement condemning the legal system.
      • But the couple's agents released a joint statement yesterday, confirming the pair have separated.
      • Penske officials released a statement saying Kvapil's job is safe, but the team needs a complete overhaul.
      • In public statements, Clear Channel claimed it was pulling the plug because of indecent content.

    • 1.2

      (to police, in court) declaración feminine
      (to press) declaración feminine
      to make a statement prestar declaración
      • a statement under oath una declaración bajo juramento
      • A witness [H] made a statement to the police in which he says [A] admitted to him that he had given your brother heroin.
      • The said witness gave a statement to the police as well as testimony at trial.
      • I reported this to the police and I made a statement describing the events.
      • When it came to the defence case the appellant was simply called and asked to confirm on oath that the statement under caution she had made to the police was true.
      • The charge arose out of the fact that Miss Wan gave a witness statement to the police in which she provided a false alibi for Iftikhar.
      • The statements of the police officers and the civilian witnesses were also disposed of.
      • The General Secretary of the TUC, in a witness statement provided to the Court, said this.
      • Objection was taken to the statement of Police Constable Trow being admitted in evidence, but we found it was properly admitted.
      • The Defendant's witness statement stated that he received the keys and moved in on 2 August.
      • I appreciate that in your witness statements in the judicial review, you have referred to financial difficulties.
      • Those events occurred in court before Reynolds had provided a statement to the police of his knowledge of the activities of this appellant.
      • The trial judge found that the appellant was unresponsive at times to English statements made by the police officers.
      • A witness statement of Detective Constable Breakwell was also read to the jury.
      • He made those statements to police and prosecutors.
      • On 15 December 1996 they both attended the police station and made statements.
      • All appellants made statements to the police against Ashton and Webber.
      • Police investigation procedures were insensitive to the state in which the child was when he or she made a statement to police or testified in court.
      • The Claimant made a further statement to the police on 2 January 2003 in support of her complaint.
      • The only evidence from Mr. Parks is the statement taken by a police officer.
      • Mrs Gower did not give evidence to the Tribunal, nor was a witness statement from her submitted by either party.

    • 1.3(exposition)

      exposición feminine
      • It's not necessarily a warning, it's just a clear statement of fact and principle that we're going after them.
      • We have his clear statements of specific actions to take to make this city a better place.
      • The research questions are answered in sequential order, with a clear statement for each question.
      • This letter should end with a clear statement of invitation to enroll the child.
      • Instead, he is floating the idea that the ID card would be a service to the public, providing a clear statement of entitlement to services.
      • Amir also chooses to ignore the clear statement at the top of every comments page.
      • It is very interesting to read that declaration, with its specific and clear statements about protecting marriage and upholding the natural family in our countries.
      • His few clear anti-Christian statements relate to specifically Catholic doctrine, not to Christianity more generally.
      • Modern syntax calls for simple, clear, direct statements in the name of clarity: subject, verb, object.
      • This broad social orientation was reflected in a programme that avoided clear statements and aimed at general acceptance.
      • The annual report of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra contains a clear statement of objectives.
      • The dedication gives a clear statement of her motivation.
      • The statement is clear and unambiguous - but what does it mean?
      • I think that he made his statement loud and clear, and I think we need to take that into consideration.
      • Yes, I think there needs to be a clear statement of when and if we'll commit troops.
      • The statement should be clear that it is not helpful for the police to try to own this kind of large social problem.
      • It is worrying that this even needs pointing out by Jack Straw but I for one am very glad that he has made such a clear statement.
      • Such a clear statement regarding the nature of science is entirely absent from the science curriculum.
      • The 1980s saw a marked lack of clear statements about the lack of transitional fossils, or criticism of claimed fossil series.
      • Both camps are deeply divided over the question of Europe, and a clear statement by either candidate could lead to a break-up.

    • 1.4Computing

      instrucción feminine
      sentencia feminine

  • 2

    (of accounts)
    informe anual masculine
    bank statement estado de cuenta
    • Always monitor your monthly billing statements and credit reports, and shred any documents that contain personal information.
    • The only exception to this attitude would be that I do check my bank and credit card statements.
    • Ms Smith wants to know how long should she keep her bank and credit card statements for.
    • You also may request copies of monthly statements from your bank and credit card providers.
    • In the United States, when the bank sends a statement to the customer it attaches to it all items drawn by him and debited to his account.
    • The value of transactions will be limited by the customer's existing credit rating, and transaction details will be entered on credit and debit card statements, not on the customer's phone bill.
    • If you find that your bank/credit card statements do not yield all of these expenses, you could try tracking your expenditure by noting down everything you spend in a notebook for a week.
    • Some go through potential victims' bins, looking for credit card statements whose information they can then use to pretend the card has been stolen and have a replacement redirected to a new address.
    • Check your recent bank and credit card statements to see how you've been spending your money over the past three to six months.
    • Now simply ignore any unusual transactions on your bank and credit card statements for the next six months.
    • But, I've seen people I know put utility bills, or worse, bank or credit card statements, or receipts, in the bin without even ripping them up, so many times.
    • A monthly statement shows customers how much they have borrowed and what borrowing facilities remain.
    • Log in to your online accounts regularly, and check bank, credit and debit card statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate.
    • Go through your checkbook and credit card statements for the past year and list each check or itemized credit card charge in its proper category.
    • Also, be suspicious if you no longer receive credit card statements or other important mailings.
    • Credit card statements often cause distress because of overspending.
    • Legislation should make it obligatory for credit card statements to give how long it would take to pay the current debt off if only the minimum payment is made each time.
    • For example, paying attention in math class will help you with those monthly cash flow statements.
    • The software has already faced some criticism over its ability to show users cached versions of supposedly-secret files and web pages, such as online bank and credit statements.
    • Each member receives a monthly statement showing either a debit or credit balance.