Translation of static in Spanish:


estacionario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstædɪk/ /ˈstatɪk/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(not changing)

      (figures/situation) estacionario
      • The land is scaped, first and foremost, through bodily movement, not through static enframement.
      • A typical static movement would be pushing against a wall and holding it.
      • I have been confident because a market isn't static.
      • He goes on to explain that while the Irish milk market has remained relatively static in recent years, consumers' needs and wants for milk have changed quite dramatically.
      • So we have a relatively static market and customers are spoilt for choice.
      • But since global markets are not static and needs and priorities always shift with time, trade diversification is a foregone necessity for any economy.
      • This type of simplistic abstract stratification of the world economy and power subordinates the dynamic of class relations to a static distribution of market shares.
      • Cooling housing market and stable economy mean static interest rates.
      • It featured photo-realistic environments portrayed using static viewpoints and slideshow-style movements.
      • This makes sense, Accomando says, because market rents are relatively static, fixed by the competition in the marketplace.
      • The convergence of a static camera and movement in depth also provides the film with one of its stranger allusions, and certainly its most unexpected lesson.
      • The future of Haworth Riding for the Disabled was secured yesterday when councillors passed plans to allow a static caravan on the stable's site.
      • It consists of static shots of cities sped up and gradually sped up further until near the end of the sequence it is difficult to work out what you are seeing.
      • Too many marketing plans fail because they make assumptions about a static market, when in fact they are dynamic with a changing composition of segments and of firms who supply to those segments.
      • In the end I think the transition won't be one from modern to postmodern but from relatively static to near constant cultural change.
      • But - as I know from my own experience at the moment - the housing market in London is almost static.
      • ‘Traditional’ art is not something that was ever static and unchanging.
      • Language is not static, it changes with time and the times.
      • The ground-floor open area is casual and spacious - ideal for families - with its static umbrellas and fixed seating.
      • Such a situation is never static, because change keeps taking place all the time, and it is back to outlandish styles once again.

    • 1.2(not dynamic)

      (play/film) poco dinámico

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (electricity) estático
      • One possible explanation for the asymmetric conductance is the static charge distribution in the channel interior.
      • However, be aware that poured beads are extremely light-weight and take a static electric charge very easily.
      • Instead, it had an electrical feel to it, like a static charge.
      • First, acid etching of the electrode surfaces produces tiny cavities and craters that greatly expand the surface area across which a static charge can be held.
      • These electrons are then accelerated by a static electric field towards a fluorescent screen.
      • One of the limiting features of this study was that it was conducted in a static situation with the subject sitting in a chair waiting for a test sign to be exposed for a finite time.

    • 2.2Physics

      (force/pressure/weight) estático
      • The body exerts forces normal to the direction of travel that result in a static friction force against which the rest of the body can be pushed or pulled.
      • To get the upper surface sliding, a lateral force has to lift the teeth out of the grooves - that force is static friction.
      • The average forces may be considered as static forces and are used for evaluation of the balance condition of the cutting structure.'
      • Additionally, the static measurements lack the viscous component of the force value, which is present in dynamic measurements.
      • In static weight, the reduction of every ounce of the wheels weight is equal to four ounces on the sprung part.
      • To make sure, they reduced the static magnetic field, thereby displacing the resonant slice and, with it, the separation needed between tip and spin.
      • The laser beam for Raman excitation was focused to a static diffraction limited spot in the center of the focal plane.
      • An rf coil is positioned to optimize its interaction with the static magnetic field.


  • 1

    electricidad estática feminine
    • Through the electrical static of a massive storm, he finds himself talking to a man who claims to be a firefighter and who appears to be awaiting the World Series of 1969.
    • Her computer was on, humming the usual electric static that always seemed to bug her.
  • 2

    estática feminine
    interferencia feminine
    parásitos masculine
    • Through the crackling static we hear a radio DJ speaking Taiwanese.
    • Jonah opened his eyes and the voice in his mind instantly became a squeal of static that hissed and crackled.
    • Recently he has become interested in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), detecting voices from the spirit world buried in radio static or white noise.
    • Then a crackle of radio static came back through your earpiece: ‘Deployed, sir!’
    • There was a crackle of radio static before all four sniper teams responded with a simple: ‘Roger.’
    • Her question was interrupted by a sudden spit of crackle and static from her radio.
    • There does some to be some residual analog hiss or static under the audio most of the time, but it is minimal, especially for a film of this age.
    • The connection hissed and buzzed with static that the computers should have been able to filter out.
    • It was dusk, the city an orange glow on the horizon, and intermittent bursts of static on the radio.
    • This survey examined the frequency of dropped calls, service area coverage, static on cell phone calls and busy circuits.
    • This is supposedly how the dead can contact the living through the detuned noise of modern equipment, such as radio static and television snow.
    • She can hear herself panting from exertion, the sound like static in the earpiece.
    • Derive, a solo dance piece by Peters, demonstrated that even the static of a radio being tuned to random frequencies was ample reason to dance as her improvised movements filled the space.
    • As I walk down the stairs, my feet cold and longing for my blanket (I'm never cold), I hear the static of the radio changing.
    • I pause and listen anxiously to the static on the radio.
    • They arrived at the control room with the crackle and static of the incoming message filling the air and everyone froze as the chilling words issued forth.
    • Upon realising that he wouldn't be done any time soon she once again pulled out the radio to be met with the same static.
    • And since the collection systems and analysts all remained static, the stovepipes could remain unchanged for decades.
    • As she walked, static could be heard over the PA system.
    • I found him eventually on an obscure community station that kept breaking up with static and interference from taxi drivers.
  • 3US informal

    (negative response)
    reacción negativa feminine