Translation of statuesque in Spanish:


escultural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌstætʃəˈwɛsk/ /ˌstatʃʊˈɛsk/ /ˌstatjʊˈɛsk/

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    • My grandmother, who had been widowed many years before, was a tall, statuesque woman with a kind and gentle face and manner.
    • She was a tall, statuesque woman with sleek black hair worn on top of her head, flashing black eyes, a smooth tan complexion and she wore a flashing red silk early 19th century gown.
    • Similar in height to his friend, the two paled in comparison to height of their third companion, a tall statuesque woman with whom black was a predominant color.
    • Despite advancing years and a little infirmity - the statuesque Lady Healey was on crutches recently after a knee operation - her ‘eternal summer’ has not faded.
    • But archaeologists who worked on the extraordinary excavation in East Yorkshire that revealed a rare Iron Age chariot buried with the skeleton of a statuesque woman, are urging caution.
    • If her rituals or gris-gris didn't work, Marie (who was a statuesque woman, to say the least) met them in the street and physically beat them.
    • I love clothes - and the fair trade ones often are very expensive, and not designed for, erm, statuesque women.
    • She's playing chic, statuesque Jacqueline, whose 25th anniversary as the doyenne of restaurateurs on the St Tropez waterfront is marked by the presentation of a bouquet: a case of Goodyear for the roses.
    • Decked out in psychedelic dusters or classic Carnaby Street fashions, she was statuesque and enigmatic, a combination of cool and casual that balanced out well with the mournful classics she crooned.
    • Of the dancers, statuesque Katherine Fricker seems to shine particularly, but there are other very talented dancers in the troupe of 60 that make up the show.
    • The guests needed little reminding as the statuesque bride proved utterly captivating.
    • He charged down the soft dry sand until he was right beside the statuesque girl and puffed out his chest comically.
    • And whilst she was statuesque, her body was fully in proportion, slim and shapely, moulded by a carefully understated outfit.
    • She confirms the theory that the shape of the loaf, suggesting a statuesque matron, gave the bread its name and that the fluted tube pan used resembles the skirt of a peasant woman.
    • Maria, a tall and statuesque young woman with enchanting eyes and incredible ebony legs, takes me to her hairdresser's house.
    • When the smoke cleared, Queen Rizor and Queen La Faye stood, tall, elegant, statuesque, where the fireworks had been.
    • Tall and statuesque with a thick mane of aspirin-white hair, she still radiates the famous beauty of earlier years.
    • He met his wife, Anne Hart, a tall, statuesque, brunette singer, at Winston's.
    • You see freckles and gaucherie; I see statuesque beauty, and the intense attraction of a fiery temperament.
    • A statuesque beauty beamed back from the pages.