Translation of statutory in Spanish:


legal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstætʃəˌtɔri/ /ˈstatʃʊt(ə)ri/ /ˈstatjʊt(ə)ri/

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    (right/obligation) legal
    (right/obligation) establecido por la ley
    (penalty) establecido por la ley
    (authority/body) creado por la ley
    statutory holiday vacaciones reglamentarias
    • these safety checks should be made statutory estos controles de seguridad deberían hacerse reglamentarios / obligatorios
    • This can be seen if one looks at cases in which a public authority has been under a statutory or common law duty to provide a service or other benefit for the public or a section of the public.
    • He has concluded that there is no statutory prohibition against extradition.
    • The claimant has also no right to a conditional discharge while the recognised statutory requirements for detention are satisfied.
    • A spokeswoman said the panel was set up by the council as part of statutory local government regulations requiring all councils to look at members' allowances.
    • Mr Georgiou supports Australia having an independent statutory monitor reporting regularly to Parliament.
    • A redundancy package of six weeks per year of employment plus statutory entitlements is expected to be offered by the company.
    • It is part of the purpose in having a self-regulatory system that it should ward off statutory regulation, with its possible implications for the freedom of the press.
    • The only certain ways to protect investors, workers and pensioners are statutory regulation and a ban on auditors making money by selling extras to friendly firms.
    • It is now the single statutory regulator responsible for regulating deposit-taking, insurance and investment business.
    • If I can just assist, the independent advisory group is not expected to replace statutory consultation processes.
    • All countries must consider introducing statutory frameworks to regulate genetic technologies.
    • But there are fears lenders could pass on the costs of complying with the new statutory regulation to borrowers.
    • The regulatory and statutory requirement to report adverse patient experiences has always been resisted.
    • These may relate to certain regulatory requirements, statutory charges, access to finance, or other parameters.
    • The merged body does not have new powers and leaves the existing statutory basis of regulation unchanged.
    • Unlike medicine, nursing and osteopathy, there is no statutory regulation of homeopaths.
    • Residents had hoped to see yellow lines in place by March but have now been told statutory regulations have to be completed first.
    • Its report recommends stronger cages, more nets, and a statutory duty to notify regulatory agencies of escapes.
    • It is important to distinguish their financial performance from their statutory responsibility of regulation and supervision.
    • For further peace of mind, statutory regulations will soon be in place.