There are 2 main translations of stay in Spanish

: stay1stay2


quedarse, v.

Pronunciation /steɪ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(in specified place, position)

      permanecer formal
      he stayed in the country for two weeks se quedó dos semanas en el país
      • stay there quédate ahí
      • stay close to us no te alejes de nosotros
      • stay! ¡quieto!
      • he managed to stay ahead logró mantenerse a la cabeza
      • Call your house and tell them you're staying at a friend's house because you don't want to drive home and stay the night with me.
      • I usually stayed in the guest room with Terry during those days.
      • I'll pay for your round-trip ticket and you can stay in the guest room at my house.
      • The 30 people staying at the guest house had been woken up by the noise and he had told them it was not a normal occurrence here.
      • The young people would stay there temporarily until a site was found to construct a purpose-built hostel for the scheme.
      • The rest of the crowd consists of family friends whom Tristan doesn't know, as well as a couple of guests staying at the Inn through the holidays.
      • That night the four brothers stayed in the guest chambers of the castle.
      • Her parents are unable to care for her and the hospital she is temporarily staying in is poorly equipped.
      • They're staying in a friend's vacant apartment to save on costs.
      • I've been staying down South, but I have to head off again straight away and I don't want to be lugging this thing round.
      • We stayed down there and our friends put us up in a hotel overnight, he added.
      • Do you mind if he stays with you while we go see your mother?
      • The villas we stayed in were positioned half way up a hill.
      • We're going to stay overnight at a hotel here.
      • We stayed overnight at a hotel, and in the morning we went to a train station.
      • At Mandarin Oriental hotels, people don't just stay the night, they feel part of a club.
      • She is a special guest who stays at the hotel on her regular bi-annual visits to Pattaya.
      • We really are pleased with Rosaleen and hope she will continue to stay with us in Pound Street.
      • ‘Imagine that you have guests staying with you,’ he continued.
      • They all stayed with local families and a busy schedule of activities was organised.

    • 1.2(in specified state)

      stay still/single quédate quieto/soltero
      • please try and stay sober por favor trata de no emborracharte
      • we stayed friends despite everything seguimos siendo amigos a pesar de todo
      • I couldn't stay awake no podía mantenerme despierto
      • long may it stay that way ojalá siga así muchos años
      • it's forecast to stay wet pronostican que va a seguir lloviendo

  • 2

    • 2.1(remain, not leave)

      she didn't stay to the end no se quedó hasta el final
      • I mustn't stay late no debo quedarme hasta tarde
      • can you stay to / for dinner? ¿te puedes quedar a cenar?
      • Maddie, at the last minute, decided to stay behind and finish some work on deadline.
      • The gig was so successful the band decided to stay together, and since then Wards Xpress has released three albums.
      • This year they've decided to stay in their village because it just isn't safe to leave their home and head for Baghdad.
      • Anni was supposed to have been with him in the car that day but she decided to stay home with their two young children.
      • He almost came here, as a lot of us did, and then he decided to stay in Canada.
      • She decided not to stay at her home that night and later found it had been entered during the night and some pictures had been broken.
      • He has decided to stay in Erinsborough, and he will be moving in with Lou.
      • Alex's mother went to Greece for a holiday, met his father, fell in love, and decided to stay there.
      • It was up to the employee to decide whether to stay in a stressful job.
      • Irene decided to stay in Ireland for the time being and has starred in several of Bryan's shows since.
      • Edward was scheduled to sit another of his exams on Monday and had decided to stay at home on Sunday to study.
      • As our building was hurricane safe and off the ocean, my husband and I decided to stay in our condo.
      • Lee decided to stay in New Zealand and her attention was drawn back into the arts.
      • Several of the passengers decided to stay in that city and refused to go on to Little Rock.
      • I could have stayed, but I decided that I wouldn't have been playing often enough.
      • We decided not to stay here, as there were better beaches to be found.
      • It was so hot we decided to stay outside at half time for our team talk.
      • She later called to explain she had decided to stay at the Lancashire resort for longer.
      • If Hernan decides to stay, I don't want him coming to me later and saying he wants to go.
      • After a nap, we realise the march has begun without us and decide to stay in bed.

    • 2.2(reside temporarily)

      (in a hotel etc) hospedarse
      (in a hotel etc) alojarse
      (in a hotel etc) quedarse
      I'm staying with friends me estoy quedando en casa de unos amigos
      • we stayed at the Hilton nos hospedamos / nos alojamos / nos quedamos en el Hilton
      • he's staying with us over Easter va a pasar la Semana Santa con nosotros
      • my aunt came to stay mi tía vino a quedarse unos días
      • can Matthew stay the night? ¿Matthew se puede quedar a dormir / a pasar la noche?

    • 2.3Scottish (live)


  • 3archaic

    ¡un segundo!
    ¡un momento!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (distance/pace) aguantar
    (distance/pace) resistir
    • How he manages to stay so calm and hold off his anger for so long is beyond me.
    • At least he has managed to stay positive about things, and he has told us he will aim for the next World Cup.
    • All the big powers have managed to stay at peace so I suppose it achieved something.
    • According to Edward's family, he had long reformed and had managed to stay out of trouble.
    • Good players manage to stay in a positive energy sector, no matter how the game's standing is.
    • I can only hope that those who believe in freedom can stay strong and maintain the edge we need to persevere.
    • An independent adjudicator will now decide whether the school stays open or closes.
    • Well, of course the costs have continued to go up while the prices have stayed down.
    • How do people stay awake during the day?
    • There's always been rumors that casinos pump oxygen into their casinos, so people stay awake more.
    • We just stayed up to watch the Oscars!
    • She was having some trouble staying alive.
    • But he has trouble staying calm under pressure.
    • She and her mother stayed up until midnight playing board games and drinking their tea.
    • Even though he finally understood that he would never see his mom again, he still stayed silent.
    • How many guys stay healthy for a full season?
    • Hanging with older friends can work if you stay true to who you are.
    • What can any of us do to help our kids stay healthy?
    • You just stay in school, do the right thing and work hard and compete and you'll win, all right?
    • No one wanted to see him stay in power and gradually rebuild his military capability, yet there he is.
  • 2

    (execution/sentence) suspender
    something stayed her algo la detuvo
    • Does the English Court have Jurisdiction to stay the Part 20 Proceedings?
    • A higher court stayed his acquittal and ordered him detained while the finding at trial was reconsidered.
    • He subsequently applied to a judge of the Federal Court for an order staying the immigration inquiry pending the hearing of the judicial review.
    • After the high court order was stayed, the Supreme Court directed that all commercial and hired vehicles should turn gas vehicles, he added.
    • Accordingly the Divisional Court allowed the appeal, remitted the matter to the arbitrator and stayed the oppression remedy proceeding.
    • We are simply seeking to stay the proceedings on jurisdictional grounds.
    • Last, and in the alternative, the defendant seeks an order staying the enforcement of the summary judgment if granted.
    • The Rhode Island court will have to consider whether in the exercise of its own jurisdiction it should stay the proceedings before it.
    • The first respondent applied for orders that the proceedings be stayed unless the applicant provides security for costs.
    • We come next to the abuse of process argument, and whether the judge should have stayed the indictment on the basis that the defendant could not have a fair trial.
    • The plaintiffs sought an order staying the Mayor's directive.
    • For the following reasons, the Application to stay the Plaintiff's action is granted.
    • Well, I will make an order that those two matters be permanently stayed and that the plaintiffs pay the defendant's costs.
    • The respondent moves now to stay these proceedings including the pending trial.
    • The justice stayed the execution of a warrant pending this application.
    • I would not be minded to stay the execution of the District Court judgment in any circumstances.
    • The trial judge refused to stay the proceedings or to exclude evidence pursuant to section 78.
    • If the claim is a provable one, then, as soon as the bankruptcy proceeding is set in motion all proceedings to collect on a debt are stayed.
    • The relief may consist of staying the foreclosure proceedings or providing for a decrease in the payments during the period of service.
    • This is too narrow an approach to adopt when considering whether an application for judicial review should be stayed.
  • 3formal

    (hunger) aplacar


  • 1

    estadía feminine Latin America
    estancia feminine Spain, Mexico
    during our stay in Madrid durante nuestra estadía en Madrid
    • I'd like to go for a longer stay me gustaría ir a quedarme más tiempo
    • after an overnight stay in Paris después de hacer noche / después de pernoctar en París
    • during her stay in hospital mientras estuvo en el hospital
    • It would involve at most an overnight stay in hospital, he explained.
    • Sligo also has one of the lowest average lengths of stay in hospital in the country at five days.
    • What are your recipes for being a good guest, for weekend or overnight stays?
    • The length of her stay in hospital will depend on the doctors' assessment of her condition, said a royal aide.
    • Instead of leaving when their initial terms are over, many of the temporary visitors are extending their stays and even making Skipton their permanent home.
    • He says it appears the resort is recruiting mainly from Brisbane and Sydney, with an average stay of six months.
    • This trip is over a weekend and will include an overnight stay in a five-star hotel.
    • He also says he has been four years in a job for which the average stay has been two years.
    • Visitors are able to rent the houses for the weekend or short midweek stays.
    • During their stays abroad many American visitors to Europe also traveled together in small groups to share in the joys of discovery.
    • Chinese nationals were eligible to apply for residence or temporary stays in Taiwan if they met certain conditions, Chen said.
    • Shocked by the state of the borough during his 10 month stay he decided to use the streets as a canvas for highlighting problems he saw.
    • Comprehensive geriatric assessments can delay the onset of disability and decrease permanent nursing home stays.
    • It's not the first time the whale has checked out the gates during his stay.
    • When she returned for a brief stay, she ran into an old acquaintance.
    • The combination of comfortable accommodation, stunning scenery and fantastic hosts adds up to a more than memorable stay.
    • In the mid 1980s she came home early from the annual royal stay in Scotland.
    • Her relatives and friends want to wish her a good journey home to England and hope she had a pleasant and fun stay.
    • He lost the gamble, however, as 55 per cent voted against his stay in power.
    • All the money raised by the walk will help fund Jack and his parents' three-week stay at the John Tracy Clinic, in Los Angeles.
  • 2

    • 2.1Architecture Building

      soporte masculine
      puntal masculine

    • 2.2stays pluralClothing History

      corsé masculine
      • The favourite shaping material of stays was whalebone, cut into thin strips and sewn in a fan pattern to make the torso appear rounder.
      • Products made from the animal were oil for lamps and candles whereas the bones were used for stays, corsets and collars.
      • She ran as fast as her stays and petticoat would allow to that pond she could see so clearly in her mind.
      • To borrow the corset metaphor, it's clear that we need to loosen our stays rather than stiffen them further, if we are to achieve optimum comfort and good function.
      • Thankfully the fashion gurus have stopped short of the tightly laced stays that warped the ribs of our great grand mothers.

There are 2 main translations of stay in Spanish

: stay1stay2


estay, n.

Pronunciation /steɪ/


  • 1

    (rope, wire)
    estay masculine
    • The solid awning was supported by vertical stays.
    • Britannia footbridge has been lifted into place and the cable stays are being fitted to support the bridge.
    • The cable stays were then stressed to their final length.
    • The stays were prefabricated parallel wire cables.
    • A few minutes later I was shinning up the mast to whip a flag halyard to the stays.
    • The mast will not come down until something else has broken because as long as all the stays and such are in place, the mast will stay.