Traducción de stench en español:


fetidez, n.

Pronunciación /stɛn(t)ʃ/

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    fetidez femenino
    hedor masculino literario
    there's a terrible stench in here aquí huele muy mal
    • I lifted my jacket to my nose for a sniff - I could still smell the acrid stench of the gas.
    • As unpleasant as it may seem, the dwellers had become accustomed to their surroundings and the unpleasant odor and stenches of the dirt, grim, mud, and rat droppings.
    • As he leapt to a tall tree that had been burnt on one side, he could smell a terrible stench.
    • You could hear the moans and cries and smell the stench from well outside the tents.
    • She could smell the awful stench of alcohol coming from his mouth and closed her eyes in disgust.
    • Investigations led them to a cupboard where the stench seemed to be the strongest.
    • The stench currently assailing your nostrils is a fish rotting from the head down.
    • We had been forced to smile stiffly at the camera despite the nauseating stench of drying fish.
    • The disgusting smell of the medicine was drowned out by the stench of the cell, being as unhygienic as it was.
    • The breeding of mosquitoes, houseflies and other insects create a stench in the area.
    • At one time she had to endure the stench of mounting garbage as it wasn't collected for over two weeks.
    • There were also good words for the breeze that has come to replace the stench.
    • It's not that I have anything against smokers, just the stench that they inflict on us.
    • The stench appeared the instant they walked in through the door and lingered for a good while after they had departed.
    • The stench from the river is so overpowering that even those desperate for water would shun it.
    • They are grappling with the awful stench emanating from the filth the water has left behind.
    • In the children's ward, the stench of dried sweat and raw waste is almost unbearable.
    • An awful stench filled the stuffy air of the wet alleyway, which permeated my nostrils.
    • Since then houses in the area have been visited by a stench resembling rotting carcasses.
    • For the rest of the day the stench pervaded the village centre, causing several people to be physically sick.