Traducción de sterling en Español:


libra (esterlina), n.

Pronunciación /ˈstərlɪŋ/ /ˈstəːlɪŋ/

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    libra (esterlina) femenino
    payment will be made in sterling el pago se efectuará en libras (esterlinas)
    • Some of the Irish money was converted into sterling and is believed to have been smuggled back into the country, the sources said.
    • In the historiography of post-war Britain, the management of sterling as an international currency is often seen as an example of this dilemma.
    • But why are all prices charged in sterling on an Irish airline, even on flights between two eurozone countries?
    • They are cashing in on demand from the North where the value of sterling keeps prices high.
    • Visitors from the Republic pay the standard brochure rate in Irish pounds even though the price is quoted in sterling.
    • Economists say the current exchange rate of around 1.4 euros to the pound is about the right price at which sterling should convert to the euro.
    • This hasn't been a good year to be earning money in dollars and reporting profits in sterling.
    • Perhaps the major threat to sterling comes from the long-standing association between the British and US economies.
    • Although the strength of sterling is often cited as a deterrent to investment, inward investment into Britain is still very high.
    • Britain has been skittish in the extreme about abandoning pound sterling for the euro.
    • Depreciation of sterling against the US dollar has also been a contributing factor to the decline in gross margins.
    • Manufacturing exports have not done too badly, despite sterling's strength.
    • The global slowdown and sterling's continued strength against the euro have reduced sales volumes and profitability.
    • The Irish band made a staggering £60 million sterling in 2001 with their world tour.
    • The officers seized 230 kilos in pure cocaine and £1 million sterling in assorted currency from the boat.
    • They froze his accounts worth 4 million sterling pounds.
    • Consequently sterling is a currency of significant influence.
    • He blames the continued strength of sterling against other currencies, particularly the euro.
    • The strength of sterling against other currencies can turn an enjoyable holiday into an expensive trip.
    • Both have been selling sterling, taking advantage of its recent fall.


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    • 1.1Finanzas

      the pound sterling la libra esterlina
      • they paid us by sterling cheque nos pagaron con un cheque en libras (esterlinas)

    • 1.2(silver)

      (bracelet/cutlery) de plata de ley

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    invalorable Cono Sur
    he did some sterling work for us efectuó un excelente trabajo para nosotros
    • after 20 years of sterling service después de 20 años de invaluables servicios
    • many thanks for your sterling work muchas gracias por tu invaluable colaboración
    • He praised the sterling work of the Friends of St. Patrick's for their enormous contributions to the betterment of the life of patients and staff at the hospital.
    • A most wonderful lady of sterling qualities, she was deeply religious.
    • George was a most remarkable man of sterling qualities, a wonderful example to his family.
    • Yet there is one common thread and that is the frequent letters of thanks from patients and their grateful relatives for the sterling work of our local hospitals and health services.
    • The ladies' committee, moreover, received praise for its sterling work in distributing leaflets and obtaining signatures on petitions.
    • Sincere, gentle and kind, she possessed all the sterling qualities of a true wife and mother.
    • How else would they recognise the sterling qualities that mark her as a unique writer?
    • Ingrid has been doing some sterling work on the problems in the Sudan.
    • As well as the television dramas there has been some sterling film work.
    • Finally, the President's sterling reputation became tarnished.
    • He also produced a sterling performance.
    • He won many hearts for his sterling performances.
    • Pupils at a Bury high school have been rewarded for their sterling environmental efforts.
    • We strolled along the Golden Mile and made a sterling effort of prohibiting sleep.
    • I'm sure his contorted expression of awe and sadness was a sterling effort.
    • Yes, your sterling reputation is something I'm well aware of, Commander.
    • Great young achievers from throughout the county have been honoured for their sterling community work.
    • They are committed to the cause and do a sterling job for the community.
    • The junior committee do a sterling job in organising and coaching the junior members.
    • He's got a wonderful nanny, she's doing a sterling job.