Translation of stew in Spanish:


estofado, n.

Pronunciation /st(j)u/ /stjuː/

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    estofado masculine
    guiso masculine
    to be/get in a stew estar/ponerse nervioso
    • No wonder they're in a stew - we keep occupying their territory.
    • Consider all the people who sat home in a stew in 1968 rather than vote for Hubert Humphrey.
    • Hadn't they gotten in a stew with her over him in the first place because of that?
    • There are many people around here who think that the whole of this country is in a stew.
    • When the government gets into a stew, it is the first role of an opposition to turn up the heat.

transitive verb

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    (meat) estofar
    (meat) guisar
    (fruit) hacer compota de
    • They can be used in spring salads; and their sweetness can be used to remove sourness from food, particularly fruit, so it is useful to add some when stewing rhubarb or gooseberries.
    • Braising, steaming, poaching, stewing, and microwaving meats minimize the production of these chemicals.
    • The chef swore that he did not add gourmet powder to the soup when we asked how he maintained such tasty flavors after stewing the dish on a fire for at least four hours.
    • Simply blended with onion, herbs and salt, the lentils had been stewed until liquid.
    • They are very versatile in cooking and can be baked, stewed or microwaved.
    • The beef has been sufficiently stewed to soften its collagen, making it delectably chewable.
    • These were stewed slowly with spices and beans.
    • I diced an apple and mixed it with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar in a saucepan, and stewed it for awhile.
    • Shrimp can be found fried, broiled, baked, and stewed.
    • It is made using only beef or lamb bones, which are stewed for over 20 hours.
    • I employed Lydia's help to cut and stew some apples for dessert.
    • Fresh seafood was stewed in the juice of spices and dressed with lemon juice and vinegar.
    • Good lotus root soup is stewed for hours and has a light pink colour.
    • The shark's fin was first stewed for hours in sugar water.
    • The legs are salted to pull out excess moisture, then stewed slowly in more duck fat flavoured with herbs.
    • They didn't cook boiled cabbage, nor did they stew vegetables.
    • The meat was stewed (much like roast beef) and seasoned with a slightly spicy gravy.

intransitive verb

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    (meat/fruit) cocer
    don't let the tea stew no dejes el té mucho tiempo en infusión