Translation of stirring in Spanish:


conmovedor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstərɪŋ/ /ˈstəːrɪŋ/


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    (words/music/speech) conmovedor
    we live in stirring times vivimos en tiempos de grandes cambios
    • Congratulations and thank you to all those talented actors, musicians and movie makers involved for such an emotionally stirring and historical event.
    • Ironically, it was also he who wrote a stirring love song, lamenting the end of the wining, an ode to Carnival itself, as he marked its passing.
    • Dressed in a simple and austere white, the students filled the auditorium with their stirring songs.
    • His lack of stage fright is combined with an equal desire to inspire audiences, either through a motivating speech or a stirring song.
    • She presents this stirring song cycle in praise of St Kilda's unique mixture of gravel, asphalt, sand and loose chippings.
    • Rock's spiritual, political and emotional content was stirring and important, and it gave us strength.
    • In the middle of a stirring love song, he arrives fashionably late.
    • Next came scores of Yeshiva students singing stirring songs about the greatness of the Torah.
    • While they draw you in by making you feel part of the stirring action, great football films also produce an emotional connection.
    • The show is packed full of stirring anthems, plaintive laments and unforgettable love songs sung by a first-class cast and backed by the Lyric Opera Orchestra.
    • There are lots of stirring, wonderful songs on All In A Dream.
    • Those magnificent men in the Maroon, those glorious memories, and those vignettes from the past of stirring feats and heady conquests.
    • There's nothing wrong with being afraid - such a stirring event produces a wide roller-coaster of emotions.
    • Never have I listened to an album with such a range of emotions on top of such stirring music.
    • The skirl of the bagpipes provided a stirring backdrop, and his skin tingled with excitement.
    • Like his Uncle Billy, he had strong convictions and the gift of a stirring voice.
    • Nonetheless, for a band that was once so mellow they called one of their songs ‘Nyquil,’ this is stirring stuff.
    • Patriotism becomes articulated through passion, and passion can indeed spur the emergence of stirring words.
    • In unison, we all broke out in a stirring rendition of the Canadian national anthem.
    • So when it comes to picking a rousing anthem, we're somewhat stuck for stirring subject matter.


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    movimiento masculine
    the first stirrings of spring/unrest los primeros indicios de la primavera/de descontento
    • He shook his head, feeling stirrings of emotions he hadn't felt for too long.
    • The trick is to put those memories away until you can really recognize them as memories, not as stirrings of rekindled emotion.
    • Like the first breath of spring after a long and stultifying winter, these first stirrings are signs of hope.
    • Today, there are stirrings of a national movement for democracy in American higher education.
    • It was also at this period that there were the first stirrings of a national movement in Wales.
    • Many present argued the left needs to build on the new political mood that the anti-war movement and the stirrings of industrial confidence have created.
    • As the mighty American assault force makes its way to the Indian Ocean, there are ominous stirrings of popular anger in the region.
    • If a key to change is political activism, then what better than political art to catalyse activist stirrings in sleeping souls.
    • When I did not hit, I had to respond to the first stirrings of my anger so that I did not respond when my emotions or my actions were out of control.
    • Today there are similar stirrings in the antisweatshop, fair-trade and immigrant rights movements.
    • Great stirrings are afoot in digital photography.
    • If you truly believe that the early stirrings of corporate restructuring and improved transparency in Malaysia are real, there is a way to play this market.
    • His rigorous non-narrative dances do not evade, but more deeply express, the universal stirrings of such tales.
    • Social unrest and nationalistic stirrings were very prevalent.
    • It perfectly captures the state of excited, nervous, somewhat bewildered optimism that can accompany the first stirrings of attraction to someone new.
    • But in the past few years, there have been stirrings of change.
    • It is likely to be even more in the news, for there are quietly insistent stirrings that this silent Pennsylvania field is not receiving the attention that it deserves.
    • The stirrings of doubt had begun to twitch before that.
    • Tomorrow he has to deliver his Pre-Budget Report; he will do so in a context of economic slowdown and the first stirrings of a possible Tory revival.
    • Not a great fan of doubles in my own country, I begin to feel the stirrings of patriotism as I share the universal Jamaican love for the patty.