Translation of stock-still in Spanish:


inmóvil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑk ˈstɪl/ /stɒkˈstɪl/

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    • The girl instantly ceased her movement, standing stock-still as she turned blazing eyes on Chris.
    • I was standing stock-still, up to my waist in motionless water, in a deep cavern, totally blind.
    • I caught a quick glimpse of Abby in the room, sitting stock-still, no movement apparent.
    • As I was coming around a corner I ran into a large man heavily laden with camera equipment standing stock-still grinning at a tiny orange butterfly resting on his jeans right above his left knee.
    • He sprinted back and forth many times; amazingly, his breathing remained even, and he could resume his singing as if he had been standing stock-still.
    • Curiously, the footage of her performance on that day showed this audience not quite as keen - indeed, they stood stock-still and looked bemused.
    • Even if the property market were to stand stock-still for years, you're better off owning your own home and paying off the mortgage.
    • People stood stock-still and simply orated, their arms firmly bolted to their sides.
    • I stand stock-still, too shocked to defend myself.
    • He stands stock-still, and glances over the crowd.
    • The figure stood stock-still, silent and unsuspecting.
    • They may or may not have noticed the performers, standing stock-still and scattered throughout the room, whom they had to pass by in order to get to their seats.
    • Miriam stands stock-still, a look of shock on her face.
    • Sam dropped her hands from my shoulders and stood stock-still.
    • There were some people standing stock-still a few feet from the tent.
    • Even when her mother had come out and ranted about his rudeness and audacity, she stood stock-still.
    • Instead, they stood stock-still, staring at something in the woods a short distance away.
    • He bowed as well as he could in the crowded atmosphere and left her, standing stock-still in surprise.
    • For a moment she stood stock-still and appeared to be sizing up the situation mentally.
    • I desperately tried to hold my breath, to stay stock-still and make as little noise as I could.