Translation of stockbroker in Spanish:


agente de Bolsa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑkˌbroʊkər/ /ˈstɒkbrəʊkə/


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    agente de Bolsa masculine, feminine
    corredor de valores masculine
    corredora de valores feminine
    corredor de Bolsa masculine
    corredora de Bolsa feminine
    • the stockbroker belt
    • Most stockbrokers put private clients' shares in nominee accounts for administrative convenience.
    • Its 120 clients include leading stockbrokers and financial services firms who pay an annual fee.
    • Both PIBS and PSBs can be bought and sold through most stockbrokers and they can be put in an ISA.
    • An investor who sells stock short borrows shares from a stockbroker, and sells them to another buyer.
    • You buy and sell them through a stockbroker just as you would any company or investment trust.
    • The warrants can be purchased through Irish stockbrokers and are traded as listed securities on the Irish Stock Exchange.
    • Traditionally, stockbrokers have been reluctant to offer clients products designed for falling markets.
    • You buy corporate bonds from stockbrokers but not all of them, particularly the discount brokers, will provide this service.
    • Investor relations professionals and stockbrokers had a story to sell to international investors.
    • Rival stockbrokers were complaining that they could not get their clients into Riverdeep stock.
    • That works out at £8.33 a month, less than what most stockbrokers charge to buy or sell a single share.
    • They can be discretionary in nature with the stockbroker managing the fund and choosing stocks on behalf of the client.
    • If you buy and sell shares through a high-street stockbroker, you're paying well over the odds for this service.
    • Have you ever wondered what happens when you buy or sell a stock through a stockbroker?
    • The euro was launched as an electronic currency in 1999 for use by banks, stockbrokers, and foreign exchange dealers.
    • Exchange-traded funds, sold by most stockbrokers, are also an option.
    • Like trackers, they follow an index, but they are in the form of shares that can be bought and sold through stockbrokers.
    • In the past, shares were always bought and sold through a stockbroker.
    • They also knew sixty to seventy percent of the clients would follow the stockbroker when he moved to another firm.
    • Any stockbroker can sell your shares for you, but you need to shop around for the cheapest deal.